– Hello, thanks for taking the time. What’s the band currently up to?

the current line up consists of Myself ( Correia ) Cabrita and Lafaia, we dont have a steady bass player, we only have fill ins when we are on tour.

– First off, I hope you don’t mind to start making some history of WE ARE THE DAMNED.

well, we are a a band that went the normal process, got together, start jamming and start building the fundations to do what we like the most, wich are performing and recording


– Why did you pick «We are the Damned» for the band’s name?

it was just a name that came up to the table, and we embraced it, somehow it suited very well since we are kindda damned, specially in music where we strive every day to achieve something ahead


– And what are the main musical influences for the band? Since I noticed details from Crust, Death Metal, Hardcore and so on.

i think theres a lot of hard rock influence mostly than all of those genres, anyway just call us what you like, we dont really follow labels in our sound.


– Your latest «Holy Beast» was released a few months ago. How was its response?

i think it has been great, it could have been even better if we could have played more outside Portugal…


– How could you describe this record in sound terms? As is quite rich in details and very dynamic.

well, instead of following the usual trend, we rather bet on some detailing on vocals and keyboards for example, that way it could create a much more explosive environment on the album we think


– What could you tell us about the lyrical ideas? It seems most of your lyrics deal with real subjects as politics or, in general, related to our society. Where do you take inspiration from?

we got inspired by life in general, there is plenty stuff to write about when you look around your life, so i think it comes from the everyday landscapes


– Changing vocalist tends to be a risky change in a band’s line-up, and this is your first full-length with Ricardo Correia. What has he brought new to WE ARE THE DAMNED?

i was already in the band, i used to play guitar, i think the vocals just suit better the music now, than they did back when we had the other singer before, thats just it.


– How’s the Metal quarry in Portugal like? It seems to be a good extreme scene but not too known…

to be honest we dont really follow it, we know some good bands here and there are definetly some nice shows and people.


– I have read you will soon play in Spain; what are your expectations?

the shows in spain were simply great! great atmosphere, and we got surprised by how people already knew some of our songs, thats always nice to see and hear.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

working hard as we always do


– That’s all, thanks again. Now feel free to add some final words.

its never enough to thank people like you for making this kind of work, and hail and thanks for supporting the underground

Sergio Fernández



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