– Hi Tormentor, thanks for dedicating us part of your time and congrats on your new piece. What’s currently keeping you busy? How are you guys feeling being near to release your new album?

Thanks to you, Tania, for sending us questions and keep us busy! Haha…  Yeah, we are really looking forward to the release of our 7th full length… It was a long way, but we did it and we are stronger than ever! Currently we are still playing some single shows everywhere and started to promote “The Arts of Destruction” a bit. It’s enough for a band like us, because we all still have our regular jobs and so on. Let’s see what the fans outhere think about our new record! That’s the most important thing!


– This new album is «The Arts of Destruction», which in my review I said (with the permission of RUTHLESS) is just pure «Metal without mercy» but; how could you describe this new effort? What can your fans expect?

Desaster EVER was Metal without mercy! There was NEVER in our history something “unmetal” in our music or anything around! Whenever you buy a Desaster item, you can be sure that there is 100% Desaster inside! This what we play is the only way we can play and there is absolutely no other way! We are proud, that we create in the last 23 years our own special , unique and typical Desaster sound. “The arts of Destruction” is of course a typical Desaster release! People who like the band will not be dissapointed! Believe in me!


– And what do you want to depict with such title? Is your music the art for (sonic) destruction?

We only wanted to bring you the musicalwise arts of destruction… We thought it was a great name for a Desaster record. There is really no deeper meaning… I think Destruction and art fits perfectly! Easy and effective! Inccluding the perfect cover…


– The cover artwork reminded me a bit to the cover for «SSS», in fact I think you changed your usual style with that one. Was something intended? And what could you tell us about  the cover and whole artwork for «The Arts of Destruction»?

I think there’s no connection between Satan’s and Arts… Two different artists… The new one is made by might Axel Hermann, who made covers for Asphyx, Morgoth, Iced Earth and more… I really like his style. Sometimes a bit too much “gore”… but in case of our cover we told him to make a mix of a Morgoth and a Asphyx cover WITHOUT gore… I really like it and it gives me many tattoo motives!


– The album is traditional, 100% DESASTER, but is simple overwhelming the way each song is different without being complex. Each tune has its own elements and, surprisingly enough, everything sounds honest and straight-forward. Is your songwriting as honest as the sound?

Of course ist it! In now 23 years we know how to write Desaster songs, or better, how a Desaster song has to sound like! Over the years we become better and better on our instruments without having a teacher or something like that! We did and still do everything by ourself. We also don’t like to have 10 blastbeat songs on a record. A good mixture is important…


– «Queens of Sodomy» is the first song has seen the light. Why that concrete track? I personally think is one of the most raw and powerful, even with certain «rocker» riffs.

No idea why, we thought only short, fast and a fist in your face, even it has that “punky” feeling…


– «Possessed and Defiled» is, if I remember correctly, your most lengthy song since «Crypts of Dracul». It has clearly-defined different parts, it seems it goes more into the vein of «Angelwhore». Did you have clear since the beginning how did you want this song to sound like?

I think “Possessed and Defiled” is our typical “medival” song, our ballad, we have on every record more or less. It was shure from the beginning that this song is more this typical slow parts and medival meoldies stuff. I like it a lot, because this is also a side of Desaster…


– I have never been able to describe your musical foundations, as you have always mixing Thrash, Heavy, Black Metal (though I notice the BM influence specially on guitars). What could you say is your musical basis?

Our musical background is that music everybody in the band listen to: METAL! We don’t care about any part or kind of that! We are a METAL band, that’s what’s important! Of course our most important influences are bands like Slayer, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Kreator, Motörhead, Dark Throne, Immmortal (old), Unleashed, Entombed… But you’ll ever find some Exciter Speed riffs, some medival melodies and stuff like that!


– Some time ago I read your last album with Metal Blade was this new one; do you already know what are you going to do the next? As I’m curious about how a big label as Metal Blade works for an underground band like you.

No, after “Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate” we tried to change the label. And we asked other labels, but Metal Blade again made the best offer. So we decided to stay there. I think they know that to have a band like Desaster in their rooster is good for their image! Maybe… haha… But honestly, we don’t sell 10.000 CDs or shite like that! We are a small band. But all those trendbands on MB come and go, but bands like Primordial, Desaster and some other good bands have their followship and true maniacs… since decades! You know what I mean?! MB is a big label, but not that kind of buisness assholes like fukken Nuclear Blast etc…


– Last time I can recall you visited Spain was at Move Your Fucking Brain Fest. Any nice memories from that show?

Haha, not that much. Started too early with drinking, finished with our friends Decayed in a total Whiskey mass… missed the flight back and so on. Total Desaster! Haha… but was good fun. But I couldn’t understand that this typical Grindcore Death Metal is so fucken’ popular in Spain! Haha…


– And in just a few weeks you will be playing The Metal Fest in Granada. What are your expectations? How many tracks off the new record will you be playing?

Yeah! Can’t wait for that! Fucking Baphomet’s Blood! Great Italien band… Great to share the stage with them! We never have any expactations for shows, just a good time and total METAL OVERKILL! We’ll meet our swedish friends Johan and Samme there.. so total alkoholocaust is the plan! Yeah, we will play 2-3 new songs, depends on time…


– Finally, what are your near-future plans and expectations with the release of «The Arts of Destruction?

Again no expactations… we did a good job on that record, all other stuff is work from the label or meanings of the listeners! We’ll play some shows in the next month… everything else time will tell!


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for answering to our questions. If you now want to add some final wods; last lines are all yours.

We have to thank you for the interview. Hails to all Spanish maniacs, especially our long running Desastermaniac and friend Alberto Hängöver… For merchandise please check out our website www.total-desaster.com or visit our facebook dungeon! Keep the metal pounding in your vains! Bang or be banged!! Tormentor anno 2012


Tania Giménez


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