– First of all thank you so much for answering to our questions. You still are an unknown band for most of us; who are CARELESS?

A band that «cares» about the integrity of heavy metal rock and roll. We are 3 friends that love metal like Iron Maiden, Rush, and Black Sabbath. We believe that there are still people out there that would love New music with that classic feel. We are not trying to re invent the wheel, BUT our wheels are still cool. Listen to the music and you let me know.

– How and when did you start your life as a band and how have the recordings for your first album been?

I met Walt in college and we hit it off musically enought to start writing our own music. However due to life circumstances we lost touch and found each other again nearly 15 years later. We decided to re-record those songs from the 80’s. So really, the first 5 tunes were written in 1982. We wrote brand new tunes to make the complete COALITION album.


– I have had the chance of listening to it and, whithout any doubt, you have really clear what you want to do. From where and how does it comes your passion for the UK’s sound of the 80’s and the NWOBHM?

Anything from 1976 to 1982 in the rock world whether its Pink Floyd, Maiden, Priest, and also for me Rush…has had an impact on my life. the way the lyrics were crafted, the longer songs, or in the case of Yes…the whole side of an album was 1 song. The album covers, the inside pictures and the lyrics captured me and took me away from here.


– I also noticed in some tunes that melodic sound from American bands from the 80’s, such as WILD DOGS or MALICE. Are

bands from the 80’s US Metal an influence for you as well?

Well, i never thought that metal from the States was as heavy and intense as UK metal. Tool is a huge influence on me once again for their massive arrangements and Maynards vocals are the shite. That being said i love Ronny James Dio’s music. RIP. I can sum it up like this, I liked alot of metal from the states but it didn’t stick with me. Metal from around the world like Accept (Germany) Rush (Canada) Iron Maided (UK) stil resonates with me today. TOOL is the one US exception.


– I have read in your bio that the singer is your dummer. Until I read it I didn’t figure out how could a so melodic voice come out behind the drumset. Did you have this clear since the beginning?

I am the drummer James Collins as well as the singer. Being able to do that is a gift from God. i have no idea how i can do this, i just do. Yes it was clear from the very beginning. Walt writes the riffs…I put the melody and lyrics to them, unless someone has an idea that works. We are very open about making the best product not proping up our egos. Each one of us can play the others instruments so it makes for a lot of ideas flying around and when the right one hits we all know it.


– I could also hear the album via your website; how did you come up with the idea of sharing it with everyone?

Why not? I mean we want people to hear it. if it goes viral great but we just wanted to let everyone hear it all. If you can’t afford it you can still listen to it. If you can afford 10 bucks then we appreciate your support and hope to play for you LIVE real soon.


– Do you have any plans to support the album? Have you had offers or contacts to tour or support any band?

We don’t want to just play dive bars and nite clubs in nowhereville. We are trying to get on festival tours in Germany, Spain, and the UK. It’s hard to get a shot when you are a start up but we are working hard and with help from folks like you, we have a good shot at it.


– And for the future; what can we expect from CARELESS? Do you have more tribute works to other great styles of the most classical Metal or will you keep the influence of the first album?

We write what comes out of us. Careless has a certain bar that we hold ourselves to. You won’t hear ballads, or love songs. I wish that bands would not change too much, I liked Rush from 73 to 82 but then they started trying to change and I lost them. We will sound like Careless until i drop dead.


– As curiosty, could you tell me what are your all-time 5 favourite albums and what bands would you have liked tu support during the 80’s?

1. Moving Pictures Rush 2. British Steel (Judas Priest) 3. Piece of Mind ( Iron Maiden) 4. Accept ( Restless and Wild) 5.Ozzy Osbourne (Diary of a Madman) I’d tour with any of these guys. Lets go…One more time!


– That’s all from my side, just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your album as follower of the UK’s melodic sound from the 80’s, our best wishes and hope to see you sometime.

Thank you. Big ups to you from across the pond and I hope to meet you in person after a show someday. Keep the faith.


Paco Gómez



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