– Hi Veronica, thanks for taking the time. To start, what’s the band currently up to?
Really we need to thank you. We do appreciate you taking the time to show Benedictum some love J
Right now we are just working on pputting together some shows here in the USA and also in Europe so hopefully this will all be set in stone pretty soon.

– Your latest «Dominion» was released just a few months ago. How has been its acceptance?
So far so great! We are really happy with the response thus far. I know that it was a little bit of a departure from the first 2 but hopefully not so much so that we loose who we are.

– In the album, still mainting the BENEDICTUM’s sound, we can find a bit different sound. Have the new members had something to do with that?
There were a lot of factors that contributed to that. New members, new producer and a little bit of a different approach.

– So, is the composition process a team-work? How was like this time?
I would have to say that for the most part the main songwriters are still Pete and myself but there was a lot more of a collaboration with other members on this album. The influences were quite diverse and provided a challenge in thier intergration but I think that is what gave this album its distinctive difference from the others.
Also during this one, we were really in two different cities. Pete, Tony and myself are residing in the Phoenix area of Arizona now and Mikey and Shrum are in San Diego so .. there was a lot of file sharing as well as regular practice so that made it a bit more challenging for me as well.

– So now that I mentioned this, is spreading your own horizons (still keeping your essence) part of your artistical evolution and development?
I would say so.. I think, and I will speak for myself here, that it is not good to stagnate, I want to maintain a  certain vibe but also allow myself and this band to grow and evolve.

– I could say «Dominion» sounds harder/heavier, more powerful and darker, with an overall stronger feeling of aggression, and so are the voices, that fit pretty well with the general sound in the album. How did you approach your vocals this time?
I really think this is where Ryan Greene came in. Granted, i was already at a place where I had wanted to express a bit more aggression but he was really responsible for pushing me and encouraging me to do that.

– And what inspired you to create an album that dark? I mean, does your daily life influence your musical creations?
My life has a very strong influence on the  lyrics and tone of things.  There were some really tough times for some of us right after Seasons of Tragedy and think the over all flavor of this album reflects that and also some of my personal state of mind at the time. Struggle and doubt and tenacity and perserverance…. All that good stuff… makes for good Metal LOL

– In this record we can find some great guest artists as Jeff Pilson, Craig Goldy or Rudy Sarzo. How did this idea arise and what have they brought to each track?
Benedictum has always been very blessed in the area of having others that believe in us and are willing to share their talent with us.  Jeff and Craig have been on all of the albums so far and I cant thank them enough. Jeff is such a “musical” person, he brings his magic to all that he does.
Craig continues to blow us away each time he does something for us and Epsilon is no exception.
Rudy, what can I say… talk about “in the pocket” we really enjoyed being able to have him as a part of this album and his work on BANG was just great!

– We can find cover tracks in all your albums, and this time you have included RUSH’s «The Temple Of Syrinx». Why did you choose this concrete song and what changes have you done to it?
Well I guess you will have to listen to it to hear what we have done with it J but the decision to do it was rather a bold one. I had wanted to do a RUSH song… and joked about Temples…. Ryan Greene who is also a drummer and a HUGE Rush fan hopped all over it and decided we should do it. He already had some clear cut ideas about how we would approach it.. so there was not turning back.

– «Dominion» was produced by Ryan Greene. Tell us a bit about it; how was the process, the final result, etc.
The process took a while, we had a lot of delays and some road blocks along the way but when we got our momentum going again I have to say he really had us step up to another level and wouldnt take less.
He had a very clear cut idea of what he wanted to do with this band from the first day and we had to compromise here and there but for the most part… I GET IT! J
I think Pete really had a chance to show himself and expand his horizons as well. I think it is some of Petes best work.  Ryan had a lot to do with that.

– After having some problems with your previous record label you have signed with Italian label Frontiers Records, known for releasing well-known Melodic Rock bands so, how did you hook up with them? And how’s this cooperation working so far?
So far so good. As with any relationship I think you have your ups and downs but I admire the fact that they took a chance on us even though we are probably one of the heavier bands on their roster.  I am proud  of them for that!!
I know that they are honorable and good people and you dont find that too often in this business.

– From Queens of Steel we have always brought special promotion to women into the Metal scene, so a few questions concerning this are almost obliged. Are there any female Metal singers that have influenced you?
When I get asked these kinds of questions I usually shy away from them because I always remember another name or feel like I should have added this or that… so let me put it another way.
YES.. i have been influenced by an eclectic and varied array of Female singers, and not just in metal either. Every time I listen to someone I try to absorb the essence not only of the music but the energy that they are trying to convey.
I also salute my sisters out there that are kicking ass and doing what they are passionate about..

– And do you think Metal fans use to give females into this world their correct role?
I am not sure I understand the question but I think women have come a long way and so have attitudes towards them. The way I see it, if it is good, its good, no matter what gender. Hopefully more people are seeing and hearing it that way as well.

– Concerning this,enxt October you will play at the Metal Female Voices Fest. What is your point of view towards initiatives like this?
AWESOME!. We cant wait and I think it is such an honor to be amongst such great bands and have a place that really showcases this.

– And, beside this show, haven’t you got any offers to tour Europe? Do you see the chance of doing it anytime soon?
That seems to be my personal focus of the past few months. From my understanding there will be a small tour around the Festival and we are really looking forward to it!

– Finally, what are your near-future plans?
Just getting ready to kick some ass ou
t there and hope to be able to bring great shows to a lot of people. That is the thing we are most looking forward to!!!!!

– That has been all, thank you once more for your time. If you now want to add any final words, last lines are yours.
I want to thank you again for this opportunity  and hope to reach out and headbang with your readers!
Stay Metal… Kick Ass!!
The V

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