STRYGA: antipatriarchal Black Metal hags


Today we’d like to recommend the fanzine Stryga. A wicked (content wise as well as visually) DIY collaborative fanzine made by 21 antifascist women and non binary folx* from multiple countries.
The first issue came out earlier this year with the aim of promoting female & non-binary people in Black Metal (musicians, visual artists, writers, bookers, label owners …). A zine focused on underground black metal, art, culture, dark old school imagery, with an affinity for folklore, history, literature, occult paxis, sociology, and other inspiring fields.
We actually contributed with our Hulder interview and it contains a page on our history.

And most importantly, the benefits go to Abortion Without Borders a NGO providing access to safe abortion in Poland where it’s forbidden.

For further info and to purchase tap here.

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