– Hello and first of all thanks for taking the time. What is the band currently up to?
At the moment we’re preparing for performing live again, rehearsing and booking shows.

– Before getting into your latest «Sjukdom», I would like to start from the beginning. What prompted you to form LIFELOVER?
We didn’t only want to do something different but we needed to. It never really felt like any choice but as something that we simply had to do.

– And how did you come up with the band name? It sounds quite ironic…
There are many good reasons for it but I’m not in the mood for an essay. At the moment I can narrow it down to that too many bands don’t represent their name no matter if it’s straight and simple or contrast. Lifelover represents what we do quite well if you twist and turn your definitions around a bit you will find some sense in it.

– Now getting into your latest album, how has been it’s feedback? Your previous «Konkurs» and even tour «Dekadens» EP got a great acceptance. Did you feel any kind of pressure while creating this new «Sjukdom»?
I have no idea. Usually people either love or hate what we do which I expect them to continue with.

– Did you expect the response it has gotten? As I think is not an easy-listening album at all.
I suppose I did. We will never create easy-listening music by any general standard, or at least never claim to be.

– Moreover, I could say is a more varied and experimental record, with even more influences. Is the result of your music just how things flow?
We just do what feels natural to us.

– We can always hear something new in each album you release. What can we find new this time?
More filth and aggression.

– I noticed «Sjukdom» is a more aggressive album, if not your most aggressive piece so far. Was this something planned? Or does your current life and experiences affect to the band’s sound?
Besides our generally bleak conditions of life there has been more frustration in some members lives which made the aggression on «Sjukdom» quite natural as a complement to our creative palette.

– You have «went back» and used programmed drums. Why do you think it fits your music this time?
We didn’t want to find some studio-drummer just for the sake of having real drums so we used what felt right for the majority of the songs on this album, which is to do something more straight forward.

– Production sounds quite minimal and «old». Was this what you wanted to achieve?
Depends what you compare it to of course.

– If I’m not wrong, the recording last 6 six months, which is a lot. Why did it take you all this time? And how was that process like?
We put a lot of the time into polishing details and getting the entirety of the album as complete as possible until we let go, or we would never be finished with anything… naturally it’s very demanding sometimes and we don’t leave the process any more sane.

– Your sound has always been a constant mix between beauty and ugliness, melody and «noise», even between instrumentation and vocals… How important are contrasts for LIFELOVER?
It’s very important as anything else wouldn’t be natural to us.

– In «Sjukdom» we can find even more piano and keyboards, which I must say compliment quite good the atmosphere. What can you tell us on this?
That is just what they are there for, as a compliment to each song they are included in, so it’s nice that you felt what we felt about it.

– Your lyrics are in Swedish so, for all those who can’t understand Swedish, what are the main ideas behind the lyrics in this new release?
We have several lyrics that isn’t in swedish and we will continue with this when it feels appropriate. It’s not impossible to get decent translations online or by just looking through our booklets.

– You have been working with different labels since you were formed and, If I’m not wrong, you recently signed a long-term deal with Prophecy Records. Do you think you have now find some stability in that matter?
Time will tell.

– You have always had a very specific sound, at the same time, you have always been considered part of the Black Metal scene. Do you feel like you’re a part of it?
It’s in our roots but we’re really not any part of it. Lifelover performs Narcotic Metal exclusively.

– I guess you’ll do some shows to support «Sjukdom» live, do you have settled any live line-up?
Yes, we are preparing for rehearsals and try to visit as many countries as possible starting this autumn.

– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Do you have any touring offers?
No tours in Europe for this year but definitely some performances will happen.

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