– Hello, thanks for taking the time. How’s everything doing now in the INSOMNIUM’s camp? How does it feel being nearly to release your latest album?

Ville Friman: It’s our pleasure and we’re fine, thank you. Of course like with every new release, we are bit anxious to see how press and people react to our album. However, we all in Insomnium are really pleased with the album and based on the external response we have got so far, we’re not the only ones.

– With your previous «Across the Dark» you got an overwhelming sucess; great positions in Finnish charts, etc. Did you expect having such an impact?

Ville Friman: Of course you always hope that your albums get recognition and success in every aspect, but I think we we’re still bit surprised about the fifth position. I guess we made a good album and people just wanted to get it immediately once it was released.


– And do you expect to achieve the same with «One for Sorrow»? What are your expectations?

Ville Friman: I hope we will make our way up step by step. In order to keep things interesting, you have to progress and develop. In the end, we have now done our part and everything else is independent of us. I think it’s in Finnish mentality to take everything as it comes.


– I think this new «One for Sorrow» is a quite varied effort as, for example, has plenty atmospheric parts or slow/acoustic passages.

Was this something you aimed for?

Ville Friman: That’s just how Insomnium sounds like. We just wrote songs and made as good album as possible without thinking too much how we should sound like. I agree with you totally that it’s quite varied album. However, I think it’s still solid entity.


– In fact, it follows a similar pattern to «Across the Dark» but, what could you say are the main differences between both albums?

Ville Friman: Yeah I agree, we haven’t reinvented the wheel or anything J I think it’s really difficult for me to pinpoint the differences and similarities. I think the OFS is bit more compact, catchier, better arranged and the production is better compared to ATD. And yeah, instead of Jules N‰veri, I’m doing the clean vocal parts on OFS.


– «One for Sorrow» features 10 different tracks explaining 10 different stories. Would you mind elabore a bit?

Ville Friman: The title of the album comes from a old nursery rhyme where the number of magpies one sees in tree branch determines if one will have bad or good luck in life. Similarly, One for Sorrow consists of ten different songs with ten different stories with different outcomes. In order to find out more, you need to go through the lyrics.


– Moreover, each song has its very own feeling. What are the main sensation in this «One for Sorrow»?

Ville Friman: We tried to make a varied album and not to repeat ourselves too much. I think everyone needs to listen the album by themselves as music speaks always in personal way.


– I have always think is not easy that about transmitting feelings, is something complex you guys have managed to achieved with your best atmospheres thus far. What do you want to express with those atmospheres?

Ville Friman: I think I’m not consciously trying to express anything but just convey my life experiences to the music I make. It’s kind of therapy for me to fight against boredom and dull reality of life. I’m really honoured if people can feel our music and hopefully it enriches other people lives beside me as



– I aso believe this time guitar work is simply impressive; are guitars an important part in «One for Sorrow?

Ville Friman: I would say that guitars are definitely the corner stone of Insomnium’s music. In the end, all music is composed with guitars.


– I noticed in them certain influences from Post Rock, as we can notice in songs as «Inertia», though I could say your music is built upon a blend of different styles so, what are your influences and inspirations? I’m not only refering to musical inspirations.

Ville Friman: I listen lots of different style of music, so it’s natural that you can here influence from rock and post-rock in our music. Otherwise you can get inspiration basically from everywhere. However, I think the most important thing is to draw inspiration from your inner-self.


– Other tunes as «One for Sorrow» picture perfectly what this album is all about. What could you comment on this song?

Ville Friman: I think this is probably one of my favourite songs on this album definitely. Basically, it’s about unattainable love and rejection: it takes two people to build something beautiful, while only one is needed to bring down everything.


– Well-known Daniel Antonsson took productions duties; what could you tell us about it?

Ville Friman: Daniel is our man. A super nice guy and very professional worker in the studio. We got known to each other on Dark Tranquillity tour and started to talk about recording guitars for new Insomnium album already then. Basically we used Daniel’s way to create guitar sound and spent 2 weeks

in Gothenburg to polish up the guitar tracks. Very nice studio, a good collection of excellent guitars and professional but relaxed atmosphere. If you ever need a place to record a album, this is the place!


– You have always kept your own style still adding new things, in this album overall. Is it easy not loosing your style and being refreshing at the same time?

Ville Friman: I think the main thing is not to rush with things too much and to leave yourself enough time to come up with new angles. Of course it gets more and more difficult every time but there’s just so good music out there from where to draw inspiration. You just need to give it the time.


– This time you have moved away from most standard melodic Death Metal and showed you just are INSOMNIUM. Is this the real INSOMNIUM’s sound or INSOMNIUM 2011?

Ville Friman: Hah, hard to tell yet. I think we have sounded like Insomnium for already years but I guess our style is still developing and maturing.


– You will soon tour with BEFORE THE DAWN and MY GRAIN. Could you please shed some light on this?

Ville Friman: This will be our first headlining tour in Europe. It will be definitely exiting packet and it’s an honour to share the stage with Before the Dawn and My Grain. It will be a hell of a ride and I highly recommend everyone to participate! Unfortunately we’re not coming to Spain with this tour, but try to come there next year!


– And finally, what does future have in store for you?

Ville Friman: Bright future, hopefully 😉


– That’s all, thanks again for answering our questions. If you now want to add some final lines; feel free to do it.

Ville Friman: Thank you for the interview. Please check our new album and come to see our shows!


Tania Giménez


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