– Hello, thanks for taking the time. What’s currently going on in the ACHERONTA’s camp?

Hi there. At the moment we are focused mainly upon the release of our latest album “Vamachara” and the disruption it will cause. We are also rehearsing our new and old material, so we are ready for the upcoming live shows in Europe with AOSOTH,GLORIOR BELLI,BEHEXEN AND MANY MORE BANDS..

– First off, hope you don’t mind starting giving some history of the band…

The underground stream evolves through the aeons…

The group known as «Acherontas» was caught into its maelstrom and it was also evolved… Leaving a trail into history for over fifteen years, it was re-invented during 2007… “Tat Tvam Asi” was the first step into the abyss. .

“Theosis” went further, bridging the chasm between the worlds, being by itself a gate, an invitation and a caveat…

Our trail is covered with many covens, as split cooperations took place with names like Necromantia,Leviathan and Drowning The Light,a mini cd/7Ep devoted to the path of «Hermeticism.

“Vamachara” is the latest addition in the All-consuming fire of Acherontas and with it the circle is closed to re-open.


– You have changed the band’s name a couple of times before so, why finally ACHERONTAS?

An existance throughout its evolving in ages changes in consistency, in its own matter. So that’s what the name changing indicates: evolution. Each separate name express us , individually ,for the given time. Acherontas came to be our final transformation introducing a new era for the band. An era in which the band , more mature , could create its magickal links and could express itself not just as a musical being but as a stream of destruction and dissolution.



– You will soon release your new «Vamachara»; what are your expectations?

“Vamachara” is the Opus Magnus of Acherontas, in my personal opinion. Its the proof of our evolution and maturity – an alchemical transendence into the abyss, and its completed. Therefore there are no expectations. There is only satisfaction. Satisfaction with the wholeness of “Vamachara” , which was the actual and highest goal we have set. Besides that everything is unimportant.


– And how was the songwriting process this time around?

It was a rather spiritual process since the compositions from a raw material took form alchemically into the final result. And for that to happen we poisoned it with our own Black Flame.


– This is your first full-length album with Agonia Records; how’s everything going so far?

We are totally satisfied with our co-operation with Agonia Records so far and how they have supported Acherontas. It is important having to deal with professionals and not low-lifes which the only thing they see in black metal is an “industry” of “profit”.


– Your lyrics tend to deal with spiritualism, mysticism… Something you depict quite good with your sound; is this something easy to get?

One of the purposes of “Vamachara” is to be a nexion for those selected few that are able to indulge into the its very Depths and unite with the Dragon Mother. Its a journey both sonic and verbal and happens internally. I find it at least meaningless to “explain” and “summarise” the lyrical consept of this album since the ones that can’t unveil it are unworthy of its meaning. Its simple as that. For most it will be a musical experience, for the other few, something higher.


– And how could you describe both lyrics and sound in this upcoming album?

I think i have covered the lyrical topic above. The musical part is the vibrations that takes “Vamachara” into the listener’s subconsious level.


– One of the tracks that caught my attention was «Ohm Krim Kali», as it seems you have experimented a bit with it. What could you tell us about it? What did you want to get with it?

That particular track as well as “Opening the Eye of the Storm” are written by Scorpios Androctonus of Crimson Moon. It was a cooperation which we are really proud for, since Scorpios is a cult member of the black metal scene and as an individual can connect with the essence of Acherontas.


– Though your music is Black Metal we can find diverse elements and even some Rock details so; what are your main musical influences?

Our sonic expressions have been filtered by our own musical tastes- which are not limited to black metal – and thus the outcome might be considered as “influenced”. The fact is that the sound of Acherontas is unique cause it derives from our seperate and individual Aspect.


– And what else, beside music, does inspire you?


Our one and only inspiration is our Inner Self and everything that derives from it.


– For this album there will also be a deluxe digipack with 16 pages booklet. I would like you to tell us a bit about it; how much input did you have on this idea, tell us a bit the booklet look, etc.

We wanted the booklet to contain the essence of the album as much as possible. We are totally satisfied with the result.


– There will also be a double gatefold LP; how did you come up with this idea?

There is no “idea” behind that. Just the fact that we wanted a qualitied LP release.


– Greek scene is quite varied into the Metal camp, with bands as SEPTICFLESH, ROTTING CHRIST, DER STÜRMER, ASTARTE and so on. What bands from Greece could you suggest?

The most respected and cult Hellenic black metal band is Necromantia, in my opinion. Besides Necromantia there are many worthy bands from Hellas that worth checking out, since it has an upgrowing black metal scene.


– You will soon tour with GLORIOR BELLI and BEHEXEN; what are your expectations?

Actually there will be three live performances with Glorior Belli in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany and a single appearence with Behexen , Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult and other bands in Sweden. All four live invocations will be a chance for Acherontas to expand our sinister current upon new audiences, so its very appealing.


– And beside this, what are your near-future plans?

We have scheduled couple of live rituals for the 2012 and there is a chance for some split EP’s to be released later on, but nothing is official yet.


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for your time. Now feel free to add some final words.

Embrace your Inner Flame!

Hail Typhon!

Sergio Fernández


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