– Hello, thanks for your time. First of all, could you please make some history of BAHIMIRON?

Blaash – Bahimiron is a gut splattered coven first conjured from the fevered mind of Grimlord during the early 1990s with the rise of the 2nd wave of scandic black metal.. However, at the time he was further embroiled in a variety of non xtian possibly criminal activity, and the creation of Bahimiron would have to wait.. it wasn’t until 2002 that the nascent formation of Bahimiron as an undead body would commence in Houston, Texas with the addition of JenoSide on bass, and Blaash on drums.. within a couple months the Deacon Krag Daggon would join on 2nd guitars.. and thus began the creation of the chaotic hymns that would emanate and nauseate those who were in the audial line of fire.

– And what made you form the band? What do you wanted to express and get with it?

Blaash – I didn’t actually form the band, I joined.. I joined because Grimlord asked me when I was very, very drunk (this is my normal state it seems), and I had known him since about 1992/3 and have a great respect for his ideals and violent integrity with respect to black metal and overall human elimination programmes.


– Why the name «Bahimiron»? Both it’s meaning and origin.

Blaash – The name was first conjured by Brian Fernandez, who was with Grimlord in the early 90s.. Its an Aleister Crowley term – meaning – “Bestial Ones”… we feel it fits the nature of the music.. primitive, vile and bestial in nature – nothin’ purty or symphonic or even well played at that…


– And what are the band’s main musical influences? As you play a quite unique Black Metal.

Blaash – I can only speak for the drumming, and for that I will say I drone away with the influences of DARK THRONE .. and mebbe VON..


Your new «Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror» will come out next October; what are your expectations?

Blaash – actually don’t have any expectations, as long as it gets released and annoys at least a paltry amount of personnel.. I didn’t join BAHIMIRON to create oodles and oodles of cash and have glorious releases aplenty; I joined a like minded coven of allies that happen to create music in order to keep us from doing other less socially acceptable things like mass shootings…


– And how could you describe the sound on this album?


Blaash – I think its rather caustic… the guitars and bass are tuned to a nice and gristly aura that will properly emanate the bestial nature of the music…. Vocals inchoate and bestial, as usual, and drums applicable as satisfactory battery..


– I could say this album sounds quite Black Metal rough and primitive. Was this something you aimed to get?

Blaash – Most definitely.. when we first thought of our 3rd lp we all agreed it would be a more stripped down version of previous material, kinda like when create a sawed off shotgun or your own home flamethrower… its gonna be realllly basic but it gets the job done..


– Anyway, all your albums have something different to the previous one. So, this time, how has been your evolution or what could you say are we going to find new on «Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror»?

Blaash – I think that “Southern Nihilizm” was vicious but had its elements of desolation and anguish.. On “Rebel Hymns…” we spent less time on the rehearsed creative process and tried more of the spontaneous bash heads in and run before the cops show up approach… This was done to give a frenzied, frenetic feel to the audial assault..there is a little time of respite in any of the songs.. no time to languish over anguish in this release..


– And how important is for you adding new things with each release?

Blaash – I’m not a fan of reworking and innovating just for the sake of doing so – for me its more if the material sounds right, not if its ‘new’ or ‘different from the previous release…This is where some bands start to annoy me, when they go down different paths or add ‘new’ elements just for the sake of doing so..


– Due to this I would also like to know how the songwriting process tends to be like in BAHIMIRON. And, is it something spontaneous?

Blaash – Krag Daggon handled almost all guitar composition on “Southern Nihilizm”.. under the guardianship of Grimlord.. for “Rebel Hymns..” I believe that Grimlord had a more active part in the guitar and music writing overall.. And for this LP, it was extremely spontaneous.. Due to the fact that Jen and myself live in Phoenix, Arizona and Bahimiron is based in Houston, Texas, there are very few rehearsals and preparations for songs.. even less for this LP.. basically Jen and I would have to come to Houston and for about 96 hours live and breathe the new tracks we needed to record…


– Some bands state their music is art, other say is just fun… but yours has always been full of anger and violence so, do you use BAHIMIRON to channel your feelings and thoughts?

Blaash – Well put – you are accurate – BAHIMIRON is a conduit for the visions of violence that we would prefer to exercise upon the mottled right hand religious fools around us.. I know personally for me it keeps me focused on trying to keep up my basic drumming skills instead of being target practice for the local SWAT team called out to my bunker for shots fired..


– The USBM scene seems to be growing with full force anyway, how

do you see its current state? What bands could you suggest?

Blaash – The USBM scene seemed to finally grow into a force to be at least recognized by roughly the year 2000 I’d say.. before that time, there were solitary USBM bands scattered here and there, but I believe as a whole the US scene has strengthened greatly in the last ten years.. As with any scene, there is shit that needs to be eliminated, but that is standard for any scene be it metal or not..

There are plethora of bands that I hail from the US.. too many properly recommend.. some of the newer bands I’m listening to our FAMINE and ICONOCLAST CONTRA… there is a strong nuclear holocaust of bestial black metal led by bands like BLACK WITCHERY, MORBOSIDAD, CULT OF DAATH, MANTICORE and the like.. Diehard fanatics like INQUISITION have been around since the 90s, although at the time in South America… Texas has torn assunder with bands like OBIESANCE, THORNSPAWN, MORBUS 666, AVERSE SEFIRA..


From Queens of Steel we have always tried to make clear both men and women are equally able to play any Metal style so, as you have a girl in the band; do you think there’s also a place for females in extreme Metal? Do you think is any difference into this matter between males and females?

Blaash – If one is capable (enough) at an instrument and has similar ideological beliefs, then I don’t really care if it’s a guy or a girl..


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Blaash – I think we’re going to try to play live.. and as our 10 year anniversary is coming up, we’re thinking about possibly rereleasing the demo + other material on vinyl… nothing solid though..


– That’s all, thanks once more. Now feel free to add some final words.

Blaash – war, whiskey, sodomy – thanks for the interview, hail the cult….


Tania Giménez


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