– Hi there, thanks for your time. You are an almost unknown band in Spain so, could you please start with a band’s introduction? Why and when was formed, etc.
Hello. Ok.. Me (Erwin Harreman, guitarist) and Aad Kloosterwaard (vocals) started the band in 2006 with the idea to play brutal death metal with a touch of old school. So fast and furious but also with a lot of groove. Just before the recordings of our debut cd Cadaver Pleasures Bas Brussaard joined us as second guitarist.. We had some replacements in the band on bassguitar and drums, but I think this line-up we have now is very strong, Alesa Sare (bass) did a superb job with her basslines and added some extra’s in the music and with Paul behind the drumkit , his style fits perfect with the music of Supreme Pain.

– Your latest «Divine Incarnation» was released just a few days ago, how has been its feedback so far? And what are your expectations?
Oh the feedback is very good, a lot of great and positive reviews. When we started writing for the new cd we knew we had some killer songs and also after the recordings we were very happy with the result. But we didn ‘t had any expectations, just see what people think of and it turns out that a lot of people enjoy the cd  as much as we do. So that is great, we are very happy with that.

– As always, in the album there’s a great mix between a modern sound and and old school vibe. Did you already had clear you wanted to sound like this whe you formed the band?
Oh yeah from the start it was clear the music has to be a mix between the old school vibe and the modern sound of death metal. We all like the older death metal bands but also the extreme modern bands so a mix of both for us is the perfect sound.

– This album also sounds quite heavy; was this soemthing intended or a result from the producing/mixing?
The heavy sound was intended. The guitars are all half a note lower tuned, just to get a bit more heavier sound but still clear. And also this time we used 2 different amplifiers to record the guitars to get a more powerfull sound. And of course the production and mixing of Jorg has also a lot to do with the sound. He is very good and he knows the feeling of the music.

– In the album I found different influences; some sounds seem to be in a BEHEMOTH style mixed with American Death Metal details so, what are your influences?
Well you are right, there are some Behemoth influences in it, it’s a great band with a good atmosphere. But also bands like Morbid Angel and Suffocation are influences for us because we like that kind of music.
With this album we wanted to create a cold evil atmosphere but also still fast and aggressive as the US death metal style. I think we found now a perfect mix and sound for Supreme Pain.

– Talking about this US Death Metal influence, it was noticed a lot in your previous work, but I’d dare say this time you’ve gone even furhter on this, will you keep in this direction in the future?
Well as I said before, the style and sound we have now we will continue with this and innovate more and more. But still keep it brutal death metal. Blasting sickness with a groove.

– Production was done by Jörg Uken, just as your previous album; how was this process like? Jörg has also produced the two latest albums by SINISTER, so maybe the coice of working with him had soemthing to do with that?
Yeah Aad knows Jorg from the recordings of Sinister and told us he is great to work with. So we recorded our second cd Nemesis Enforcer in The Soundlodge with Jorg and we were (and still are) happy with the result so we decided to go again to Jorg to work with him on our last cd Divine Incarnation, recording with him is very relaxed and no pressure at all. Before we entered the studio all songs were written and finished so we only had to record them and during the recordings we added some details and some ideas wich came out during the recording process. The process is simple, we started with recording the dums then all guitars and bass and finally the vocals were recorded. Then Jorg mixed and mastered everything , and again the result is very good, even better.

– If I’m not wrong, with your previous record label, Metal Age, you signed a 3 CD deal but only released one. What happened?
Well to tell you all the details will take to much place haha. So I keep it sort. Peter from Metal Age could not keep to his part of the deal. He had no finance to release our third cd and second for Metal Age. So there was no other choice for us to search for a new label because we wanted to go on and all the music was finished and we wanted to record the songs. He understood so no hard feelings at all.

– And how did you hook up with Massacre Records? They have released some SINISTER’s albums as well so, once more, did this have something to do?
Of course it helps that Sinister is on the rooster of Massacre Records and Aad is in both bands. So when things did not work out with Metal Age Aad contacted Massacre, sended a cd and asked them if they were interested to sign Supreme Pain and release a cd. And they found that ok so we got a deal with Masscare Records wich is great of course. It is a big lable and they do a lot for promotions so now more people will get to know Supreme Pain wich is cool for us.

– Holland has always been a country with an interesting Death Metal scene. Why do you think Holland has always had all those interesting extreme Metal bands? Both back in the 80’s and nowadays, with old bans that are still in shape and some newcomers as well…
Well to be honoust I do not know hahaha…..i think metal always have been pretty big in Holland so also death metal and the people who make this kind of music still like to do this so the old bands stay alive and the younger people want to make this music so new bands are also uprising.

– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Any tour offerings?
Well our near future plans are to play as much live as possible, because playing live is killer to do. And plans for the future is keep being busy with writing new music. At this moment there are no touring offerings but who knows what will cross our path….

– That has been all, thank you once again for your time. Now feel free to add some final words.
Ok thank you for this interview and support. Well some final words.. I hope you will all like our new cd Divine Incarnation and majbe there is a chance we can play for our fans in Spain. Horns Up and supreme death metal greetZ.
Erwin Harreman and Supreme Pain.

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