– Hi Steven. First off thanks for taking your time. What are you currently up to?

Tucker: Hey no worries, I have just finished mixing a band from Dubai.. Death metal is an international brotherhood!!

– To start, how did you met Nader Sadek and how did the idea of forming this project arise?

Tucker: Nader and I met back in late 2005 or early 2006. The project is something that we talked about doing for awhile. Then Flo came on board and it was impossible to pass up the opportunity. In the end Blasphemer signed on and I couldn’t believe my good fortune!


– Music players in the band are yourself, Flo Mounier and Rune Eriksen. Why did Nader choose you guys? All of you have different musical backgrounds actually, maybe this had something to do with his choice?

Tucker: As I said, this evolved over time, there were a few guitarists that we thought about asking to jam or to write songs with. However, Rune , he was the right guy. I think what drew us all to do this, wasn’t so much our pasts, but our personalities. We are all very determined, unselfish musicians that want the best out of the songs. There are tons of great death metal musicians, however, not everyone vibes together, and I have dealt with enough ego bullshit for a lifetime, so it was important we were all on the same page.


– All 3 of you are well-known into the Metal world, do you think this benefits this band?

Tucker: It has both it’s benefits and it’s challenges, we are known in the metal world, this helps so people will give it a listen, however it makes the underground people uncomfortable, because more than 10 people like us.

The thing that I don’t want because of our names, is for people to like it only because I was in another band, or rune or Flo were.

That name dropping thing has never gone far in my book, put up or shut up! It think this album says what we want it to…..


– And how’s the chemistry between you all?

Tucker: It is very natural, a lot of jokes and laughs in the downtime, and a lot of creativity when it is time to work!! I love it man!!


– Your first “In the Flesh” has just been released. How’s been its feedback so far?

Tucker: So far it has been outstanding, fans have been awesome , they are taking to it. The reviews have been shockingly good. Look man, I play death metal !!! This album is death metal, not extreme metal or metalcore , or hip hop dance mix or whatever, it is death metal just like we intended. I think there are some fans that truly appreciate this…


– And are you guys satisfied with the final output?

Tucker: Absolutely!


– To start getting into it, what is the main concept behind this album?

Tucker: Oil, everything revolves around the concept that oil is the new religion, the new god! In the past 100 years the world has become more and more dependent upon oil and petrol based products. It does not matter the outcome of this usage, most people, this never crosses their mind. It is from the earth , and it is killing the earth. But we pray to it everyday, people have vehicles worth twice as much as their home, feeding it petrol , worshiping it, while it consumes the air that gives us life. They will tell you not to smoke cigarettes because u may give someone second hand smoke, and they may get cancer, however the same person that preaches this will get in an SUV that get’s 10 miles to a gallon of gas, and is destroying our air!! They never think twice about it. I am not a hippie tree hugger. Or an activist, I actually see this album as a kind of warning to what is coming…I am not a genious, However I am smart enough to know that There isn’t another planet( that we know of)out there that has the ability to support human life.


– I personally think tracks as “Mechanical Idolatry” explain quite good what NADER SADEK’s all about. What inspired you to wrote lyrics for this song?

Tucker: Yes, Mechanical Idolatry, that sums up what the concept is all about. This song is kind of the headline, it is the issue, the other songs, are the cause and effect of this issue.

This whole concept and the lyrics all changed when the oil spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico… I watched so much of the coverage, it effected me , it hit a nerve, and i started writing.. I scrapped all lyrics for the record , except soulless, and the reason i didn’t re write soulless was because , it fell right in line with the others songs, with the subject matter. Soulless is about people worshiping whatever god is popular, whatever is the easiest, so it fit in nicely.


– If I’m not mistaken you, Flo and Rune work on the sound while Nader does the visuals so, how strong is the connection between these two parts of the band? How do they compliment each other? As I guess both are an important part of it…

Tucker: When Nader and I started talking about this, we wanted to make it the whole package, music ,video, live stage show, everything .. As it has progressed we have encountered issues, some people don’t understand Nader’s part.. But we are all artists and this is collaboration, and we have found ways to get what we want to happen, done. there will be videos for every track and a dvd eventually. We have two videos done now and Nader has started the third, I am extremely happy with what he has done. The visuals will make your skin crawl! it all ties in together, it is al an equal part to me.


– And how’s this working process like?

Tucker: The only way I can describe it, is productive. there is so much creativity between us all, anything else would be unacceptable !


– Music-wise, what I first thought of the band was that sounds as a real machine which, having the album’s name in mind, seems a bit ironical. Was that something intended? As it looks like everything in NADER SADEK is absolutely planned, even the smallest details…

Tucker: It is all planned. And I take this as a compliment! When we are playing, it is like a machine, it churns and spews and creates dark beautiful music.


– In the album we can find several guest artists. Could you please shed some light on this? Who are they, what have they brought, etc.

Tucker: the biggest contribution by guest were Tony Norman, and MIke Lerner , they did guitar solos for the record, and I feel they did a brilliant job. There were actually so many people that stopped by that I lost track of who all contributed and who was just there for the smoke.


– NADER SADEK started out as a project ut, is it now an established band?

Tucker: We will have an announcement on this very soon.


– So can we expect upcoming albums?

Tucker: Yes, we will make more music together, definitely, i cannot wait until we do it again!


– And any shows? If so, will your shows have any special visual effects?

Tucker: We are working on the shows, it will be special, this is why it is taking awhile to book.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? What can we expect from NADER SADEK from now on and what are your aims to get with this band?

Tucker: I am currently writing for the next record while we prepare for the live shows… Our Aim?? I always aim very high!!


– That has been all, thank you once more for your time. If you want to add some final thoughts; last lines are yours.

Tucker: Thanks for the interview! \m/ Here we come!!


Tania Giménez

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