– Hello Lenny, thank you so much for answering to our questions. How’s everything doing?

Good, thanks.

– First off, how did you come up with the band’s name?

Back in my early USA days, after quitting the band «Stone Fury», my manager somehow mentioned «Kingdom». I replied «let it come» and added «Come»;-) That simple.

I do believe in a higher force, but I don’t believe in religious «institutions». God (or that higher magic force) is always with me (us). In church, a peep show or my bathroom.


– You have recently released «Rendered Waters»; how has been its


Unexpected positive. I thought the planet would start complaining about Lenny not having anymore ideas, but the opposite was the case. But as always, with a few exceptions;-) But the days were I cared about stupid reviews are definitely over.


– This effort contains 8 re-recorded songs and 3 new one. Why did you decide to re-record and give songs as «Pushing Hard» or «Should I» a second shot?

«Should I» and «Pushing Hard» are just 2 songs out of many I felt strong about. I wanted to carry them into the year 2011 to adjust them to our new hearing habits. I did not reinvent them, just wanted to give others (and myself) a chance to discover them in a newer light. Something I was thinking about for years.


– Why did you re-recorded those concrete 8 tracks and not any others?

16 records later, where should I start to please everybody?!? Just went for some of my favorites. Songs like «Twilight Cruiser» for example should not be touched, because it could not have been improved. At least not by me.


– I guess you have brought them a «2011» feeling; what changes have you done to them?

I was throwing around the switches in my studio, until I felt happy. Which higher force has driven me in my studio, I don’t know. I’m not a scientific guy, just a «doer» without a master plan. Once you get started, which is the hardest part, it will always lead to something.


– And what has the new line-up brought to them all?

Our new drummer did not have much input because he joined the band when it was finished, but he will certainly add his flavor when we play life. Eris has put down the screaming solos as usual.



– After 22 years, what do these tunes mean to you?

My personal roller coaster with lots of up and downs . Reflecting my life. Good and bad. Gratefulness and sorrow. Pride and shame. A life worth living again.

A mirror of my inner me. The songs say much more than any endless talking could have done. It’s a rewarding feeling having done it so long.


– As I said, we can also find 3 new songs; are they completely new? I mean, did you write them specifically for this record?

The basic riffs and melodies were already written in Germany. Then I joined Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) and Michael Schenker in Brighton/England for a few sessions. I finished them when I was in the room alone waiting for Michael and sometimes with Hermann sitting behind the drums. A nice but not lasting experience.


– The band has had several line-up changes throughout de years; could you say this has affected the music in any way?

Not really. I was always the guy in charge in the studio guiding the KC output, and also playing many instruments myself. Maybe not always for the better, but hey, that’s the way it was.


– You’ve been around now for over 20 years; what keeps you motivated?

Not the girls or cars anymore;-) Now it turned into an exiting need to create again. As Bon Scott was saying: «Doing nothing means a lot to me». That is how I reload my battery, until I have my outbreaks of creativity again. The best way for me to work. After that I can only hope that somebody will like it. I’m not a workaholic, and I don’t chase any trends anymore. Just doing my thing without a master plan.


– Talking a bit about your beginnings; how did a German boy end up with 4 American guys?

Oh darling, please check out our biography site at: http://www.lennywolf.com/history.html



– Back in the day you toured the world sharing stage with really big bands, you even played Monsters of Rock. What did this mean to such a young band?

Big things happen when you least expect them. I had the time of my life, including a few regrettable fuck ups. Something fantastic to think back about. But I’m not living in the past. I enjoy life more than ever without hasting around like a screwed chicken, even though Kingdom Come has seen better days. It’s all within yourself to find inner peace and fulfillment. Took me a loooong time to figure that out.


– During your first steps you were usually compared to LED ZEPPELIN; how did you feel on this back then?

Misunderstood although I was a big fan of Zeppelin. At first it was a compliment, but later on a pain in the ass. As long as they don’t compare me with Mickey Mouse, I’m ok with it;-)


– After so many years; how easy is being constantly evolving

without losing your own sound?

Easy, because I’m not chasing success anymore. I mind my own business and just keep doing what I can do best. Connecting through sound with people I never met, that is magic! It has become harder to write «words» since I talked about most everything I can think of, but sound wise, there is always somewhere else to go. Take elements and inspirations, and find a new route. That is the key. Not chasing, creating. I did not re invent the music, but KC has it’s very own «feel».


– And after releasing so many albums; what is your favourite album and the less favourite (by you)?

My all time favorite KC song must be «Twilight Cruiser». My least favorite song(s) are to many to mention. BEFORE YOU GET WISE YOU HAVE TO MAKE MISTAKES. Amen



– Finally, what are your near-future plans? Will you tour to support «Rendered Waters» on stage?

Just confirmed 2 shows in Russia. I love playing life but really don’t enjoy the traveling aspect of it anymore. We’ll see where destiny will bring us next.


– That’s all from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Don’t believe what they are saying about me. I’m worse.

Stay cool and don’t forget that happiness lies within yourself. Others can only be the cherry on the cake. Get it on, Lenny

Tania Giménez


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