– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you curerntly up to?

Jimi: Both Bobby and myself are currently doing shows in Europe. Some of them we are doing together and some as solo performances.

Bobby: Hello to you too. At this time, I’ve been touring, practically non-stop, for about 2 years. I actually had to take some time off to do the vocals on the “Kimball/Jamison” CD, but it was some very fun time off.

– You guys are long time friends but, how did everything for this duets album start?

Bobby: We got an offer from Frontiers Records to do a Duet CD together, so we finally had a chance to take some time to get paid for working together. We had been talking about making a CD together for many years.


– You will soon release «Kimball/Jamison», which has already reached the press so, how are the first reviews being?

Jimi: The official release date is October 14th. So far the reviews have been very positive and we look forward to haveing alot more input from everone.

Bobby: The reviews have been really great, and the people who have heard the tracks usually have very nice things to say about it. I brought it to a birthday party with about 150 people recently, and played it there. Everyone asked if they could please have a copy of the CD.


– And are you satisfied with this project?

Bobby: I’m very happy with this project. Working with Jimi is aways a pleasure, but the songs are great, and the tracks were done very well, and it made everything a lot of fun for both of us.


– Is a one single album project but, there’s no turning back with this? Or will you think twice depending on its acceptance?

Jimi: We think it is a great cd regardless of its sucess which depends on a lot of outside factors, but the music itself is really some great work and wonderful songwriting.

Bobby: I’m certain we’ll do another CD together, but I think for the next one, Jimi and I will write the songs. We both have written so many songs, and we can write exactly what we want to sing when we do the writing.


– You have shooted a video «Can’t Wait for Love», would you mind elaborate a bit?

Bobby: We went to a famous studio in La called “The Village Recorder” (which I have recorded in many times), and spent the whole day doing footage there, and it was a great time we had together.


– In this album you have had different and respected songwriters but, have you had any input in this process?

Jimi: With this cd we decided to take a look at the way the great singers of old used to do it and get the best songwriters to submit songs. Recording a cd this way is so much more fun. Theres is no pressure to come up with new material and we’re able to have fun with the music and melodies in the studio.

Bobby: We did change some of the melody lines to suit our particular taste, but for the most part, we also tried to stick to the songs the way they were written, out of respect for the original writers.


– The fact of just singing, makes things more comfortable? Or do you prefer being involved as well in the creation of the songs?

Bobby: Actually, both are fun, as long as Jimi and I are working together. We’ve been friends for many years, and I have a lot of respect for him, not only as a singer, but as a friend. I’m certain we’ll create a CD together soon.


– How was like recording this album? As I imagine such a familiar and comfortable environment may be something good both for you and the final output…

Jimi: It really was a comfortable situation, like it was when we first started doing music in the first place. Because it was fun.

Bobby: It was very fun for both of us. We each sang the parts that fit each voice the best. Also, a lot of joking around, and funny moments happened during the recording. I think we each gained some added respect for each other while in the studio, because Jimi sang some things that were amazing to me. It was a lot of fun.


– I guess some people will compare this project to TOTO and SUVIVOR. How do you feel about it?

Bobby: That’s fine with me, because I was the original singer of Toto, and I sang all of the songs that they were originally known for. Jimi sang many of the songs for Survivor that they became known for as well. If you like Toto or Survivor, you will love this CD.


– Anyway I guess this album will delight followers from both bands but, what audience do you think will enjoy this effort?

Jimi: Of course our base fans will be curious and check it out but having just a little different edge to the sound we’re hoping that it may well open a few more doors to new fans.

Bobby: I think people who loved the music of the ‘80’s will really like this CD. It’s like a step back in time to some great music that they enjoyed from that time period. If you’re not wild about what you hear on the radio these days, you’ll probably love this CD. Being the Original Lead Singer of Toto, I can say it’s very much like the music I started singing with Toto in the beginning.


– Do you plan having any kind of live activity for «Kimball/Jamison»?

Bobby: We will be touring soon. At the moment, we have an offer to go to Australia, and both of know several promoters around the world who would love to have us do some touring for them. I’m 100% sure it will happen.


– And beisde this project, what are you guys now focused in? As I have read you both are now working on a solo album…

Jimi: I haven’t actually started it yet but yes, I will in the next couple of weeks and I believe Bobby will be doing a solo cd also.

Bobby: Actually, I’m working on 3 Solo Cds. One for Frontiers with the band “Work of Art” from Scandinavia. Robert Säll is the main writer with them, and he wrote some of the songs on the “Kimball/Jamison” CD. He will write and produce all of the tracks for this CD. I will do the vocals. Another Solo CD I’m working on is with a friend and co-writer I did my “All I Ever Needed” CD with about 12 years ago. We have written many songs together, and he’s a great friend. The 3rd Solo CD I’m working on is my personal Solo CD. I wrote the songs, and I’ve been working on it for about 8 years. With all of the touring I do, it’s very difficult to get into the studio with the right musicians, due to “mine and their” hectic schedules.


– Finally, what does future have in store for you? After such a successful and long musical careers, is there anything left you would like to do/get?

Bobby: I’m very happy doing the touring and recording I’m doing right now. I love working with the talented people I work with now, and I’m having more fun than I’ve ever enjoyed in my life. I think that’s the most important thing that can happen to anyone. Being happy is one of the wealthiest features one can have. If you’re a multi-billionaire and unhappy, the money means nothing to you. I work on being happy and I stay that way.


– That’s all from my side, thank you so much for answering to our questions. If you now want to add some final words to the interview; last lines are all yours.

Jimi: This cd was so much fun to make … I hope the fans can feel the different emotions in each song as they listen to it. Thats what music is all about , taking you through a spectrum of feelings and memories. Lifting your spirit and helping you cope with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Bobby: I want to thank all of the fans out there who have been so kind to me and to Jimi throughout the years, and I ask that you look forward to many more great think from both of us,….hopefully together. Enjoy your life and be as happy as you can be. Then, you’ll enjoy the music we’re making with a big smile on your faces.

Tania Giménez



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