– Hi Anthony, thanks for answering to our questions. You are one of the three new members in GORGASM, so is almost obliged asking you how did everything arise, if you knew the band before joining, how did you meet Leski…
I first met Leski about5 years ago when the band Kyle, Ryan and I were playing in, Human Filleted, opened a show for Gorgasm.  Kyle has been friends with him for a while, and they started jamming together  about 3 years ago.  Ryan and I were playing in Sarcophagy at the time, and Kyle soon recruited Ryan to participate in their project.  Ryan told me they needed a bassist that could do vocals so I tried out and that was pretty much it.

– And, do you think this step will help you growing and developing as musician?
It already has.  I was always more of an old school  death metal bassist and I really had to step up my game to keep up with Leski’s stlye of writing.  I’m definitely a better bassist today because of it.

– As you’re, somehow, an unknown artist, hope you won’t mind explaining us a bit about you; your beginnings and/or your background.
The first death metal project I was involved with worth mentioning is Sarcophagy. I played with this band from 1994 to 1997 when the band called it quits.  I guess I fell off the map a bit until I started playing with Kyle and Ryan in Human Filleted back in 2007.  I had to leave this band because of legal issues I was going through, and in 2009 I decided to reform Sarcophagy with Ryan Saylor and original guitarist Aaron Maedge.  And in April 2010 I started playing in Gorgasm.

– I guess some people will compare the new line-up with the old one, what are your thoughts on that?
There will be some who say the original lineup was the best, some who will say the lineup we have now is better, I really dont pay attention to what peoples opinions are. The way I look at it is, if you like Orgy of Murder then spin that shit!  If you dont then go listen to something else.  I personally listen to the older albums more often because that is what I am a fan of.  I listen to Orgy of Murder from time to time but its different because I played on it.  More of a sense of accomplishment listening to “Orgy”, and more of a fans perspective listening to “Stabwound”

– The band has had several line-up changes during its career, but is this line-up a steady one?
I can’t predict the future but I would like to say Yes.  This is the most comfortable group I have worked with so far, and I hope to continue playing with them.  Everyone seems to be thinking on the same wavelength in this band, and from my experience this is a rare occurance and obviously a welcomed one.

– And how has been both the reaction from people towards this change and towards «Orgy of Muder»? Feedback seems to be actually good, did you expect that?
I was just hopefull that people would take the album for what it is and not spend too much time dissecting it and comparing it to the other albums or other groups for that matter.  And it seems that this has been the case.  I like the album because its like a roller coaster ride for me.  After its over, I want to ride that shit again!

– It seems the album name describe what’s GORGASM about quite well but, how do you think the album’s title represent you guys (both your style and sound)?
I think the album is brutal, and the album cover is definitely brutal, I think it is one of the best representations of gorgasms music thus far, and I also think that it represents our sense of humor, I fucking lost it when I saw the first draft of the cover… My favorite is the bloody dildo in the lower right hand corner.

– In fact, lyrics are just as sick as usual. What are your main sources of inspirations? I guess you guys must have a sick mind.
You could say that.  Or that we just have sick and fucking twisted sense of humor.  Seriously, what guy hasnt envisioned hacking the fuck out of some whore that took him for a ride?  But mostly we just try and come out with some bizzare shit to crack each other up with.  I have to give kyle credit here, he comes up with some nasty fucked up shit.

– I noticed in the album subtle changes as more complex guitar riffs, a more audible bass… Is the composition process a team-work? And how was this process like?
By the time I joined the band, most of the music was already written, and the rest was written while I was in the process of learning the first handful of songs so I wasnt as involved in the songwriting process as I hoped to be but I did get to help write the lyrics and arrange them in the songs so that was good.  Mainly Leski showed us the foundation of each song, and if we came up with variations we’d play it and see how it felt.

– Now that I mentioned the, fortunately, audible bass, did you wrote your bass lines? And if so, what was your focus? How did you approach it?
Like I said, I learned the foundation of the song, and then it was up to me to decide what I was going to play over it.  Some parts I wrote didnt work out, some fit perfectly, some I changed once we got to the studio.  I simplified quite a few parts in the studio to fit the flow a little better, and the end result was a cleaner sounding album.

– In the album we can find some guest vocals provided by Pascal (AMAGORTIS) and Shaun Lacanne (PUTRID PALE). How did you come up with the idea and what have they brought to the songs?
We just wanted to add a little flavor to a couple songs and I think Pascal and Shaun did a great job of that.  I already had Shaun’s part mapped out, and Leski had pascal’s part thought out.  Both parts crush.

– All the GORGASM albums so far have been released by different labels. How’s going so far your cooperation with Brutal Bands? Did you get offers form any other record labels?
Our relationship with Brutal Bands is excellent, they have been straight up and supportive of us from day one and I see this continuing throughout the rest of our contract with them which includes another album.  And yes we did get a few other offers from what we consider respectable lables but in the end Brutal Bands was the name we drew out of the hat so…

– Most of your fans were eager for this album after that hiatus the band took. Do you know why GORGASM took such hiatus and what prompted this return?
I would have to say the return was prompted by Leski’s complete devotion towards writing brutal music, He’s basically a fucking machine pumping out brutal riff after brutal riff, and maybe to him it was unfinished business?  He promised his fans a new album years ago and he’s not the kind of guy to just flush all this unused material down the toilet and give up.

– If I’m not wrong, several years ago was going to be released a record named «Destined to Violate», which finally never saw the light. Do you know why the album wasn’t released? And, have you used any songs from that «album»?
Yes we have used some of the material that was going to be on that album, and we may use some more for the next album, not for sure yet.  As far as why it was never
released, I don’t know.  I wasnt involved so I never really talk with Leski about it.

– I read you’ll tour Europe in a few months with AMAGORTIS and DEFEATED SANITY, have you got any offers to stop by in Spain?
Fuck I hope so.  Dirty and Weird is the booking agency we are working with, and so far I think they are doing a great job, but they do have a myspace and facebook page so if you don’t see any dates in spain in the next few weeks, Start hammering their pages with requests for us to swing through Spain!

– And finally, how does future look for GORGASM?
I can only predict 2 things.  This tour with Amagortis and Defeated Sanity is going to be Monsterous, and our next album will be fucking brutal.

– That’s all, thanks once more for taking the time. If you want to add any final words to the interview; last lines are yours.
I just want to thank you for letting me talk about the band and the album, and Thanks to all the fans of Gorgasm for all of their support, old and new fans alike, You motherfuckers are Sick as fuck!

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