– Hello Michael, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to?

Hi Tania thanks for interviewing we allways feel honored if there’s somone interested in what we’re doing

Well currently we’re preparing for our next European Tour together with our friends in Beheaded (Malta) and Godless Truth (Czech Republic). Since our last show on Mountains of Death this year we had some weeks with nothing to do band-wise, a lot of work and some holidays in between as well so after a time-off it’s sometimes feels like starting from scratch.

– I guess there may be some people who aren’t familiar with you yet so, could you please make some history of CARNAL DECAY?

We’re a Deathmetal/Brutaldeath Band with some old-shool hardcore influences, our sound is inspired by mostly american bands like Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, old Gorgasm Stuff.

The band started out in 2001 i think and we had a couple line up changes, now we’re a 4 piece, Isa on Guitar, Reti on Drums, Nasar on Bass and me Michael on the Mic.

We had some damn good tours till now over here in Europe together with Rottenness (Mex) and Prophecy (US) back in 2007, with Despondency (D), Covenance (US), Rottenness (MEX) in 2009 and with Malignancy (US) and Kastrated (UK) last year in 2010. Plus two Mexican Tours in 2008 and 2010 with our buddies in Rottenness and Nothingness. A lot of single shows in Countries like Israel, Russia (Moscow and Saratov), USA (Central Illinois Metal Fest)….. long List!

We’ve got 3 Albums out till now Carnal Pleasures (2006 on Fastbeast), Chopping off the Head (2008 on Fastbeast) and On top of the food chain (2011 on Sevared) which are all pretty good selling as much as i see on our shows, i hope that this continues like this 😉

Plus we brought out a split with Prejudice (BEL) and Infant Bile (UK) on Grotesque Productions in 2006!


– You have recently released your first album with Sevared Records; how has been moving from Fastbeast after two albums? How’s everything going now with such a well-known label for Death Metal?

Well we dont really see a big difference since they’re both Underground Labels, and most of all these Deals are working with Worldwide Trades in between the Labels. I guess Sevared’s got a bigger Network for those Trades but we dont see in which countries/states our stuff has been traded to.

We hope to get some more attention through Sevared overseas in the US and Kanada and be able to do some touring over there.


– This new album is «On top of the Food Chain», which was released a few months ago. How has been its feedback so far?

The Feedback has been very good, specially on the live shows we see more people going crazy even if they didnt know the new songs before, the new album is a little more catchy and has more of those Hardore Parts that make people move.

Till now i only heard good things about it so i guess the haters stay silent J


– «On Top of the Food Chain» is your first album with Nasar; how’s everything going? What has he brought to CARNAL DECAY?

What he mostly brings is about 120kg of meat more on the stage, so promoters beware to build some tank-proof stages if this heavy guy’s around haha well i would say our shows got more intense because he’s making a lot of action on stage plus now that i’m just singing and not playing the bass anymore i’m not bond to a mic stand to do my lyrics and i can interact with the crowd on a totally different level like this and a fine extra is i can drink more before the show because i only have to concentrate on my vocal lines J


– Your artworks have always been different to most artworks into the genre, and this time you make no exception. Could you please shed some light on this?

Thanks! That’s what we’re aiming for 😉 We hear a lot of good things about these Artworks even if our Drummer doesnt really like them.

The guy who made our last two Covers and also some shirts for us is called Franz Föhn, he’s a swiss guy that we know since a couple of years and we really love his style because it’s like you say different, he’s a big comic lover and draws a lot of things that really look good i allways tell him to make a homepage so people can see his stuff but he doesnt seem to be interested into that.


– I have always been curious about the cover artwork for your previous «Chopping Off the Head», comic style and with a certain «Sin City» vibe to it. How did you come up with this idea?

As also one the new CD the Storyboard for that Comic was done by Isa and she came to Franz with all her Ideas, he really started to get into all that and made us a great comic with himself as the main character and us as his victims.

That same Character is also the main Figure on the new coverpic and inside the booklet!


– Going now back to your latest album, what are some of the lyrical subjects you have covered this time? Judging by the cover artwork (and the album’s title) I guess there may be some critics to our current society…

Yes definitely after lyrics like Lust for Gore and Shotgun Facelift i came back to some more Social Critics.

For example the Title Track is about mankind destroying our own livelihood with just the way we are, i dont say that i’m much better that this but i’m trying my best not to roll around in the biggest gas-guzzler and throwing garbage arround when i’m out in the country side.

We all bleed red is about a guy that thinks he’s better than the rest and got all his money out of betraying his own friends and in this song i let my fantasies play what i can do with that guy….

Shut the fuck up is about guys that are allways complaining and never change anything in their lifes.


– Sound-wise I think this album sounds even more brutal, but more technical as well, a bit at the GORGASM’s style. Was this something you aimed for?

We never aimed for sounding like another band but definitely Gorgasm is one of 1000 influences for us. As all the music we’re listening to makes influences into our sound.

I would say we dont really got more technical but we definitely got more grooving parts in the new album, that groove makes the music more brutal in my eyes.


– And talking about this, what’s your opinion on the GORGASM’s comeback?

It’s cool that Gorgasm’s back on track, we played with them on the CIM Festival last year but on that time they called the band Sadichist.

As much as i know they played pretty much all the songs of the new Gorgasm Album, good stuff!!!!


– Anyway, this more technical sound reminds me to your debut, «Carnal Pleasures», but this is also a quite heavy album, similar to your second effort, with some American Death Metal influence. Could you say «On Top of the Food Chain» is a mix between your two first CDs?

Yes! I think with this Album we kind of found the sound we want to make, let’s see if we re-invent ourselves with the next one J


– If I’m not wrong, yourself produced «Chopping Off the Head» and this new record sounds rawer in that aspect. How was the production process like? Who took production duties this time arond?

I’ve got a small studio in our rehearsal-place in which we recorded the last two albums, i made on both album all the mixing stuff by myself and then sent it off to mastering, the last album was mastered at the House of Audio in Germany and the new one On top of the food chain was mastered by Robbe K. from Disavowed.


– Some years ago you had two guitar players; have you ever thought about having two guitars again?

We would love to have another Guitarplayer but our van is too small and since Nasar’s in the Band we dont even have enough space for a second pair of socks….


– You will soon hit the road with BEHEADED and GODLESS TRUTH, what are your expectations?

Sold out stadiums screaming groupies and tons of Heroin!!!!!

I guess we’re going to get drunk every once in a while and have some good parties with our friends.

A lot of tours are going on at the moment so i hope the people are not getting tired of checking deathmetal shows and partying all night with some foreigners in their country, we love that touring-life sitting around in a little van and just playing our songs every night to a new audience and checking other countries Beers!!!! By the way i see you’re from spain, i never had spanish beer! It’s time for us to come over to spain and see how that taste is!!!


– In fact you are a band with quite a lot live activity, playing both tours and well-known festivals, even overseas. So what are your future plans after the upcoming autumn tour in October?

We’re again working on new songs and try to get on some festivals next year and maybee we’ll do some US-Touring as well.


– That has been all from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add some final words, last lines are all yours.

As i allways say: Support the Underground!!! I hope we’ll be able spain one day as well!!! Touring Spain and Portugal is a dream of me so i hope some organizer reads this and lets us taste your beer!!! Cheeeers!

Tania Giménez



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