– Hello, thanks for asnwering to our questions. Hows everything going in the DAGOBA’s camp?

hi ! everything’s fine thank you. summertime is almost over for many people, but fortunately not for us, living in Marseille !!


– First off; why did you choose «Dagoba» for the band’s name? I guess it may have something to do with Star Wars…

yeh it’s the Yoda Master planet, but we chose that name coz’ it’s ending by an «A», it’s short, so it’s quiet easy to remain of.

– And what are the band’s main musical influences?

All kind of metal, Metallica of course, Pantera, but also more brutal

black/death metal bands…

we listen to classical music also, and electro sometimes.


– DAGOBA is a well-known band, but it took you some time to release your first album in 2003. Was there any concrete reason behind this?

being a metal band in France, and more again from south of France is not the easier job on the earth.rock’n’roll is not anchored in the french culture.. but we started playin music very young, so even if it took time to release our first album, we were 20’s when it happened.


– «Poseidon» was released several months ago; how has its feedback and your fans’ reaction?


it’s our biggest success.


– Would you have liked to have the chance of changing something on it?

not a single thing. but it’s the same for all of our release. we give our best each recording each gig each rehersal so I wouldn’t change anything from our past.


– ICS Vortex cooperated in this album; how did everything start?

actually he cooperate on our second record «What Hell is About…»

Dagoba and he’s band «Arcturus» were on the same record company, and he liked the project, so…


– Tue Madsen has also worked with you once more after «What Hell is About». Why didn’t you work with thim for «Face the Colossus»?

we worked with Tue Madsen on «What Hell…» AND «Face the Colossus».Dave Chang produced «Poseidon».


– «Poseidon» is your first record with XIII Bis Records after two albums with Season of Mist. What prompted that move and why did you choose this new label for you?

because we had a two albums deal with season of mist that we honored, and XIII Bis record wanted us that hard for Poseidon.

we feel very comfortable in our collaboration.


– Do you feel more comfortable with a smaller (so to speak) label

than Season of Mist? As I guess they’d take care of their bands, or is the opposite because a bigger label can work better in promotion terms?

signing with XIII Bis record is the best thing that happened for the band for a while.


– You shooted a video for «Black Smokers (752 Farenheit)». I would like you to tell us a bit about it.

for the first time we produced a video with a scenario. we were very excited by this, and the team the realisator that shooted all this is very talented. is a french guy called Arnaud Lalanne, and we are proud to work with him from time to time.

– When you started with DAGOBA,what was your focus or your goals?

I started at the age of 15, and my main goal was to live with my music, wich is the case now 🙂


– And after all these years of existence for the band, what has been both the best and worst moment for you?

the best moment are almost everyday of my life as a part of the band, and the worst is almost everyday of my life when I’m not with my bandmates.


– You are hailing from France, how’s the Metal scene like out there?

the french metal scene is full of talented bands wich the whole world should listen at.

Dagoba for exemple !!! try this !! hahahaha !


– Finally, what are the band’s near-future plans?

we will soon release a new edition of Poseidon with a dvd bonus.


– That’s all, thanks once more for your time. Now feel free to add some final words to our readers.

cheers buddies 🙂


Sergio Fernández


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