– Hello and thanks for the time. What’s IN SOLITUDE currently up to?
We are currently collecting ourselves and getting prepared for the Stockholm-burning this weekend together with Ghost & Stench. It will certainly be very special. Very intense.

– How and why was the band formed? Was playing this «old school» music something intended or things just flew?
I think that during the first couple of years, the band was building a foundation from where we could grow. I mean, all ideas were pretty indistict in 2002 and there we not much definite plans at that stage besides the fact that we wanted to make emotion-driven and dark metal music. But as time went on and the more we got to know eachother, ourselves and our musical perception, a more definite sound and an essence was taking shape. We are still growing from that same foundation and it is the same essence that we are mirroring, but with greater understanding and reverence.  And no, we never aimed to be «old school», we just happen to be listening to a lot of old music, and that had an effect on us.

– And why the name IN SOLITUDE? As it has an «eerie» feeling behind it I guess it represents quite good your art…
The name represents the pilgrimage and ascetic solitude that the burning path requires in order to lead the wanderer to liberation. So, it fits us perfectly.

– Your debut album was one of the greatest surprises from that year; did you expect such response?
I really cant remember, but I dont think so. We had recieved some good response with the «Hidden Dangers» single, but that was not much. And nobody seemed to understand us in Sweden. So I guess it was our truth against the world. But happily enough, the album got really good response. And from thereon it went..

– And due to that, did you feel any pressure while creating «The World. The Flesh. The Devil»? Not because of what your listeners expected but for yourself to, somehow, top your previous record.
No, there were no pressure. We knew that the new album wound be more powerfull. It was very clear from the beginning.

– Your brand new album will come out later this month, what are your expectations?
That depends on what expectations you mean. I have no idea, though, on how people will react. It’ll be interesting. I cant wait to get it out.

– What could you tell us about the album name? What does it represent?
We have chosen not to over-analyze and explain our perception of the title in interviews. Since we want the listeners themselves to create their individual perception of the title. If you listen to the album and read the lyrics carefully and with your heart, all answers shall come. But to put it very, very simply; Our lord demands a burning world and conquered flesh.

– And the album cover? As I always had the impression everything in IN SOLITUDE must work as one.
Thats a correct impression. Every part is equally as important for us in order to work properly. The puzzle does not show the whole picture without every piece at its place, so to speak. We collaborated with an american artist named Jesse Peper. An amazing man responsible for an amazing body of work. When we saw the specific painting on the cover, we saw a face that had been present in our lives for a very long time. A face that has shown the way, in many aspects… It is a very beautiful and suitable representative for the journey we’ve been on. And the journey we’ll, hopefully, take you on.

– I think in this album you haven’t lost your essence but you have achieved a more «mature» sound, I mean you have improved the structures and dynamics. What’s your opinion on this subject? Has anything changed during the composition?
If «change» means growth, yes. We are always In Solitude, but things inevitably gets more alive and has even more value. In Solitude is a very organic thing and it always grows. The infernal evolution is very important, and the more we move, the more we catch on fire.

– I also think you have now had a production that fits better your style. How has been like recording at the new Nicke’s studios and with Fred Estby? Both the process as the result achieved.
It was a great experience, for sure. Fred Estby is an excellent producer and a great guy, and he really understood us and our ideas. His effort is very significant to the album.

– What are your main inspirations for lyrics? Some of them deal with occultism, for example; do you document yourself?
The lyrics are empirical poems and are wholly based on personal experience and growth from black magical work and wandering on the burning path. They mean the world to me and I hope that they will shed some sight within the living shadows.

– Some months ago you signed with Metal Blade. How did you hook up with them? And how’s going with this label so far?
We had been recieving a lot of offers from different labels but none of them really satisfied us. But Metal Blade gave us a really good deal and a lot of freedom to do things our way. We are very satisfied this far.

– When I reviewed your album I said we can find some details in your music similar to bands as MERCYFUL FATE, ANGEL WITCH or IRON MAIDEN. Have they influenced you in any way?
Sure, we’ve been influenced by some of their work, among many other things. But it would certainly not be fair to say that those three are more important than anything else. There are infleunces that have been far more essential to In Solitude. Many of them beyond the borders of music.

– Anyway, and beside this, we can also find details from different Metal styles, so considering this and that some of you play or have played in extreme Metal bands, I guess your musical influences may be quite varied. Which are they?
I’m not much for making lists and there is not enough room or time for that. Musically we’re inspired by the genuine, the powerfull, the emotional, the luring, the dangerous, the spiritually rewarding and the living darkness in music. From whatever genres or era’s we may recieve it.

– You have recently been confirmed to play at the Maryland Deathfest. What does this mean to you?
It means a lot. It means that we are conquering America for the first time ever. And I cant wait to burn with them.

– Beside the festivals confirmations, are there any touring plans? Any chance of seeing you anytime soon in Spain?
We would love to play in Spain again. The last time we played there was very special and the people were great. Hopefully we’ll play in Spain later this year.

– And finally, what are your near-future plans?
We’ll be playing as much as possible. The dance of death and misrule is in motion.

– That’s all, feel free to add any final words.
Follow the footprints thats filled with blood, and the burn injured trees in the dark. We’ll let our shadows show you the way, to the final outpost.

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