– Hello, thanks for taking your time to answer to our questions. How’s currently everything doing with the band?

HI! Everything is pretty good in the band currently, or it has been for a while. We are followed by unluck but that is how we are used to have it. All succes is followed by something bad. Story of our life =)

– You have just released your scond full-length album, so I guess some people won’t know about you yet. Could you please set out some history of the band? How did you guys get together, etc.

Some of us has been playing together since -96. But the line-up that we have right now is not much more then 1 1/2 year old. We released our first album back in 2004 and has since then not really worked as a band up until 1 1/2 year ago when we found Karl (vocals) and Emil (drums).

Cipher System today is really a bunch of friends that go back way way back. I have known Emil for more then 10 years, Johan and I have been playing since 96 together. Andreas and I have known each other since early 2000 and Karl actually had a band with our first guitarist in Cipher System so he is no stranger to us either.


– You were previously named ETERNAL GRIEF, why did you change it for CIPHER SYSTEM? What’s that «cipher system» you are refering to?

When we started to change sound from the raw blackish melodic death metal that we played in the 90’s we feelt that we needed a band name that would fit the new sound. I don’t really remember where I got it from but I think I was reading in a book or watched a movie when I heard it. I really liked it and presented it to the guys who also liked it.


– We could say you are a melodic Death Metal band at the Swedish (or Gothenburg) style so, what are your all-time main musical influences?

I agree! Influences are hard to name drop, but for me Emperor, Dissection and Dimmu Borgir on the first album and since then I haven’t really been influenced by other bands that I have thought of. The influces are stronger when you try to find your own sound and when you have found it, you get inspired by your self and emotions you have.


– Have been none less than 7 years between debut album, «Central Tunnel 8» and this new «Communicate the Storm». What’s the reason for such a long time?

I am actually to blame for that. I have been playing with some other bands during the time off and the rest of the guys didn’t really work that hard when I was away. When I got back into the band for real we started working for real again but everything got real serious first one year ago when we got this new line-up.


– Due to this I wonder if all tracks in this «Communicate the Storm» are brand new…

They have never been released on a CD, but they are far from new all of them. 7 inch cut is from 2006/2007 sometime. But half of the album was written last year.


– First thing that caught my attention was the cover artwork; does it have any connection with the album’s title?

The song Communicate the Storm is about a phsycical instable person. He hears voices inside that he fights hard to hold back, but one day all of the emotions that he had inside just bursts out and he «Communicate the Storms» out on mankind, starting to kill people. So the guy on the cover is one of his victims.


– It was done by Seth Siro Anton; are you satisfied with his work? I have always think he has a pretty recognizable style…

I love his work and he has as you say a recognizable style, but that is what I like with him. Dark, twisted and beautifull.


– Fredrik Nordström has, once more, took production duties at Fredman Studios, so I guess he really got what you guys were looking for…

For this album Studio Fredman was the perfect choice. We might go to another studio for the next album, but Fredrik and Henrik Udd that works in Fredman really did an awsome jobb on the album.


– Your previous effort was released by Lifeforce and this one by one of the most important labels for Metal: Nuclear Blast. What are the main differences between them both?

This album really get us out in all stores and get propper promotion. So far I don’t have anything to complain about really. But Lifeforce is a smaller label and you had a really nice contact with Stefan that owns Lifeforce. He is great guy and he and his team really works hard to get their albums out.


– After so many years between your two albums; have this time around been any changes in the songwritng? As they now seem to be more well-cared, for instance «Forget to Forgive» has some quite catchy melodies to it…

Well, actually no =) Forget to Forgive is Johans song and my lyrics so it is the same way as we wrote the first album. Nothing has changed in the creative progress since the last album, but we have grown up a bit and learned how to write better songs I think.


– We can also find more keyboards and even certain elements almost Industrial, as in the aforementiond song. Was this something you aimed for? I mean bringing keys a bigger role.

That the keys where so laid back on the first album was really just a lack of time and a misstake by us. And I think that the keys are a bit low on this album as well. I think we will do some more key/electronic parts on the next album. But you will always hear that it is Cipher System. 7 years bethween the first and second album and you can still hear that it is the same band so don’t worry about us going Blümchen or anything =)


– Anyway, as I said, have been 7 years since your first «Central Tunnel 8» so I guess the band has veen through a natural evolution. What personal and musical changes have you been through during this time?

We have toured around the world with other bands and even some of us have got some kids now. So we are more focused and more devoted this time around.


– As I said, what I could say stands out off this album is, overall, the keyboards. Have you maybe been listening to new music during these latest years and maybe got new influences?

No not really. We have got a clearere view of what we missed out on the first album and what we wanted to achive on this one. We have also gotten better on playing, recording and arranging songs to make them interesting but still simple.


– Moreover, you have managed to create an unique sound; is this something important for CIPHER SYSTEM?

Thank you. We try to make the music that we like and if others like it as well, that is perfect. But we really wrote the first album for our own sake and people seemed to like that album, so we will just keep doing what we are doing and stay true to our selves.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

We hope to land our first tour soon, and we really look forward to see how people react to this album and our upcoming video.


– That’s all, thanks again for your time. If you want to add some final words to our readers; last lines are all yours.

Thank you! Really appreciate the support you give us. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for the latest info about the band. www.facebook.com/ciphersystem


Tania Giménez


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