– Hello, thanks for answring to our questions. What’s currently keeping ZOMBIE INC. busy?

Hi Tania! You’re welcome! Currently we’re writing many interviews :), and planning some stuff for merchandise, and other designs for sticker, posters etc..

– First off, I hope you don’t mind making some history of the band, as I guess there may be some people who won’t know about you yet…And why did you choose such name for the band?

Wolfgang and I had the idea 2 years ago to create something special in austria. So, we both grew up with that 90’s Deathmetal stuff and the goal was to make such a kind of music. Martin, Daniel and Tomasz are long-time friends and it was more than naturally that we asked. Fortunatly everybody had time and the will to do this shit :). I’m very glad that we especially have

Martin in the band. His voice is so special and fits perfect to the band’s sound!


– You have just released your debut album, «A Dreadful Decease», how’s being its feedback so far?

Veeery good! I’ve read some middle-rated reviews too, but the most are outstanding!


– For what I’ve read reviews have been pretty good; did you expect so? As I guess feelings when releasing a debut album may be mixed…

Honestly…yes! Because i knew that this will be good music, well produced with an killer artwork! But also you can’t do anything right for anybody. So i’m not disappointed about bad reviews too. Everybody has a different taste, you know!


– I think the band’s name has a lot to do with the lyrical content in the album; could you please shed some light on this?


Of course, yes! There is a chronological theme, started with the song-titles. It goes on with the outbreak of the Chaosbreed, goes further into killing and blood n gore, and finally in Planet Zombie everything and every human being is dead! Nice, isn’t it? 😉


– I’m also curious about some samples in the album; where did you take them from?

Puh, it was Martin’s work, so i can’t tell you anything about that. I’m really not sure..

I think some stuff were used from Dawn of the dead and others from George Romero.


– One thing that caught my attention off your music were the

atmospheres, not just dark, but quite deep and booming, exactly like it was in 90’s, and this is actually something some DM «retro» bands seem to forget about. Was this something you aimed for?

Yeah, that was the goal. To create this special feeling like back then. That’s all i can say 🙂


– This kind of ambients are usually better captured with a raw production, but yours is both a mix between raw and current, not sounding too blurred but either really polished. How easy is to achieve this?

Hmmm, that’s a question for Martin who recorded and mixed the album, haha..

He has a lot of digital hard-and software in his studio, but also the analogue stuff, so it’s not really hard to find a mixture i think. It was also important for us that the album isn’t sounding too retro, that doesn’t make sense in 2011.

– I realised everything in the band fits and works as a whole; the cover artwork (as I haven’t had the chance of seeing the whole artwork), the band’s name, lyrics, sound… Is this something important for ZOMBIE INC.?

Yes, it should be like a concept. And it’s a better way to promote a band. We all like that old movie posters and that atmosphere that comes with it. That was the allowance for the artwork.


– These days there are a lot of bands playing old school Death Metal, like it was during the 90’s, though you guys have managed to incorporate some unique elements and details from other genres but DM but; what could you say make you guys different to other bands in the style?

We are not just that hardcore Deathmetal guys that you probably expect. We are into many different styles and play also in other bands in other genres. So it flows automatically in our songwriting like Collapse 7 melodies, Hollenthon

Vocals or In Slumber riffs.


– I noticed in your sound influences both from American and European Death Metal bands, as well as some more technical elements similar to bands as EDGE OF SANITY or so. Anyway, what bands have influenced your sound?

I would say Morbid Angel, Entombed, Carcass, Autopsy, Bolt thrower….what should i say, the whole bunch of records back then in the 80’s and 90’s.


– But each of you guys come from a different musical background; how do you melt each ones influences into the band’s sound?

That also comes naturally i think. That is a thing i wasn’t thinking about during the writing process. Really, it was the flow of everybody that melted all this music together.


– And how was the songwriting process for the album? Even though everything in «A Dreadful Decease» seems to be well-cared, it also sounds (overall) really honest; is the songwriting in you an spontaneous effort?

The songs were written by Wolfgang and me, and it was in fact a very spontaneous act. Wolfgang finished his songs with drumcomputer, and i made my songs together with Tomasz, who wrote the drumlines. With that finished demos we went to Martin Schirenc’s studio in vienna and recorded it again.


– I mentioned I noticed some influences similar to EDGE OF SANITY for instance, and curiously Dan Swanö did master the album; how did you hok up with him? And are you guys satisfied with his work?

We just wrote an E-mail to him, in expectance that he will not write back :), but on the next day we had his answer that he would love to do that! I think 1 week later it was finished. Incredible guy…and yes, it’s more than heavy what he did for us :)!!


– We could say you are an all-star band. This term tends to be a double-edged sword. Do you think this works more as a benefit for the band or the opposite? Because of this I guess some people may be wondering if there will be more upcoming albums?

I think it works for the band, because it’s a serious project for us. Everybody is a professional musician and is working for the band. If this will be honoured by the people out there and we get many requests to play and make more music, we will do it for sure! In that fact…yes, there will be a second album!


– And do you plan having much live activity? Is it easy to organise your schedule with your other bands?

There are plans to play live. But not before wintertime here in austria. We wanna do some special solo-gigs, probably a little tour in spring and the summer festivals next year. That will be possible for everybody in the band. We are looking really forward to it!


– Finally, how does future look like for ZOMBIE INC.? What are your near-future plans?

The near-future plans are that live-stuff i’ve mentioned above and to do some merchandise offerings for the fans. And i’ve written some new riffs too the last weeks 🙂


– That has been all from my side, thanks agian for your time. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

At first, thanks a lot for your interest, time and space here! That means a lot to us. And to all your readers who are into Deathmetal: Please give us a chance and check our new record out!

You won’t get disappointed!!

Best regards!!

Tania Giménez


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