– First of all, thanks for answering this interview, is an honour for us. Well, how’s the band currently doing?

Thank you very much for thinking of me! Much appreciated. Man, we are having a blast the Night Ranger-Foreigner-Journey tour. The tour is selling beyond our wildest expectations and we are blown away by the warm reception for ‘Somewhere in California’.

– You have released a new album, which I haven’t had the chance of listening yet, so due to this I would like you to explain us about how has been the creation process and what about the final result?

It was really simple. We all said “let’s do what we do best and have fun”. We weren’t worried about trying to sound contemporary, or even retro for that matter. We just all played EXACTLY the way we like to play and got a really nice, honest reflection of where the band is at this point. Jack, Brad and Kelly did the majority of the writing, but they were cool enough to include Eric Levy and myself in some of it and they were WAY cool about letting us play what we felt in the studio.


– Why the title “Somewhere in California”? I guess it may have something to do with your beginnings in San Francisco and because of this 30 years…

Absolutely. Jack, Brad and Kelly are all native Californians. Eric Levy lives there now and I spent a couple years in Hollywood as a teenager. We all have ties to California. The album was written and recorded entirely at Jack’s place in Northern California and we all kind of felt the song “Growin Up in California” was a great way to start the record.


– You are a Melodic Rock reference into the music history; how do you see the scene of these last years? Have you actually had much activity?

There is certainly a resurgence right now. I’m happy that melodic rock is as popular as it is, but I’m also happy that there seems to be room for everyone at this point.


– Please, I would like to know if you know something about what happened between 1988 and 1996 and between 1998 and 2007. It seemed the studio activity stopped suddenly for the band. What were they up to during that time? Or did the band members have some other projects back then?

I was not a part of the band back then, but of course, Jack Blades was playing with Damn Yankees from 1989-93 and I think 1998-2007 the band was just more into touring, etc…


– NIGHT RANGER has a such long musical career which bas been really successful, even getting platinum and gold albums. What did mean to you joining them and how did everything start?

I joined the band at the start of 2008. I basically auditioned by playing a gig with them. Reb Beach had been filling in on guitar and needed to miss a show. The guys gave me a shot at it and here we are!


– And what have you worked in prior to NIGHT RANGER? Tell us a bit about your musical background.

I played with 60’s acts like The Turtles and Big Brother & the Holding Company. I’ve also played with Scrap Metal and Jim Peterik’s World Stage which gave me the chance to play with a boatload of well known artists and in fact, it’s where I met Kelly Keagy and that’s what led to the Night Ranger audition. Currently I’m in the Broadway show Rock of Ages when I’m not touring and I also recently toured with Trans Siberian Orchestra.


– As I said, the band has a pretty long career; do you think America’s still keeps part of that Melodic scene from the 80’s or was just during that period?

Definitely. But, honestly, we’re not worried about that these days. We’re just doing what we love to do and having a great time doing it. At the end of the day, we’re totally blessed to be able to play music for a living. It’s the greatest job in the world and that is way more important. Popularity comes and goes.


– And coming again to the band’s present,y do you have any tour plans for 2011?

We have toured Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan and Europe this year already and are right in the middle of a 4 month US tour with Foreigner & Journey.


– I saw you will come to Europe. Is curious that, for example, here in Spain, many bands have waited for over 20 years to come. Do you have any plans of stopping by in Spain? Have you ever got some offers to play here?

We were just in Europe and we were blown away by the passion and enthusiasm of the fans. We can’t wait to return. As far as specific offers to play Spain, I’m not sure off-hand. Hopefully, yes.


– What will NIGHT RANGER provide us in the future? What are your long term plans?

Keep on doing what we love to do. Write and record straight ahead, kick-ass melodic rock tunes and get out on stage and deliver high energy performances.


– And finally and as curiosity, do you know how the guys came up with the band’s name OR if it has any “deeper“ meaning?

Not really any deep meaning. The name Ranger was pulled out of a hat and after the guys saw a country band called The Rangers were out there, they opted for Night Ranger.


– That’s all, thank you once more for this interview and hope to see you in Spain honestly, that would be a dream come true for many of us.

Thanks for having me! We feel the same way. Hopefully we’ll play Spain very soon!!!!!!


Paco Gómez


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