– Hi, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on in the THULCANDRA’s camp?

Our second album, «Under A Frozen Sun» just got released today and we are all glad to finally have the record out. Within the next months we have a couple of shows confirmed, so we are into the rehearsal mode at the moment. Besides that we are always collecting new ideas for the next record and exchange riffs, arrangements and suggestions. Also a release of our first and only demo «Perishness Around Us», recorded with the first lineup, is something we want to finally realise during the next months.

– You will soon release your second album, so I would like you to make some history of the band.

Thulcandra was founded in 2003 by Steffen Kummerer & Juergen Zintz to write material in the vein of the early 90ies black and death metal scene. For example Unanimated, Dissection, Sacramentum & Eucharist where huge influences at that time. After a first demo recording Juergen committed suicide and the band was on held for a few years and I focused on my main band, Obscura. Within the year 2008 Sebastian & Tobias Ludwig joined the band and we recruited Seraph (Dark Fortress) as drummer to finally record our debut album which was released in 2010 via Napalm Records. After a full European tour we entered the Woodshed Studios (Obscura, Tryptikon, Pestilence) and tracked the second effort, «Under A Frozen Sun».


– And why did you pick that name for the band? Both its origin and meaning.

Thulcandra was one of the early demos of the band Darkthrone from Norway. The sound was horrible, but at the same time the recordings had some unique vibe, something special in my opinion.


– You play blackened Death Metal at de Swedish style from the 90’s. Did you know since the beginning was this what you

wanted to do?

Yes, we focused on exactly this style since the beginning of Thulcandra in 2003. We wanted to write material in the vein of those bands we looked up at the time. Back then besides the mentioned acts Mörk Gryning, Sacramentum & many other fantastic groups released great album. The whole scene was vital and active. Unfortunately nowadays it seems like this style is almost forgotten by the public and only a few sorted bands follow the way the forefathers went in.


– You were formed back in 2003 but you guys released your debut album last 2010; why did it take you so long?

The second founding member committed suicide, so I decided to keep the band on ice for a while. At the same time Obscura became more famous and we started touring very extemsive, so I focused on that. In 2008 I met good friends and we had some chats about our old bands and the first live shows we played back in the days. Somewhere in this discussion the name Thulcandra came back in our minds and the twins joined together with Seraph to give the dead band new life.


– Anyway, you have now release two full-length albums one right after the other; will this be the usual basis for THULCANDRA from now on?

We just release an album if it feels right for all of us. There is no pressure from the label nor from anyone else. The first album included many old ideas from the begining and the new members where only partwise able to include their own vision of the band. While most of those tracks where used fr «Fallen Angel’s Dominion» we had an extremely productive year and wrote the whole material for «Under A Frozen Sun» together as a collective. When there is a new album comning we do not know at this point. Maybe next year, maybe in five years.


– As I said, you will son release your new «Under a Frozen Sun». How has been its feedback so far?

The feedback is very positive. Mostly journalists see an evolution in songwriting and hear the differences to the previous album where our influences shine through quite obvious. Especiall the guitar work with the many different leads got honoured. The whole step into our the direction of our own sound was well recieved. With «Under A Frozen Sun» we are a step closer to our very own signature sound.


– Why such title for the record? I think it fits perfectly your sound and ambients…

Just imagine the title as a picture and it fits perfectly to the music we create.


– Composition seems to be better and more complex each time, something that makes you guys not copy yourselves. Is this something easy to get? And how important is this for THULCANDR? As I believe it’d be easy fall into a «clone» thing playing such a concrete style.

That is correct, the arrangements are on a more complex and epic basis, the leads are numerous and the vocal lines are more diverse. Not to mention the great drum performance Seraph once again brought to the table. We know how the final songs should sound like upfront. The riffs and arrangements are the most important part of writing music in this style. Even if there are borders as you mentioned – you can always find your own nice.


– This time around «Under a Frozen Sun» has been, once more, produced by you and V Santura, so I guess this is a good team for your albums?

With V.Santura I work since many years. He is a close friend and unique producer. In fact, he was invloved in almost every recording I ever did.

On the other hand We’ve been one of the first bands recording in well known Woodshed Studios. We know what to expect from each other before and during a recording session and push each other to get the best results possible. Also he is one of the producers who use barely editing and try to give each band their own sound, not the sound of his studio. Very rare nowadays. His productions sound organic and less edited, which is a plus for every band.


– And how positive is having yourself taking production duties? As I guess noone as a band’s members knows what sound you want to get.

If you have a certain vision of the final wall of sound it is always a plus to have one member taking care of this. V.Santura and myself produced this record as well as the previous album.


– To not break the rule, artwork was crafted again by Kristian Wåhlin; what could you comment on it? What does it represent, etc.

I am glad to have Kristian once again as the cover artist for Thulcandra. His way of classic paintings in oil, done by hand, represents our vision of old school black metal just perfect. A photoshop cover would never fit to this music. Kristian listened to a few tracks we preproduced and mentioned this material could have also been released back in 1993, so it seemed we wet on the right way. He brought his own ideas to the artwork, his own inspiration by listening to our band.


– You have covered UNANIMATED’s «Life Demise»; why did you choose such concrete song and band? I guess they have been an influence for you, moreover their second «Ancient God of Evil» was just an overwhelming piece…

Unfortunately «Unanimated» never got the respect they deserved bakc in the days. They never toured nor had a strong label supporting them. In any way, «Ancient God of Evil» is one of the best albums ever recorded in this genre. To record especially this song is a tribute to the band and a way to spread the word for all those interested who never got a chance to see them live.


– And beisde them; what bands have influenced you and why? Though there’s an obvious inspiration from DISSECTION as well.

Almost all bands that where releasing their albums via NoFashion Records, Sweden. Also Austria’s Abigor, Celtic Frost & Dark Fortress where massively part of our sound.


– THULCANDRA seem to be getting more fame each day; could you say this has something to do with the growing OBSCURA’s success?

Probably this might be a case. On the other hand we have a strong label releassing our records, we toured in Europe and played a few good festivals during the last years. Also the reviews & interviews are part of the growing fanbase of Thulcandra.


– And finally, what does future have in store for you guys?

We are working on a release of our early demo material, prepare the upcoming shows and share a couple of new ideas during the next months.


– That has been all, thank you once more for your time. If you now want to add any final words; last lines are all yours.

Thank you very much for the interview and your interest in our band. See you on tour!

Steffen Kummerer


Tania Giménez



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