«Queens of Steel» comp. – Vol I

We Queens of Steel have always brought special support to women into the Rock and Metal scene, as we think there are female artists that have been really important to this scene’s development and have never gotten the deserved attention. There are also tons of great bands and artists laying on the deepest underground, never getting the deseverd recognition. Not to say discrimination is just a fact, and people into the Metal/Rock world uses to illustrate differences between gender instead of highlithing similarities, just considering the music quality. Therefore, here’s the first volume of the Queens of Steel’s compilation album, a promotional tool to make the world see music does not make difference between men and women. Art does not have any borders, of any kind.

The Queens of Steel’s compilation album is a nice audio document crafted thinking on the most important thing: you, the listeners, and made to promote the bands featured on it. Is a free audio document featuring several bands with female members on their line-up, also containing their bios. Several bands into different Metal subgenres, from different periods and countries, veteran acts that have been mainstays for their style and also some newcomers that have a lot to say.


Enjoy this free digital only compilation as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you all. And maybe then we will conquer the throne again any time soon… Because we are not Queens of Steel, but all artists featured here sure are.



1.- Flowers in Fire (Cadaveria)
2.- Goddess of Death (Derketa)
3.- Holy Wars (Détente)
4.- Into the Depths (Dreaming Dead)
5.- Wasteland of Corpses (Funeral Whore)
6.- Death of a God (Funerus)
7.- Borderland (Holy Moses)
8.- Twilight Witchcraft (Jess and the Ancient Ones)
9.- Warrior Woman (Jex Thoth)
10.- Furytale (Kells)
11.- Dogs of War (Körgull the Exterminator)
12.- Masquerade (My Inner Burning)
13.- Keep Walking (Romeo’s Daughter)
14.- Life by Proxy (Sarcofagus)
15.- Desolation (Severed Heaven)
16.- vampires Camilla (Theatres des Vampires)
17.- When the Sleepers Rise (Wykked Wytch)
18.- The Lost Elysion (Xandria)


Download link: https://rapidshare.com/files/850015617/Queens%20of%20Steel%20-%20Vol.%20I%20(comp.).rar

PDF visualization link: http://www.slideshare.net/QueensofSteel/booklet-queens-of-steels-comp

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