– Hello, thanks for taking the time. What’s currently keeping INSISION busy?

At the moment we are working on some new tunes for our upcoming full lenght album, the workname just beeing “Insision” at this point. Other then that we are currently looking for some one to shoot a video , promoting our latest ep; End of All.

– First off, I hope you don’t mind making some history of INSISION for all those who aren’t familiar with you yet…


Brutal deathmetal from Sweden but with a more american sound, we started back in -97 playing Death Metal, and are still doing it today.

just released and EP and is curently working on a new full length visit http://www.myspace.com/insision and check it out for yourself!


– And what are the band’s main musical influences?

Brutal death metal? ABBA?



– Your latest work has been «End of All» EP ; how has been its feedback so far?

General feedback has been great for being “just” an EP. People wanted it to be a full length record but do to some circumstances we could just release this. From the few reviews i’ve seen so far it looks like ppl like it.


– In fact you released it 3 years after your latest full-length album so far; what have you been up to during these time?

Mostly been a fucking struggle with our old label not really doing theire job, draining the creativity, personal issues taking up some time. We did Neurotic DF, Partysan and Gothenburg DF during -10 plus som gigs inbetween that, really killer shows. Anyway, things turned around a bit and

we started working on the stuff that eventually got released on “End of All” .

And Dental Rec was really slowing everyrthing down with theier legal shit, but we fought it through and we finally got away from them and now landed up at Savered Rec.


– I could say this EP is more varied than some of your previous efforts and density has a bigger presence this time. Was this something you aimed for?

We always talk and discuss in the band, what we want to archive with the recordings and what feeling we want to get out of it. Feels good that you mention variation from our previous material, contrasts in music is important for us. We found a more darker feeling on “End OF All”, All the things going on around us, in all levels, both around the band with this label we where on and outside on a personal basis. Roger had a Death in his family to struggle with and we all had our own issues to draw inspiration from. Its been turbulent indeed but all in all here is a release that really made us stronger as a band.


– And, in general; how was the songwriting process?

For End of all? No different than it has been earlier really. You come up with an idea or a riff and work both individually at home and togheter in the rehearsal room , trying bits and peices out. Love it! Its a fucking great process, being creativ and the feel of the bands progress, hearing ideas take form..playing our own Death metal. The Only diference is is that we comunicate much better nowdays. Especially on songwriting. The process and recording of End of All really made us so much stronger. Everyone contribute with what ideas they have about the songs, and everyone is 100% Then its just good old blood and sweat, grindig it in rehearsal trying out diffrent angles.


– I felt this MCD like a brief full-length, specially because of the aforementioned diversity; did you have any other tracks up your sleeve?

As a mather of fact we had about 4 partially done songs, that where made with Magnus, and was planning on releasing them all togheter, the studio was booked i think…

But after he choosed to leave the band he dident want us to use the stuff he had written so we just took them away instead. So we decided to get into the studio anyway recording a E.P. with a upcoming full length instead, just to get something out to the fans, which are most important. And now we have created some time for us to work on new material since the E.P. “End OF All” is out…..


– Artwork was crafted by the great Toshihiro Egawa; are you guys satisied with his work? How did you hook up with Toshihiro and why did you choose him?

We simply chose “Toshi” because we knew he’s a killer artist when it comes to DM artworks and we wanted something different this time around. We will probably use him again for the next album


– This has been your first effort with bass player Joel Andersson; how’s eveything going with him? What could you say has he brought to the band?

Joel is a great guy, laidback but allways in focus, good experiance and good taste in Death Metal Music. His contribution to Insision has been great so far. Even if he lives in Gothenburg and the rest of us in Stockholm it works fine. We send him the songs by dropbox. He comes visiting us here in stockholm and vice versa.


– This EP has also been your first piece with Sevared Records; how did you hook up with them?

Barret just contacted us through Joel, asking if we where intersted in doing something with them and from there we went…. At this point we are very pleased.


– In fact you will soon release a new full-length album with them; could you anticipate us something about it?

Pretty much in the same vein as End off All i guess… It’s going to be a “stab in the face” with new twsit and turns..Hopefully even darker and colder then End off All. We won’t change our songwriting too much though, just want to develop technically and make better songs. We aim to make it more extreme not mainstream but also include a reason for it and the groove. The songs we have at this point are fucking insane. Gonna try to release some rehearsal stuff on YouTube for you guys to see.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? I guess yo may now be focused on your next album…

We’re taking it day by day. First of all focusing on getting the songs as good as possible for the next album Pre planning everything around it. We also try to record a video for “ End Of All” EP. After that, doing some shows and tours in -12, hope to come over to Spain and play again. Last time was 2005.

To long ago.


– That’s all from my side, thanks once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; take the last lines.

Allright Sergio good luck with Qeens Of Steel, Salut!!

Keep supporting Brutal Death Metal


Mail: info@insision.se






Sergio Fernández



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