– Hello and thanks for your time. To start, what’s the band currently up to?
cheers!!! getting ready for live gigs. working in a guitarist to tour with us. going great. really excited about the record release and even more excited to get back out and gig gig gig.

– Have passed 6 years between your previous «As the Weird Travel on» and this «Surreal Overdose». Why did it take you so long?
band members retiring. moving, marriage, bills, practice space issues. lots of things. but time has come.

– What was the band up to during these years? I read you had some problems with some band members, etc. but, were you already working in this new album during those years?
yes we’ve had a lot of the songs since mid 2000’s. when mark left the band that came out of left field. screwed a lot of shit up for us for a bit. we got it all fixed up and got on track. me living in pennsylvania, les in texas, shane in maryland, and mike in virginia practices can be tough :).  we’ve arranged and deranged the songs on the new record forever! the newest song is from 2009. all of it’s old to us!

– This is your first full-length album with guitar player Shane. How did you hook up with him and what has he brought to the band?
shane has supported deceased forever. a good friend and a great guitarist! he fit right in. he knows how we are and what we expect. he brings energy and commitment to the band!!!!

– One of the things I have always loved from DECEASED are your lyrics, and I could actually talk about each of them but, to make it short: what are the general topics in «Surreal Overdose»? What do these lyrics deal with?
the state of the world in general. real horrors like child abuse, terminal illness, mental illness, drug addiction, the way the medical world is headed. this record is real horrors of the world. things that can and DO happen!

– All your lyrics have always been quite realistic and cover some current topics, proof of that can be «Kindred Assembly», which really caught my attention. What can you tell us about it?
altzheimers is a horrible thing. the loss of all memory and your personal well being. an awful wy to lose the battle of life.

– And what about «The Traumatic»?
child abuse and mental illness together in one tale. a lady gives birth to children for nothing more then to put fear an dread into every breath the children take. the end result is even worse!

– What are your main sources of inspiration when it comes to write? Are personal experiences?
everything. from my mind, to news, to movies, to everything really. sadly the world is full of horror and tragedy!!!

– Will we ever find any «positive» lyrics?
positively downbeat 🙂

– It seems now most bands with «dark» lyrics sing just about Satan and Gore. What are your thoughts on that «feature» of the, so to speak, current scene?
everyone writes what’s fitting to them. it’s not really my thing. i like a darker more meaningful tale in lyrics personally.

– Some years ago you worked for several albums with the big label Relapse Records. What prompted that move? And how positive was for your moving from them?
we left cuz relapse became bullshit! lies, eciet. we aint into it. we had to move on. we are straight up ann expect the same!!! it was great to get out from underneath that terminal illness!

– You have a such long career, with several releases and even a live album, isn’t time for a DVD?
dvd is coming. i’ve got hundreds of horrors of footage. live clips, goofy fun stuff, making of records, practices, etc! DIGITAL GRAVEYARD is the name, expect it by years end!

– What about OCTOBER 31? Have been also like 7 years since we haven’t seen any new studio recording…
everyone’s so busy with other projects. hard to find time together! we plan on a new record ‘bury the hatchet’ written this year. and a gig or two!

– Now regarding shows, how different is playing in the studio and playing live? Specially for you, as you’re a drummer in the studio as well…
well i no longer play drums live. the live line up is its own entity. it works well! recording is fun and gigging is fun! it all works well. the best of both worlds!!!

– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Will we have to wait another 6 years until your next album?
nope! we are starting work on our next record ‘ghostly white’. expect to see it in 2 years from now. we owe it to ourselves to get the new songs and music to the forefront.

– That’s all form my side, thanks again for your time. If you now want to add any final words to the interview, is your time.
thanks for the support. long live the loud! upthetombstones.net is our website and if anyone wants to talk or order a cd email me at kingdoomstone@yahoo.com UP THE TOMBSTONES!!!!

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