– Hello, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to?

Hello. We expect all this splendor now, which flow to us and will allow to spread our genes in a wider range.

– First of all, could you please make some history of STILLBORN? As I guess some people won’t know about you yet, at least in Spain.

Of course. The band was founded by Killer and Gopher in 1997. We have four full-lengths and some other released stuff. The music we play is the music we want to listen to, someone calls it Death Metal, another one Blackened Death Metal, I think we play Extreme Metal. There are much more genres in, but it’s not important. All details for the curious they can easily find in the internet.


– How did you come up with the band’s name?

Killer did it. In those days he couldn’t remember what he was doing one day before. So now, after almost fifteen years, this creation still is swathed in a mist of mystery. One thing he knows, he didn’t know about these many other bands named Stillborn at the time. The name’s meaning its creator revealed in lyrics to Stillborn, a track from demo Mirrormaze.


– And what are the band’s main musical influences?

I think it’s a hundreds bands we hold inside us. We are not fanatic psychofans of some genre or band. For me personally, the best band is the band which music is playing currently. For example it is Manowar at the moment.


– You have recently released your new album entitled «Los Asesinos del Sur», 3 years after your previous «Esta Rebelión es Eterna». What have you guys been up to during these years?

Starting from the beginning. After this release we organized Legions of Death Attack 2008. We played this annual tour with Infernal War, Anima damnata,Deception and Hetzer. In the spring of 2009 we recorded “Dzień Nocy”, the debut album of our parallel band Genius Ultor. Next was an another edition of the Legions of Death Attack with another extreme crews. And yet another one in 2010 too, but as a one-day Black Metal fest. We ended up with the organizations of gigs thereafter. Every act have its own place in time. Then a time came for Asesinos.


– As I said you latest effort is «Los Asesinos del Sur»; how is being its feedback so far?

Generally good. Many people don’t know the band, it causes some conservative reviews. But there are maximum notes against opinions worse than shit. It’s suggest we were sincere.


– To all those who haven’t heard the album yet; how could you describe in in just a few words?

Ha ha, I can’t. One moment, Killer answer it once – it’s full Metal album to the core. When I thought for a while I would use three words: heavy, honest and human.


– Something that caught my attention was the cover artwork, as its really difficult to figure out what is it. Would you mind comment a bit on its concept and meaning?

I’ll do it little but unwillingly. I think that everyone should receive the art in their own way always. Here we see all of your dark towers, with gallows by their side, staring straight at you while walking from the South. South is no more geographical direction here.


– Does it fit with the lyrics in this album? What do they deal with?

It does fit in its entirety. Lyrical theme circles the human fear of Death. It’s a necessary and basic condition for any religion to form and persist. Of course many religions dare people to die just promising eternal life beyond but it’s still regarding the matter. It’s only mutation. The lyrics are a contextual observations, sometimes a manifestos, they look from many perspectives. Even though momentary they are apparently banal.


And it was just banal. Work on the album began indeed in middle of 2009 but other things took our attention. We had about three songs for back then. We went back to writing at the end of 2010. Our style of work consists in that an one person writes a song, then it is arranged with drums, then the entire band. Once created arrangement we never change. That also happened this time. We recorded the album in January.


– This time around you have a new guitar player; what has Rzulty brought to STILLBORN?

In addition to his bald head we like his tall tales mostly. He also drinks a lot and honestly. He is an experienced musician, this is also useful.


– Your music is, overall, really brutal, fast and raw, but you manage to keep things interesting slowing down a bit in certain moments and bringing some dynamism. Is this something important for the band? I mean to keep that balance and not just speed for the sake of speed.

Music is like a rough sea. Especially our music. The waves rise up high to the time when they fall into bottomless depths. A well written song has its own balance, this is the most appropriate word. You could say the arithmetical mean of amplitudes should reach zero. But it’s impossible to measure it mathematically, only with the heart. I love old truths. The song balanced is the finite song.


– Being from Spain I’m curious about your album titles, as all of them are in Spanish so, basically; why? And why have you now chose «Los Asesinos del Sur»?

No one deserves so detailed explanation as you do. As I realize it was grow from a Killer’s will to pay homage to the fire of South American hordes, but it evaluated in the time. We are not conesseurs of Spanish culture, but there is something what fascinate us. Touching little, watching, reading we observed a specific Death’s present there. Death exists there in so common and natural way. It’s very impressive. So, now we honor our music of Death with your language, the Death language in this context.

The album’s title has many interpretations. First, the simpliest one, regarding where are we come from, concerning our country’s territory of course. But this meaning is least important. As I mentioned above, the South is no more geographical direction. Everyone can take it on his own. There is a reference, paraphrase, metaphor and allegory.


– Metal scene in Poland seems to be quite strong and still growing each day, specially into extreme Metal, and I think the same happens to Europe in general. How do you see this scene as an insider?

The scene as usually the scene is. Always the most important is individuality, not an another community. Community kills individuality.


– And what are now your near-future plans?

We prepare to write then record the second Genius Ultor’s album. Honestly, we started already with. The time has come.


– That’s all, thanks again for your time. If you now want to add some final thoughts, take the last lines.

Thank you for the interview. Cuidado con aquellos que están andando desde Sur.

ataman Tolovy, Tarnów, 19.X.2011


Sergio Fernández



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