– Hello, thanks for your time. What is TORMENTED currently up to?

We are re releasing Rotten Death at Listenable records and waiting for a 10” split with Bombs of hades that will be released at War Anthem records any day soon. After the summer we will hopefully release a 10” EP that we recorded last year. During the summer and fall we will record the next fullenght album.

– To start, how did the idea of forming the band arise?

Tormented started when we recorded new songs for Tortyr and one song was too much metal to fit and just for fun Andreas put vocals on the track. We found a paper with a Facebreaker lyric on and pressed rec. The song came out really good and is called The awakening of the dead and will be released on the CD version of Resurrected in festering slime that was released last week.

– And what are your intentions and goals back then?

To make, record and release Rotten Death.

The goal was to record Death Metal that we would enjoy listen to.


– «Rotten Death» supposed quite an impact into the Death Metal scene and got overwhelming reviews all over. It certainly got an acceptance not seen in many years from a «newcomer». Did you ever imagine the album would be such successful? Did that surprised you?

We had no idea what to expect but its fun that people seems to like it. We kinda knew it was a good album and if the album was crap we wouldnt release it. The Metal scene can be quite narrowminded but we didnt recieve much hate.


– Some of you have played in well-known Metal bands. Do you think some people seemed to be more into TORMENTED because of this? Does this bother you or do you see it more as a benefit for the band?

We dont know, but if Dave Lombardo starts a new band we would check it out for shure so of course it is a benefit. But when a Scar Symmetry fan check out Tormented they will probably get disappointed =). It doesn’t matter where they come from as long as they like our music.


– Last April you signed with Listenable Records, who have re-released «Rotten Death». Tell us a bit how did everything start, how’s everything going with them so far, etc.

It started when Laurent bought 5 LP of Rotten Death and I sent him the upcoming EP in the package and he liked what he heard. After like 500 mails back and fourth we came to a deal and that’s where we are now.


– As I said, you have just re-released «Rotten Death», tell us what are we going to find on it to all those who haven’t had the chance of listening to your debut yet, or for all those who will know about it because of this re-release.

They will get Dirty, Filthy, Rotten, Death Metal. Period.


– I guess your main musical influences may be Death Metal from your land but, what other Metal styles or what non-Metal styles do you listen to?

Jocke and Claes who is answering this, mostly listen to punk, D-beat is king! The only good metal is Death Metal! We all listen to a lot of music, it doesn’t have to be metal as long as it is good.


– You played over a year ago a few dates in Spain. What are your memories and thoughts about them?

We had a great time there with Graveyard and Perra. The hospitality was sick and we would love to go back there soon. I mean, you are aloud to smoke in the bars!!


– Sweden has always been the house for Death Metal, it was back in the day and it seems it still is nowadays, and you are a proof of that. So, if you had to pick just one Swedish Death Metal band out of all those (from any period actually), which one would you choose?



– And if you had to pick one single album into the genre, which one would be?

Rotten Death.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? Upcoming album anytime soon?

As we said in the first answer,

10’’ split with Bombs of Hades

Record the next album

10’’ EP called Graveyard Lust

Release the next album

In that particular order, it will be a sick fall!


– That’s all, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final thoughts, last lines are yours.

Thanks for supporting Tormented and hopefully we will meet on tour!

Botten upp o resten i skägget!

Jocke & Claes


Sergio Fernández


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