– Hello, thanks for taking your time. What are BLOOD RED THRONE currently up to?

Hi there! Currently in Cleveland doing this interview. We’re one a 3 week US tour with Grave. Fuckin’ awesome. Just released our 6th album and having a blast over here!

– Could you tell us the history of the band?

Long story, but, basically I started the band in 1998 while still playing in Satyricon. I always loved death metal and it was only a question of time before I was going to make my own band! Been some line- up changes here and there, but me and Erlend, the bass player, are still left from the original line-up. As I mentioned, we just released our 6th album and we’re pretty much touring and doing festival across the world and having a blast!


– Why did you choose «Blood Red Throne» as name?

It was actually an old lyric of Tchort’s, who also played in the band since the beginning until recently had to quit the band. We needed a band name and this was a great suggestion representing our style. Death metal combined with some black metal stuff.


– Your latest album «Brutalitarian Regime» came out just a few weeks ago, how’s going its feedback and the reactions toward the album so far? Are they fulfilling your expectations?

The new album has just been out for a week or so, but we include a couple of songs from it in our live set and they are well received! Of course we like to think it’s our best album so far and it pretty much sums up what BloodRedThrone is about; brutality, groove, fast and slow, the whole package!


– For all those who have not heard the album yet, I would like you to describe its sound in just a few words.

Kind of old school US death metal style, yet with a modern Norwegian twist to it. I mean, if you like death metal, you like BloodRedThrone. Simple as that!


– While listening to this effort names as CANNIBAL CORPSE or VOMITORY came to my mind, for instance tune «Graveworld» starts with a CANNIBAL CORPSE´s style riff and then follows into a VOMITORY vibe, what are your thought on this? Do you agree?


I totally like Cannibal Corpse! Which death metal fan doesn’t? Vomitory, I’ve only heard a couple of songs of, but I know they’re a cool band from Sweden. Anyway, we’re all inspired by other bands. It’s not anything new, hehe!


– In this record, we can also find a cover for PESTILENCE´s song «Twisted Truth». What could you comment on this? Why did you choose it, what changes have you done to it, etc.

Fans being attentive, knows we do a cover song every second album. I started listen to Pestilence back in 1991 and they are still awesome. So, just paying a tribute to a great death metal band. We speeded it up quite much and added some blast beats here and there.


– Getting away from the musical part of the album, I would like you to elaborate a bit on the main lyrical themes.

We had some contributions from our sick friends this as well. They all deal about the twisted mankind, anger, why things are the way they are, and why it’s so hard to change… also some of them are about death, getting rid of people we don’t need and stuff… J


– If I am not mistaken, you formed the band with Tchort. Now, he has left BLOOD RED THRONE, how has been like releasing your fist album without him?

Tchort was a big part of the band since the beginning indeed, but it almost feels like Ivan, the new guitarist, has been part of the band forever. He fits perfect and have been touring a while with us now and also wrote a song on the new album, so it’s been a smooth change. It’s all about keeping the BloodRedThrone machinery still going…


– And how has been the songwriting for this «Brutalitarian Regime»?

I wrote all the music, except for one song. I actually did most of the songs on the two previous albums, so it’s not anything new. Tchort actually wrote two of the lyrics, so he’s kind of been a part of this album this time as well!


– What are the main musical influences for the band?

Music. Other great bands. Our own technique and way of playing our instruments I guess!


– Getting a bit into the new band´s members, we can find new guitar player Ivan Gujic and new drummer Emil Wiksten, what have they both brought to the band?

Emil has definitely brought more brutality and technique into the band as far as the drumming is concerned. He can play about anything we ask him and that’s a great relief. There’s also no stress bringing him on tour and do what what he has to do. A new experience for us. Ivan is a bit the same. So easy going and just a good fellow having on tour, always doing a great job on stage and be cool to the fans and party hard!


– This is as well your fist album with the label Sevared Records (after working with Earache). How is this relationship working so far?

As we’re speaking, we just met the label manager last night and had a major party. So awesome dude and very dedicated to his work! A much smaller label, but we got top priority and things are working smooth.


– After all these years of existence for BLOOD RED THRONE, what have been the best and worst moments?

You know, we’ve experienced about everything. Hangovers, good parties, small venues, giant stages, nightliners, small vans, no showers, sightseeing all across the world. We’re not complaining, but I must say playing twice in Mexico is the most insane and coolest thing we’ve done!


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? Will your tour Europe after your current US tour?

We’ve done two US tours in a row now, so it’s time to return to Europe and tear some shit up next year. We also have some offers from new countries like Brazil, India and shit, so the future looks bright for us!


– That is all from my side, thanks a lot for your time. If you now want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Always check www.myspace.com/bloodredthrone666 if you wanna have some real quality Norwegian death metal. Support the scene by still buying cd’s and shirts. Thanks for the interview and party hard!

Sergio Fernández


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