– Hello James, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you curerntly up to?

I Just finished with the new album “Big Money” there is also a video for the first single “Someday When”


– Have been around 10 years since your reunion. How do you balance now these last years?

I always doing something involving music. It is what we do here. My wife Robin also has a new record she is working on

– And what made you split-up and what prompted your reunion a decade later?

The grunge era is why we stopped making music back then. There is now more interest in Melodic Rock. It has an audience however smaller than it was year ago.


– Your latest album is «Big Money»; how has been its feedback?

Feedback is great. Very positive all around


– In fact is your second album with the same line-up, after having several line-up changes throughout your existence. How’s working this line-up? Does it look like a steady one?

Acutally this is the 4th album with pretty much the same lineup. Only Chris was not on the World Upside Down release


– Acceptance for «Cartesian Dreams» was pretty good so, with this new «Big Money», have you tried in any way to top that previous effort? And do you feel like you have done it?

To me, it is not a contest to beat out the next record. We write the songs and we only start recording when we feel we are all pleased with the writing. After all, Music is an Art not a race.


– In vocal terms I think you have managed to do it. Are you pleased with your vocal work?

Yes, I am please with the vocal on the CD. I have my good days and my bad days, so I try and only sing on my good days J


– How was this time around the songwriting process? I read you have worked again with Mark Baker.

Mark Baker is a great songwriting partner, I hope we can do many more records together. It is always ejoyable to work with such talented people.


– Songwriting in this effort is just great, a proof of it is «One Man Down», a tune I could say depicts the whole abum’s spirit. What could you tell us about this track?

We had just an acoustic song and then I knew exactly what I wanted from there. I sent the tract to Jimi and he came up with the Monster Riffs and like magic it all came together. I can only wish that all our songs were that easy to put together


– And what about «Someday When»? As it seems you have gone back to the 80’s with it. Is a song which reminds to your very first albums.

There was no plan on going back to the past. It just came out that this track had more of a sound that was in the spirit of earlier HOL songs. It was not planned. I was happy with the way that song came out.


– Anyway this record sounds quite heavy (specially beucase of the guitars); was this something you aimed for? I could say this makes the album sound more up to date still keeping the HOL’s essence.

Yes, it is more heavy as this seems to suit the direction of more modern day Melodic Rock. The album is also much more RAW which is intentional. I wanted to CD to have some live energy.


– The new album aside, If I’m not mistaken you have produced new album by FIONA in many years. How has it been like?

Yes Fiona is coming out with the new CD very soon/ You can visit her website www.fionarock.com to hear samples


– Beside HOL and producing albums; what keeps you busy?

My daughter. She is 14 and very involved in Musical Theater, so we have to go to many many rehearsals and performances. I do love watching her on stage. She is incredibly talented in this arena


– You will soon hit the road to support «Big Money» on stage. How do you feel about it? I mean, after such a long career, do you still feel some kind of excitement? Haven’t you ever felt tired of touring?

I do not tire of touring although it is much more demanding than it was in the earlier days. I always hope that I can go out and give back to the many fans who have supported us in the past and in the present. I do love it.


– That’s all from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words to your Spanish fans, feel free to do it.

I love the Spanish audience. I love the way they sing along with the songs and how much love and appreciation they show for the music. We are foever grateful


Much Love James


Tania Giménez



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