– Hello, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to?

Hi, at the moment we´re preparing for a show in Italy.  Myself I am also occupied with studio work.

– First of all, could you please make some history of TSJUDER?

It started in 1993 and did some demoes and ep before I came in the band in 1999 and sinse then we have released 4 albums and one DVD, nad also toured around europe and canada.


– You will soon release your new album in 8 years, «Legion Helvete». What have you been up to during this time? Will we have to wait that long until your next full-length album?

We started getting together again in 2010 to make some music and we have already some riffs for our 5th album. In the break period I have done tours and albums with other projects and bands. Nag has had Krypt and Draugluin and myself has had Tyrann.


– What are your expectations with this new effort? Or how are first reactions being?

You will hear raw black metal just as before, maybe more live feeling to it. So far we just got good critics.


– For all those who are interested in knowing something else about this record, please tell us what are we going to find on it.

You will find more faster stuff, more rock, more BM and none polished sound.


– Anyway I think this effort is like going back to your roots, in the same vein of your earlier albums. Was this something you aimed for?

No, we don´t plan progress, we just make music that suits us.


– I would like you to tell us a bit about the cover artwork and some of the lyrical ideas covered in this new «Legion of Helvete».

I don´t know the ideas about the lyrics because they we´re written in 1993-95, before I was a member. But it´s pretty basic Tsjuder message.


– How was the songwriting process this time around? Did something changed respect your previous records? Specially because of the similarity with your earlier stuff and the huge differences in comparison with «Desert Northern Hell».

It was same as always, The other guys meet up with riffs and  then we bring it the rehearsal room so we can arrange it together.


– Now that I’ve mentioned the band’s lyrics, where do you draw inspiration from? And musically, what are your main influences?

I´m the drummer so I have a lot of different inspiration sources, from different type of music and playing live is a big inspiration for me, and I think the band thrive from that. Lyric wise, for me as long as it´s old and nasty.


– The first pressing for «Legion of Helvete» will be available as a limited digipack edition with a special ornament. How much input did you have on this decision?

In these tough days for themusic industry it’s always important to care about other aspects beside the musical one. Our label came p with some ideas and we liked it. We usually just want some black and white cover, but the new idea was approved by everyone. We demand vinyl thou, that´s important for us.


– This is your second full-length album with such a well-known label as Season of Mist. How’s like for an underground band being with a record company as SOM?

It´s nice to have a big label that actually cares what we do and so far like it. And it´s good to get our stuff around the world.


– I guess these years without having studio activity have recharged your battery in some way or make you feel hungry for playing with TSJUDER again? Or is just like going back to the routine?

We came back in our old routines pretty fast but we have more energy now. Since we are getting older it´s more fun to get around and still get shitfaced and meet people like ourselves.


– How has the Black Metal scene changed during these years?

Maybe, I don´t know. I don´t listen to alot of new bands. Sometimes you will find gold but usually it´s the same in different wrapping.

I like the new Isvind and the new Taake albums. good shit.

I like to drink to old thrash , BM and also deathmetal.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? After playing some festivals, do you plan some touring to support the new album on stage?

Maybe……  there are some festivals lined up next year around europe so far and we gonna play Maryland Death Fest next year, our first time in US.  For touring we all have jobs and Norway extremely expensive so a tour can´t be a necro arrangement. We´re to old for sleeping in old crappy houses with scabby dogs sniffing your ass and punk kids try to sell you crack.


– That’s all, thanks again for your time. If you now want to add some final thoughts, take the last lines.

Thanks for the interview

Sergio Fernández



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