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– Hi Richard, thanks for your time. What is WOLF currently up to?

Wolf been busy promoting the new album and we been doing some shows in different countrys.We also recordfed a new video on the song Skullcrucher and its soon release on that one.We are now preparing for the summer festivals.

– This is your second album with the band. How do you see has your evolution been during this time? Also in terms of comfortability with the rest of the band’s members.

The evolution of the band has been realy good,we are like brothers and thats up and down everyday but we are still four heavy metal dudes with the same background and we love it.


– To start getting into your new “Legions of Bastards”, could you please shed some light on its title?

Niklas had some test lyrics for the new songs and I told the guys that the perfect title for the new album would be Legions of bastards.

We thought about it for a while and we came up to the desicion that it would be the next album title.

The world is full of bastards and we are 2 so why not……..


– This time the record was produced by Pelle instead of Roy Z. What are the main differences between them both?

Its a big differens working with Roy and Pelle,they are both realy nice dudes and realy great at what they create but this time we wanted someone from our neighborhood and someone we felt connected too so we gave pelle the hard work orf making this album and its a killer….Pelle, we salute you…….


– And for the cover, your have worked once again with Thomas Holm. Why do you like his creations so much?

Thomas Holm can paint what we play,thats that and its great work.


– And how do you use to work with him? I mean if he paints after listening to the album, if you give him some ideas…

We send him some samples of the new stuff and talk about some ideas but we want him to listen to it and come up with something he feels when he hears the material.


– I read somewhere on the net Niklas said this album is more honest than the previous ones. Does all the band share this vision? And what makes this album more honest? Does this has something to do with the creative process beind this record?

The creative process has been more than onest this time,we work on the songs,not trying to do something special,we just make songs that we like and we play and arrange them in our own way.We are just lucky that it comes out as great heavy metal.We also talked to Pelle what kind of production we wanted and we wanted to record the real instruments and sound to get it as down to earth that we could,and we are very satisfied with legions of bastards.


– Beside this, I also read this album took much work. Do these two facts make you think this is your best effort so far?

All records take time and efford,we recorded during the coldest months in sweden so we had some colds and problems like that but in all we love playing together and making strong material so we just do it,but yes it took alot of work before we knew what we had this time,and we played alot live during this time.


– Anyway, is obvious you guys are really satisfied with “Legions of Bastards”. Do you think your fans are loving the album as you do?

We are realy satisfied with Legions of bastards and we are going to make more records and we will love those records too,because its plain old heavy metal as its best.


– Have both its feedback and the final result fulfilled your expectations?

We havent got all the feedback yet but the songs are working realy great at the live shows and the fans seem to love the record.


– You are from different parts of Sweden, does this make things harder for rehearsals, etc.? How do you guys use to work on your creations?

We are living far apart but we travel big distanses to rehearsals,but thats a small problem.

The ideas we get we record in our homestudios and then we bring it to the wolf studio and get it all together.


– I think you have always had a similar sound so, how do you manage to mantain your essence and sound without getting any boring?

The wolf sound can come out the same because we are playing what we like and you can spot different misicians the way they play their instruments.We have never tryed to make something for anybody just to sell or be famous,we dont give a shit about stuff like that.We play what we love to listen to and our fans are the same all over the world and we thank them from our bottom of our hearts that they stay true to their music.


– You have recently toured with mighty ACCEPT. What are your memories from that tour?

Accept has been one of historys greatest band and still manage to do great shows so we are proud to have been touring with them.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Will you go out and tour in support of “Legions of Bastards”?

We will do alot of festivals and some shows during summer and in september we do an all european tour with firewind,We are looking forward to see all those faces thats been asking when when when…………


– That has been all, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words to the interview, take the last lines.

Wolf wants to thank fans all over the world that have been supporting and headbanging with us since 1995.Stay true and horns up.


Tania Giménez



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