Cedar and Sage: Riders of the Gallows Vol. 1
This is really the one for me honestly. No album this year guided me through the chaos more than Osi did. Absolute perfection, somber tones, old soul music. Just the way I like it.

Dødheimsgard – Black Medium Current
That being said. Dødheimsgard wrote the best album of the year and it’s not even close. That conclusion hit me even harder after witnessing them perform live in Mexico City this year. One of the best performances of the year, especially when they played songs off Black Medium Current. Incredible album front to back.

Wolvennest – The Dark Path to the Light
This band is otherworldly. They have an energy, a magick, not many bands have. The wispy, hazy occult-laden atmosphere they have crafted is truly unique. This album is a must listen. Psychedelic doom on a whole other level.

χ ξ ς’ – The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse (Revelation 5:7)
It’s Sakis Tolis, it fucking rules, go listen to it.

Dorthia Cottrell – Death Folk Country
This album is in the same realm as Osi’s album. Old soul music, and I just can’t get enough of it. The slow, doom-laden movement paired with the classic singer/songwriter style is fantastic. Her voice is divine. Truly a special album.

At The Altar Of The Horned God – Heart of Silence
Ive been following this band since their first album and every time they just get better and better. Most bands try to achieve the shamanic/ritualistic feelings, this band embodies those feelings.

Vintergrav – Forest Hymns
It was a great year for fans of Folk/Singer/Songwriter albums. Vintergrav was another that provided old soul music and done very very well. Compared to Osi and Dorthia Cottrell’s more darker approach, Vintergrav has the opposite, more uplifting energy that was very comforting.

Immortal – War Against All
Talk about a return to form. Demonaz has come back with a fury to prove that Immortal still has fire left within it. Northern Chaos Gods and War Against All are a show of force that nothing will ever come before the vision.

Taake – Et hav av avstand
True Norwegian Black Metal and it doesn’t need to be anything more than that. Taake is one of the few remaining bands that call back to the age of when black metal truly meant something. They are one of the flag bearers and deserve that respect, especially since the music created is always exceptional. No matter where black metal goes, the original flame will always reign.

Cloak – Black Hate Eternal
Black N’ Roll done right. Nothing more, nothing less, just pure rock n roll attitude. These guys truly know how to bring the fire.

Honorable Mentions…
Caged – From Roving About The Earth
Chrome Waves – Earth Will Shed Its Skin
Bongzilla – Dab City
Kiira – Iättömän Sanat
Afsky – Om hundrede år

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