– Hi Robba, thanks for taking the time and congratulations on your debut album. What are you guys currently up to (just a couple of months after unleashing the MORBUS CHRON’s debut album)?

No problem. We’re glad to spread the word of death. Right now we’re preparing for the Live Evil show on Sunday. Last rehearsal tonight before we leave tomorrow.

– First of all I would like you to make some history of the band (a bit about your past, present and future plans), as I guess there may be some people who don’t know about you yet.

Steffe, me and Edde – the first line-up, went to the same school. We started playing together when we had just turned fifteen. Time flew by and eventually we had the chance to contribute with a song to the Resurrected in festering slime-compilation. We did that and shortly after recorded the first demo. That’s it for history class today. Lets talk about the present.


– Why did you pick the name «Morbus Chron»? Both its origin and meaning.

Guess not, hehe. The name came up during one of Edde’s family dinners. His mum thought that he was eating to fast, so she told Edde to slow down or else he could get «Morbus Crohn». The next day we had a bandname, with the «h» at the wrong place.


– «Sleepers in the Rift» has got amazing reviews all over. Considering the feedback your previous EP got, did you expect such a good response for your debut album?

I think the EP got fairly good reviews. Of course the distribution of the LP has been better and more people have gotten there hands on it. So a lot of bastards have spoken their minds. It’s like christmas every time you read a review. People are too kind. And no, I did not expect it to be such a vast majority of positive feedback.


– The album’s artwork (which is really cool and fits your sound perfectly by the way) was done by Spanish artist Raúl González. Would you mind sheding some light on this? Why did you choose him, how did you hook up with him and what does the cover represent as well.

Half desperate we started looking for artists to do the cover and one of the first to cross us was Raul Gonzalez. He had painted an absurd vision of the netherworld, or so we perceived it atleast. We bought it and it became the cover-art. So it wasn’t done for us in any way.


– In the other hand, I read you recorded the album in just a couple of days. Why did you decide to do it like that? When I reviewed your album I said the album»s sound is really honest and with a certain live feeling to it. Maybe the quick recording sessions had their impact on this?

It just came down to the fact that Nicke is a busy guy and on top of that he was deadly sick. If we could have had days to work on each instruments sound it would probably have sounded better, but also less honest. There was no time to rest the voice between sessions. It was all or nothing. No fucking second takes or the throat would have been destroyed after 3 songs. So finishing the record in three and a half days is really the closest I’ve been to a miracle. I know bands are able to do it in one day, but we are a fucking slow ass working band.. I don’t know what the hell happened.


– (Mighty) Nicke Andersson took production duties, are you guys satisfied with his work? And was more comfortable for you, or at least for Edde, working with this brother?

We’re satisfied with the outcome. Especially the drum-sound. It was a no brainer when it came down to chosing a studio. The whole process was warm and friendly, and we knew that it was going to be.

– The album has been released by Pulverised Records, a label which lately seems to be a good home for Death Metal bands. How’s everything going with them so far?

We had some issues with payment to Nicke and the release took a bit longer than we first thought. But all that negativity was completely wiped away when you finaly held it in your hands. So everything is more than fine.


– If I’m not wrong you had a 3 albums deal with Soulseller. What happened with them?

We declined after Pulverised gave us the better deal. Nothing more to it.


– I read there will be (if it isn’t out yet) a vinyl version for the album (via Me Saco un Ojo in cooperation with Detest), would you mind comment a bit on it? Aren’t Pulverised handling this format?

Guess they’re not. The vinyl will contain an extra track, which is «Obscuritas» from the first demo, re-recorded with Edde on vocals.

The cover-art will be orgasmic on 12″.


– I guess you may be tired of being compared with Swedish Death Metal bands, but I also noticed you have several American influences, most likely from bands as AUTOPSY or even DEATH. So, what are your main musical influences?

I find it strange – and I think we all do – that people actually think we sound Swedish. My honest opinion is that everyone is staring themselves blind at the fact that we are from Sweden and not really listening to the music. We are in no way offended, we just don’t get it. Autopsy is probably the only Death Metal band I’m greatly influenced by, and THAT you can clearly hear.


– Anyway I think you have managed to create your very own sound with different passages and a voice that stands over most bands in the genre. Do you care shaping your own sound or do you just go with the flow?

Comments like that are always more rewarding, so thank you. In the beginning we just wanted to copy all the old bands. We have «Lidless Coffin» that sounds exactly like «Service for a vacant coffin». And we have «Death Strike» that sounds like «The Exorcist». But the song-writing is much better now, and the future songs will be proof of it.


– So, where do you think future will bring your sound?

Three songs are done right now. Not rehearsed though. The lyrics have taken a giant step away from zombie tales and the music I would explain as… Weirder. It’s all really good though and we’re hoping to get it out as soon as possible.


– I also think you have mixed details from different Metal genres, so that makes me wonder how was the songwriting for this album and if its a team-work where everyone brings its own touch.

Of all nine songs on the album I’ve written eight of them. Edde wrote and sang «Red Hook Horror», which of course became the hit-song. Douchebag, haha. You can see who did what in the CD-booklet. I think he was jamming with Adam the drummer quite a bit when doing Red Hook. But both of us write everything at home and then we have show and tell at the rehearsals. Most likely there will occur some small changes to the structure as you play along. For the brand new songs I record complete demos for the guys to listen to.


– In fact an example of this can be one single song, «Hymns to a Stiff», the most complete song I’ve heard into this style for years, it just has everything a Death Metal track is supposed to have! That’s why I would like you to tell us a bit about it; who wrote it, etc.

Fucking excellent! I’ve been wondering why that song hasn’t been praised more haha. It’s my favourite of the album and also the last song that I wrote. If you want to know how the future songs will sound, «Hymns» is probably your best bet. It’s about a celestial being who is travelling to earth to resurrect the dead and bring them back to his home place. Anyway, that song does exactly what I wanna do which is fairly simple riffing with the complexity coming only from weird structures.


– Considering all of you are really young, was there any concrete reason you wanted to play this old-fashioned kind of Metal? And considering your musicianship, have you guys been in any other bands previously or is MORBUS CHRON your first «serious» act?

For me and Edde it was basically our first real band. Edde had played quite a bit with our first drummer Steffe, but really nothing serious. Right now each one of us has side-projects. But this is a Morbus Chron interview, so I’ll leave it to the crazy searchers to find out about those bands.

As for why we play this kind of music. No real reason. We liked it.


– If I’m not mistaken you have played some European festivals and also done some gigs around Scandinavia but, aren’t there any touring plans?

Most gigs have been in Stockholm or atleast close to Stockholm, as well as some gigs in the southern and northern parts. The first show outside of

Sweden was at Hammer open Air, Finland. No touring plans. Just a couple of shows.


– Finally, what does future have in store for MORBUS CHRON?

Live Evil, Hells Pleasure, T-shirts, new audio rituals. It will be cool. I’m hungry.


– That has been all from my side, thanks again for taking your time… And now it’s time for any final words you may want to add.

You are welcome. Fuck off.


Tania Giménez



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