– Hello, thanks for taking your time. First of all, I would like you to make some history of MORTA SKULD.

The band did four albums with Peaceville and one with Pavement and The current with Relapse.

– So what’s the current status of the band?

The current lineup is learning the set of the demo’s and jamin, just takin it slow and trying to work in some Dying Remains material as well.


– If I’m not mistaken you have changed the band’s name a couple of times. Would you mind elaborating a bit?

I hear that a lot as of late and it isn’t true, After MS broke up I started another lineup and some fans seem to not let that go, so I did some shows as MS and the they turned on me and I changed the name to MS2, and then which became 9mm solution.


– In fact you are now 9MM SOLUTION. What are the main differences between 9MM SOLUTION and MORTA SKULD? Are both bands inspired by the same things/musical styles?

Well 9mm has broke up last year and they were two different bands, 9mm was looking for radio play and modern market, and MS was inspired by Metallica, Testament, and Anthrax. 9mm was more about Static-x American Head charge, and Soil.


– What are your goals for this project?

To play out and do some festivals and shows maybe tour who knows.


– Relapse Records have recently re-released your earlier demos. What are your feelings on this re-release?

I was happy as hell they helped us to this as well as Eric Greif. I’m very happy I feel home again.


– Was the idea of this re-issue just a label’s idea or did you have some input in the decision? if so, why did you decide to release in this concrete moment this kind of material?

Eric and I were talking about the demo’s we did together and how proud we are and where. He asked me if I had a CD copy of what we did and I said yeah it don’t sound great. So I entered studio and re-mastered the demos. Jef and I became buddies again and when I told him he said I have masters and can clean up a lot of what were mistakes, and him and I entered the studio and finished it and Eric had been at the label and they agreed to put it out.


– The two demos compiled on «Through the Eyes of Death: The Early Demos» have been remastered. What’s your opinion on the final outcome?

I think it sounds great and it is proof you can still sound viable within a style and still have music that stands that test of time.


– Both demos were released in 1990. What are your memories form that period? What did those first demos mean to you?

Lots of drinking and playing shows and recording albums that sold and just having the time of my life.


– In this compilation you have also featured a cover for «Metal Church» (by METAL CHURCH). Why did you choose that concrete tune and how did you adapt it to your playing style?

That band is one of my top 3 all time bands that really made me want to play heavy music, Ozzy was another big factor as well as Alice Cooper, I’m a guitar guy love John Sykes, Jake e Lee, Randy Rhoades, and George lynch, but that first Metal Church album blew me away.


– MORTA SKULD played Death Metal at the old school style, while with 9MM SOLUTION you are playing a more modern and less brutal music style. How do you regard at what you guys did under the MORTA SKULD name?

The band was second generation death metal at that time there were no rules as too sound and what you could play, we just had a lot of influence and wrote what we felt at the time.


– What have been both the best and worst moments you have experienced with MORTA SKULD?

Man playing large shows and making albums and getting paid royalties for your effort was the best time, losing members and going through the low points was the worse.


– And is there anything you regret about the career with that band?

Just the tour we went on in 98, are drummer at the time just got married and was awaiting his first kid, he got sick and couldn’t complete the tour, which first night in are home town we opened for Slayer and then all of a sudden he got sick, I wish we would have went with someone else and we would be on the road today.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Just to play out and do some festivals, it’s hard when everyone is older more commitments on your plate, but me I’m always ready to go and it would be nice to tour.


– That’s all from our side, thanks once more. Now the famous final words are yours.

Yes please show these inteenet people that are fans buy the records, so go buy a copy of the new album and show your support instead of stealing it on the net, show some old school pride and get a copy, thank you for this interview and all at the label and Eric as well. Cheers.

Sergio Fernández



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