– Hello, thanks for taking your time. First of all, why did you form VALKYRJA? What did you want to express and/or achieve with it?

To simplify the process, the audio channel was chosen as we saw it as our most potent medium. If we would have been more venomous with pencil, that would be our primary tool, et cetera. Valkyrja is, in essence for its members, the lantern from which our light shine and it direct us into the corners left for oblivion and futher into final rest, the ever-beckoning voice of the dead.

– I read the name comes from the Norse Mythology, which you aren’t really into so, considering this; why did you pick «Valkyrja» as the band’s name?

To tell you the truth, I cannot recall the origin of this choise at this moment, but I must underline the insignificance of its original meaning as the name is the banner under which we’ve crafted since the birth, an utter representation of all which is delivered by the members as a unit. I’m quite pleased with the fact that the pagan/viking/heathen stamp is finally beginning to wash of – not a second to early. The name itself, however, is bleak in comparison to the foul core which was named. Re-name it, re-shape it, do what you wish, the act is but a waste. Violence as act is still violence despite what face it will take.


– Over a year after releasing your latest «Contamination», how do you balance this record?

It required more digestion than I possible could’ve imagined, to be sincere. At this point when this is written, several pieces from this album has been added into the live setlist and has been performed numerous times, and I believe this was a neccessarry step in order to absorb properly. I had a hard time identifying myself with the content even several months after the recording, it was a mirror which reflected an image to vile to see as one self – but one must face the truth at some point. It took this album to fully realise that we have gone to far to turn back, how diffuse this may sound.


– As I said, it came out last 2010 but, anyway, I would like to get a bit into it so, first of all, tell us a bit both about it’s title and the lyrical ideas, as well as the link between them.

The title, lyrics and artwork all act hand in hand. It was meant to contaminate, pollute and disturb. I see no reason in crafting audio (nor any form of art) for the sake of giving comfort. It is mainly created for those who wish to abandon this world a bit further as it is the only way to stand this filth in its constant reprisal – Valkyrja is the storm that shake the tranquile waters. Death, both as act and symbol, is in constant light in our works as it is the utter peer of unmatched power. One cannot deny it as the obvious release/relief, but this awe for this uncompromising truth of inevitable eradication is above all and so it shall remain. All will die, it is written in our pages with birth, and so it must be. Nothing will ever stand as its equal, and with that said – how can one not approach this nightside of life with hungry heart?


– You recorded this album faster than your debut album; what could you comment on the recording sessions?

Well, that is not quite correct. The first album was recorded in a few days. «Contamination» was recorded during 6 weeks.

About the «Contamination» session – it had twists and turns. Before we began the recording I was quite certain we had more time than we actually needed, but I was proven wrong and that is something I look back upon with pride as we actually had to work. It never really caught my mind how difficult this material would be to manifest as we had – apparently – created something that was built, shaped and injected with so much energy that it wasn’t going to be compiled without an actual effort. «Contamination» stands for me as a proof of something sinister whose entity marked new levels.


– Once more, the CD was recorded at Necromorbus Studios with Tore Stjerna. Is there any concrete reason for this? Could you say this studio fits you well for any reason?

We chose Necromorbus Studios due to several results. The obvious reason – the quality – made doubs trivial but we also had advantage as we already worked with Tore during the recording of the first album and as S.W. (guitar) and Wallgren (drums) were parts of manifesting the third ONDSKAPT album, they had even more experience in this collaboration and it was easy to try out new grounds as both parts knew which direction this would take.

I won’t begin to speculate how aspects would be different if we would have recorded the album in another studio as I rather highlight Tores work and efforts.


– I could say «Contamination» was a more solid album, with a good mix between a clearer sound to perceive some of the details in your music but also with some kind of raw sound. Was this something you aimed for? And is this something easy to get?

The idea was never to make a «part II» of the debut album and therefore we never really used it as a reference but chose to craft the second album as a stand-alone unit without any glares at the past. The material is more varied and this was to a concious choise from our side. This mixture made way for even vaster workspace – the slow parts approached as more haunting and the fast parts even more violent. This was all emphasized by the clear, yet raw, sound. Alot of details wouldn’t shine through if we would have chosen to mix it in any other way as some instrument is always in the spotlight, may it be a guitar line, bass line, drum fill or alike.

As no decisions were made without reason(, the mixing of the album being no exception,) I wouldn’t describe it as «easy to get» or «easily digested» as the album in its whole is demanding attention. All aspects do in one way or another compliment and balance another in the big picture.


– I also believe this was a more varied album, I even noticed some Rock elements, making you sound unique but, how could you describe your music?

The means justify the cause. If rock elements are present, they held a certain something that we required. There are no boundaries in our makings so all which carry something we can use as tools are applied. Nothing is dismissed because it is shaped in a certain way, you just need to use it to your advantage.


– Anyway, your albums have always had elements not used to be found on standard Black Metal bands; is having different dynamics something important for you?

As long as the methods justifies the means, everything goes. As we release everything under the VALKYRJA banner, this is simply what we focus on.

Important to mention is that the goal is not to create something unusual for the black metal genre. First of all – we don’t find any value in classifying our material in such ways, yet again, no boundaries for creation. Second – to be unique is not what we strive for. Maybe it’s rather that we succeed in making our audio interesting, while others who create more “standard” material from pre-crafted templates fail to channel anything interesting due to the lack of own vision?


– This was your first studio album with Metal Blade; has this big label affected the band in a positive way?

I’m not very well informed about what has happend between the label changes, I assume the material is more available as Metal Blade has a greater distribution. They made it possible for us to spread our work further though their channels. We could see this in the raising interest from media. However – if the cause of this is the second album itself as unit or the label’s hard work, that’s another question.


– Anyway, Metal Blade already re-released «The Invocation of Demise». Did you notice any difference between this re-release and the original version released by Northern Silence Prod.?

When it comes to the album itself – except for the artwork, all is identical. As for the distribution, I would guess the latter has reached wider in distribution, promotion et cetera.


– You will soon tour Europe with GORGOROTH and VADER; could you say this has had something to do with the fact of working with Metal Blade?

Nothing for this tour. They did however participate in the last tour with MARDUK and RAGNARÖK last year.


– In fact, this tour will also stop by in Spain. What are your expectations?

We are participating on this tour until Greece (December 4th), then we’re heading to the U.S for the Rites of Darkness festival and Eindhoven Metal Meeting – no spanish assault for Valkyrja this time.

But for the future – I have very little information about the spanish audience and my expectations are null as I don’t know what you are used to, but a response in violence is of course preferred and I am eagerly awaiting to see with own eyes what sinister experience you have in wait.


– And how do you guys manage to translate your frightening atmospheres and sound into a live scenario?

As a live band, it comes naturally. We never saw it as an option to keep Valkyrja as a studio band as so much can be added when on stage. As we grow, the live appearances will increase in intensity – and vice versa. They go hand in hand as it requires work and constant attention and the result of this will of course add to the band’s engine. If we would doubt our capacity we would’ve disbanded quite quickly after our formation. Where is the challenge in playing it safe and stick to demo- and- studio releases and deny this exquisite oppertunity to convert and empty stage into a rancid, wicked place, reeking with blood and sweat, violence and volation as one and perversion and aggression in each other’s arms? Valkyrja was made to perform the material live in flesh, the alternative is non-existent. We feed on this.


– Sweden has always had a great extreme Metal scene, in fact nowadays Black Metal seems to be a strong genre out there, with many bands managing to get their very own sound but, how do you see this as an «insider»? What are your favourite Swedish bands?

I’ve always discarded the geographical aspects as they contribute to nothing and are often sided by a stereotype. Wether you craft your gems from Sweden, Italy, Ukraine or Thailand – the audio result is the same. Fill the vessel with the most profund and loathsome energy and it will carry the mind somewhere else, far beyond the trivial existence of world and life.


– Finally, and beside your upcoming European tour, what are your near-future plans? Any plans for a new album?

Some live appearances are announced, both for ’11 and ’12.

We are in constant motion and plans for the future are always in the making but not exposed to the outside due to the fact that minds may change and some ideas may be put aside. What the future will hold will be proclaimed first when we see the first fragments in the transformation from idea to reality. Keep both eyes open, we never sleep.


– That’s all, thanks once more for your time. If you feel like adding any final words; take the last lines.

The VALKYRJA / VADER / GORGOROTH juggernaut is soon to crush what you refer to as venues. Attend, engage and assault.

Contaminate the earth!

Tania Giménez



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