– Hello, thanks for taking the time, what’s the band currently up to?

Hello. At the moment we’re preparing ourselves for autumn-winter concerts. We will do our best at the gigs to present you the most extreme and brutal incarnation of Azarath.

– First of all, I would like you to start making some history of the band if you don’t mind, for all those who are not familiar with you yet.

Azarath was set up in 1998, we’ve recorded 5 albums so far. Azarath plays satanic death metal exclusively.


– And what does «Azarath» mean?

Azarath is the daemon of darkness representing rebellion and force to destroy the existing order of the universe.


– You have just released «Blasphemer’s Malediction»; how’s been its feedback so far? Both from the fans and press.

Reviews are really amazing, we’ve never before met with such enthusistic acclaim. All of that motivates us to work even harder. Both fans and music media send us absolutely positive feedback that gently fondles our balls J


– I think this new album is just great but, now that you can listen to it carefully; is there aything you would like to change?

Fortunately, even today i don’t have Any hesitations nor doubts about this album. I wouln’d change a thing in neither music nor sound of “ Blasphemers’ Maledictions”. I cannot imagine for the time being that this album could have sounded better – the same is with musical and lyrical content. We’re absolutely satisfied with the effect we’ve achieved.


– This is your first record with Witching Hour productions; how’s going with them so far? Why did you leave Agonia?

There are several reasons – first of all Witching Hour offered us the conditions that no other label could fulfill. We’re long time friends with Bart, the owner of Witching Hour Productions, and it was just a matter of time when we sign with his label. However we can’t say anything negative about Agonia Records who fulfilled the contract for previous album. That’s it when it comes to our labels.


– How was the songwriting for this album like?

I composed the whole music together with Bart during last several months. Lyrics and vocal arrangements were done by Necrosodom.


– And what could you comment on the artwork?

I admire Zbigniew Bielak Works and it was an honour to work with him on the cover of Azarath’s new album. It was very inspiring experience on the very professional level. In my opinion the final effect is overwhelming and perfectly reflects the lyrical content of this album and whole Azarath vision.


– Changing vocalist tends to be quite risky in a band; how do you think has been the reaction from your fans toward your new singer?

Before the release of the album some people thought it would be difficult to face the change of singer, and new member can have some problems to fit in this stylistics. However, soon after the release od „Blasphemers’ Maledictions” all those who doubted, apologized and picked their teeth from the floor. Necrosodom is total psycho and animal when he sings, and his attitude is absolutely worth respect.


– Poland seems to have a huge Metal scene, specially extreme Metal scene as we can find many bands into these styles. Anyway, what are your favourite ones?

My definite favourites are Kriegsmaschine, Mgła, Infernal War, Anima Damnata, Bestial Raids, Cultes Des Ghoules. Since early 90s we have one of the best scenes in the world and i don’t think we should feel of inferior quality when it comes to extreme music


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

September tour with Bulldozer, Witchmaster and Deus Mortem and December festival tour under the name HATEFEST together with Triptykon, Marduk and Kataklysm. I try to spend all my free time to focus 100% on Azarath.


– That has been all, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Heil Kaos! Heil Azerate!

Sergio Fernández

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