– Hello, thanks for your time. «My Blood» was released some months ago; how’s going its feedback and the reactions toward the album?

Carsten: You’re welcome!! The reactions on our new album have been great so far. We have had a lot of good response and it seems like the album actually sells pretty good.

– Why such title? Does it have something to do with the cover artwork?

Carsten: Soren would write a text to his little son, but after we all had read the text, it was obvious that it could actually be written to all our children. The title of the song Mi Sangre means my blood in Spanish, which we thought sounded really good, but we agreed that the title of our new album should be in English. I told my girlfriend and she quickly got an idea for how the cover might look. So you could say the cover is designed as an illustration to the text


– The artwork was done by Graal, known for working with VITAL REMAINS or BULLDOZER among others. Could you please shed some light on this?

Carsten: That’s an easy one. Metal Mind our record company, know the guy and we had used him before on When Death Comes and we where very satisfied with his work, so we simply used the guy again.


– This album has your essence, and it has elements from past decades, I could say in the vain of «By Inehritance»; was this just how things went or were you aiming going back, in certian way, to the past?

Carsten: It’s a good question. I would say that we always make music that we feel is cool and swinging well, and we make music we feel for. That it so for some ears sounds like the By Inheritance album is probably a coincidence, but it’s ultimately just our style. We have never sat down and said to ourselves that it must sound like anything we’ve done before but as I said we make music we feel for.


– «My Blood» is quite varied; is not monotonous and has a great technique. How easy is for you melting these elements together?

Carsten: It’s just our way of making music, trying not to sound like everyone else.


– There’s a remake for «Ain’t Giving in», which was already included in your 1992 demo «Mind Factory»; why that track?

Carsten: Ain’t Giving In is a song from the demo Mind Factory and the reason that it’s on our new album is simply because we all felt that it is a good song.


– Production this time is just fantastic; what could you tell us about it?

Carsten: We had a little bit more time to record the album and we were very confident about how we wanted the album to sound, so we talk to our producer Søren Andersen about things and he liked our ideas, so the result is very close to what we wanted it to be


– After the release of «B.A.C.K.» you took a «recording» hiatus until 2007, when the band came back with new members. What happened back then? Why did those members leave?

Carsten: There were many bad things that happened in the band in the old days, but to be honest I will not dwell on it and just say that we probably had different ways of looking at things.


– You also changed then your record label and moved to Metal Mind. Tell us a bit about that.

Carsten: The reason that we chose Metal Mind was because they offered us the best deal we could get at the time we were looking for a new company.


– ARTILLERY has influenced some newer (and not so new) bands but; what have been your all-time main influences?

Carsten: Our influences are many. But I will say that some of us were influenced by the old Heavy Metal band and others were influences by Punk Rock so we kind of mixed those influence together and suddenly we had devolved our style.



– I guess when you guys started there may be only a few Metal bands in Denmark; KING DIAMOND and something else. Now we can find several interesting bands from your country; which ones could you suggest us?

Carsten: There are so many talented and good quality bands from Denmark that it would take forever to mention. But check out bands like Mercenary – Essence – Hatesphere – Impalers – just to mention a few.


– You’re one of the founder members remaining; did you ever think when you created the band you would ever get where you are today? Have you ever felt tired of being in ARTILLERY?

Carsten: When we created the band we all dreamt of being these huge rock stars, which of course never happened, but I don’t think that any of us had the idea that we actually would still be playing in Artillery so many years after we started the band. And of course we have all been tired of being a part of Artillery some times. You know! We have been together for so many years now, so it only natural to be tired of the band now and then.


– And during all these years, what have been the best and worst moments for you?

Carsten: Some of the worse things have to be the lack of support from the record companies in the old days and the frustration of not succeed the way we dreamt back then, For now I think the best moments must be how things are going for the band right now and all the fun we are having playing music nowadays. We have a lot more experiences with the band now than we used to in the early days


– After such a long career… what else would you like to get with ARTILLERY?

Carsten: I’m pretty much satisfied with how thing are going with the band right now, and my ambition of being these huge Rock Star has gone for several years ago, so now I just having fun playing for all our fans that use their money to buy our record and to see us live. And I really enjoy hanging out with our fans whenever I get the chance to meet them around the world. That’s what I really like nowadays.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Carsten: Having fun with the guys in the band and maybe record a new album, and of course play live and meet some of our fans.


– That’s all, thanks again. Feel free to add any final words.

Carsten: I just want to say thanks for letting me do this interview and to all our fans I just want to say that I’ll hope that I will see you some time in the future when and if we hit your town, and I would from the bottom of my heart hope that we can hang out together and drink a few beers and tell each other stories about our daily life.

Cheers everybody and take good care of yourself and you family.


Tania Giménez


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