– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. How’s everything doing now with THEATRES DES VAMPIRES?

Hi, at the moment we are working on the production of a DVD about the Tour 2011.

We have a lot of material that we are mixing together.

The core of the live will be the Show in Moscow, we had 4 hd camera and professional staff in this concert, and we recorded all the audio with a 24 channel digital recorder. On the dvd you will find also a long backstage that show exclusive image and clip of the tour in Europe, with some exclusive musical clip. We will include also a live audio CD and 3 new tracks, that are a mini concept named “The Cult of Lamia”. This 3 songs are quite different from the classical Theatres des Vampires style, will be more a kind of “movie soundtrack” and will be used in the upcoming movie “The Cult of Lamia” directed by David Bracci that will be released in 2012.

– First off, could you please make some history of the band?

Well, it’s a lot of years that we are all around. We started making music a long time ago. Our fist album it’s from 1996 and our first Demo from 1994.

We produced a lot of album in all this years as we made a lot of tours all around te world. All our art is focused on Vampirism, but I suppose that a lot of your readers knows already about us and about our musical style.

All around the web you can find a lots of information and interesting story about our band.


– The band started out as a melodic Black Metal band and has evolved to a really unique Gothic Metal group; how did this arise?

Because in 17 years of career the things change. The musical tastes changes. We are person in evolution, constant evolution. So we change our mind about a lot of things.

We are not the kind of band that make a successful album, and then for the rest of their life make always a copy of the same songs. All our album are different each other, what happened is that from 2004 we started to feel that Gothic Metal better fit in our idea and style.


– And what are the main musical influences for TDV?

We listen a lot of different kind of music. All the member of the band have a different musical taste. I think after all this year of music we have not a “main” influence. We follow our style and our idea.


– You have recently released your latest «Moonlight Waltz»; how has been the reaction so far? Are you satisfied with it?

Moonlight waltz it’s the best selling album of our all career! The limited edition of 2000 copies was sold out in 1 month after the release, and the standard edition is going very well. We had great review all around the world, some magazine even said that it’s one of the best Gothic Metal Album of 2011. So we are really proud of it.


– What’s the main concept behind this new album?

As you can see from the artwork and some of the songs name, one of the main idea of the album it’s focus about the night.. and the creature of the night.. About the moon and the influence of it on all of us. We are creature of the night too, so it’s something that we feel deep inside our hearts.


– One of the outstanding things off this record is its great and crystal clear producion, which I read it took you some time. Would you mind share some light on this?

Well, of course when you have much more time to make a record, everything will be better. This time we really focused finding a fresh sound and production. We stayed a lot in the studio working on that, and we have also a lot of real orchestra instrument.

The Orchestral part was directed by Maestro Luca Bellanova, a talented music director.

We are very happy that a lot of magazine noticed our effort to make a great production with a great sound. It’s always a pleasure when somebody external to your band notice what you do and how much passion you place in your product.


– And it was recorded in Rome; what con you tell us about the recording sessions for «Moonlight Waltz»?

Yes it’s some years that we work with the same sound Producer, Mr. Christian Ice from the Temple of Noise studios in Rome. It’s the guy that follow us also in tour and follow the audio production in every single aspect. I think that part of the success of our last album it’s also because of him. We have a great team of talented persons that works with us and really believe in our project and in our vision of life.


– And what about the songwriting process? Is it a team effort?

Generally the music is composed by Fabian(the keyboard player) and the lyrics by Scarlet (The singer).. but after the initial composing, we have a process where we work each other in a real team play. We work together not only with the band but also with the Orchestral director and the sound producer. This help to make something that everybody likes in the band. Every time we like to make something that totally satisfy ourselves.


– Something that really caught my attetion in this full-length is the cover we can find for MECANO’s (a 80’s Spanish Pop band) «Figlio della Luna», so I would really like you to tell us why did you choose that concrete track, etc.

Mecano as you said was very popular in the 80’s. This band for sure was a form of inspiration for some of us in our childhood. We was born in 70’s so we listened a lot of music in 80’s of course. We always feel that especially this song from Mecano (Hijo de la Luna was the original title) should be perfect for a gothic metal song. So we decided to make our own version of the songs, that I think fit perfectly in the theme of the album.

And because we are Italians we decided to use the Italian version of the song.


– You have been for several years now in TDV; what have been both the best and worst moments so far?

We are like a family in this band. So we had so many experience each other.. It’s hard to tell the best and the worst! It happens so many things

that it’s impossible decide who is the best!


– In fact the band has has several line-up changes. With all these changes; is it easy to keep the band’s core (in sound terms)?

Well from 1997 to today the main composer is Fabian. As I said you in the band everybody give is own touch, but having the same composition core from 14 years help a lot finding the right way to do it. And some members are always the same.

Also Gabriel and Zimon (Drum and Bass, so the rhythm parts) are in the band from 1997.

So having a rhythm part that work each other from 14 years it give for sure an extra power to the band. Actually what we changed a lot in all this years are just the guitar players.. and Scarlet that is the main singer from 2004, was already in the band from 2000 as vocalist.. so also from this side we had time (11 years) a totally cohesion!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Do you plan touring to support the album live?

We made already a tour to support the album! We played in Russia, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Hungery, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Uk to support Moonlight Waltz. And in 2012 we will go in South America and probably we will make some extra concert in Europe too.

And then we are working on the soundtrack of the upcoming movie “The Cult of Lamia”.

So we are pretty busy for the next 2012!


– That has been all from my side, thanks once more for taking your time. If you now want to wadd some final words; last lines are all yours.

Thank you for the nice interview! And see you on tour! Blood is life


Sergio Fernández



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