– Hello and thanks for your time. What are you currently up to?

Hello! Please to meet you. We’re back and ready to go! : )

– Could your please introduce the band briefly?

IPERYT is a 5 man band. We play a mixture of black/death metal and terrorcore. There are many people who don’t like us. And we like that.


– And what does “Iperyt” mean? As it’s current meaning in your life as well.

IPERYT is Yperite, the mustard gas, the silent murderer. It comes and takes lives without question, is unstoppable and indifferent. We like the analogy. Iperyt for us is a platform where we can confront and mix many different musical ideas, exploring new areas of sonic destruction.


– “No State of Grace” came out a few months ago; how has been its feedback so far? And are you satisfied with the result achieves?

Yes, we’re pleased with a feedback. We were absent for a few years, so seeing NSOG getting mainly positive reviews is really great. People seem
to enjoy the album and that the most important thing. I think we recorded a really good album and the response we get tend to confirm this. Everything’s fine.


– How could you say the album title represents the band’s sound?

The title is more about the lyrical part than the music in itself. It’s about watching the world with a “nihilistic glasses”, seeing that so-called ‘state
of grace’ is no longer here and probably never was. It for sure represents the strong nihilistic element of the band, as this is an important part of our creation.


– Your artwork and some of the samples in your songs seem to be strongly connected with your lyrical ideas. What are your

main inspirations when it comes to writing? Do you read or do anything special?

Regarding the lyrics you should ask People Hater as he’s the author, but concerning composing process and samples I can tell that I watch a lot of movies and I’m interested in music and art in general. Everyday I try to find something new. I also read a lot about philosophy, psychology and occult. Hence there are really many different inspirations, and we’ve got many ideas for the upcoming albums.


– Have been 5 years since you released your debut album. Wy did it take you so long to unleash “No State of Grace”? What was the band been up to during these years?

Well the delay was mainly because we couldn’t find a common ground with our former record label – Agonia Records. Finally we split, found a new label and things started to move again. We also play in other bands, so there’s always something interesting to do.


– For this brand new album you have moved to Witching Hour Productions. What prompted this move? Are you happy with their work so far?

As I said before it’s due to misunderstandings with our former label. Right now with Witching Hour we’ve got all the things sorted and so far everything is top notch, I think everyone is happy.


– Some bands playing this mix between BM and Industrial seem to just focus in mixing those styles without outstanding anything at all, but you guys, beside the overall aggression and brutal sound, you also provide some good Metal riffs, interesnting cold atmospheres and pounding drums more Industrial oriented. So, how does IPERYT front the composition
process? How important is for you and how do you deal to make clear elements that, at first, could seem contradictory between them?

In my opinion it’s really not that hard to prepare very aggressive sound, what is more difficult is to make it possible to listen ha ha. We don’t want to only have a wall of noise and drum machine. It’s nice from time to time, but boring for a longer time. We want good riffs that people can remember, and we want that atmosphere, that unspoken something that makes black metal so special. We want to incorporate all of these elements in our music. So it is more like a journey, experiment by trial and error than typical song writing and arranging. We mix and match different riffs, samples and loops. Metaphorically I would say that we don’t want to just sound ‘hard’. We want to sound ‘evil’.


– What are your main musical influences? As, for example, in this album I noticed, beside the mix between Black Metal and Industrial, some details from Death Metal, EBM or even Noise…
There are many many different inspirations really. We listen to a lot of old school black metal and death metal, but also a lot of modern productions to see what are the new possibilities. On the other hand we take inspiration from underground speedcore, power electronics and so on. So really many different angles that we can look at our music.


– And talking of this mex between different musical styles… If you had to play one concrete genre, which one would it be?

I would play movie score music. As it can contain all the other genres in it ha ha…


– It seems like there’s a huge Death Metal scene in Poland, so you break the rule with your sound. Are there any other Polish bands you could suggest?

We have a really strong and interesting scene in Poland, not only death metal but black as well. To name a few great bands: Mastiphal, Infernal War, Massemord, Furia, Blaze Of Perdition, Morowe, Void Hunger, Anima Damnata and so on. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. Check them out!


– And, finally, what are your near-future plans?

We are rehearsing right now and hope to play some gigs starting this Fall. Also we started composing new stuff, which we plan to sound a little different than NSOG, exploring new spheres. Also working on our different projects. So a lot of fun and hard work.


– That’s all, thanks once more for your time. Now feel free to add some final words to the interview.

Thanks for the interview! I hope you enjoy the album. To really taste it – listen it loud! Hope to see you at the gig somewhere. Take care!


Tania Giménez



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