– Hello Skinny, thanks for taking your time. What are you guys currently up to?


We’re keeping busy with preparations before the tour with Rammstein and finishing songs for the upcoming album.

– Before getting into your upcoming album, I would like to start a bit with the band’s beginnings. How did you join the band? Would you mind giving a run down on your activity during these years?

I had met Whiplasher a few times in clubs around Stockholm but I had no idea of who he was. One day, in the spring of 2003 we did a fashion show together as models and we joined up for some drinks afterwards. Later in the evening he asked if I could try out as a bass player in his band. When I asked him what band it was and he said it was Deathstars I said immediately no. But smoothed things over with that I was busy with my band Revolution Riot and all. The truth was that I had a grudge with the band because of my previous girlfriend. She was a big fan and she was always saying how good they looked, I hated it… haha! But Whip didn’t give up, he gave me a CD and said to a least give it a chance. And I did. I thought that it can’t hurt to at least try out for one band practice. And after hanging out with all the guys for a weekend in their hometown Strömstad I realized that we were just the same and I really liked the sound.

We got the opening slot for Paradise Lost in October 2003 and that was our first European Tour. When we got home they called and asked me if I wanted to be a full worthy member of the band and I said yes.

Since then I’m the guy that runs arrangements and sort of the negotiator of the band. I’m like a tour manager when we don’t have one around. I set up rehearsals, print setlists and things like that.


– Over 10 years of existence for a band is quite a lot; what balance do you do now of this decade?

I think we stand stronger than ever. We’ve had so many ups and downs these years, which really just made us better to adjusting but also from not taking any bullshit.


– And why did you pick the name of «Deathstars»?

The band originates from the underground death/thrash scene, where people in that genre often take them selves too seriously. So we make a little fun of that. Just like there is Popstars, Filmstars, Childstars, Pornstars, there should be Deathstars.


– As I said previously, you will soon release your first best of, «The Greatest Hits on Earth» so, after a long career but just 3 full length albums; why did you think was now the moment for an album as such?

We wanted to get a closure of the 10 years we left behind us and also give the new listeners at the Rammstein shows a quick update on who we are.


– What do you want to get with this CD? I guess is always a good way to make your newest fans know a bit more about your past.

Yes it’s an honest view on how we are and what we sound like.


– Please, tell us what are we going to find on this new album and how did you come up with the idea of releasing it.

You will find the songs that we think are most representative for us. Songs that always were appreciated live and songs that means a lot to us. We simply wanted to close the chapter of the years behind us and put it in a little plastic box…


– «The Greatest Hits on Earth» will feature two brand new songs, «Metal» and «Death is Wasted on the Dead». What could you comment on them both?

«Metal» is the song you’re most likely going to lose your license listening too. It has that primitive feel to it that just makes you wanna drive fast, eat glass or jump out of a plane.

While «Death is Wasted on the Dead» has more of the classic «Deathstars» sound. I’m really happy about them both but I can’t wait to release the rest of our seeds.


– I read these two songs show your future musical direction so, how does that new musical direction look like?

I don’t know who wrote that. I have no idea of how our «new» musical direction will sound or look like. We are always striving to experiment with new stuff to make the sound even more Deathstars. But there’s absolutely no formula to get there.


– In fact many bands release a piece of this kind when they’re finishing an era or/and starting a new one; is this the DEATHSTARS’ case as well?

Yes, as I said we’ve had a really ruff ride to this point. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs and it feels good to put that behind us and start something new.


– Anyway, can we expect anytime soon a new studio album? As have now been over 2 years since «Night Electric Night».

Yes, that’s where «Metal» and «Death is Wasted on the Dead» is from. We have a great album coming out as soon as we get a chance to finish the recordings. I can’t wait to get back in the studio.


– You are usually tagged as «Deathglam», how well does this fit with you?

We invented that genre when we released the «Termination Bliss» album. But these days a whole bunch of bands and artists claim it’s «their» genre and we’re laughing about it. People can call us what they want but to my grandfather I say that we play rock and that’s what I think it is. But yes it’s been very suitable for us as we play «heavy rock» and spice it with glitter.


– In your music there are also plenty electronic or Rock details among others. What are your main musical influences? Have you opened during these years to new musical inspirations?

I’ve always been very interested in all kinds of music. I love everything from country, flamenco, to death metal and crust punk. I’m constantly looking for new inspiration


– You will be touring in support of RAMMSTEIN really soon, what are your expectations? How are you feeling about it?

The only expectations I can have is that it’s gonna be a lot of people on the shows. There’s no point in expecting or hoping since I’m not a psychic. But it feels great that we could finally make it happen. We’ve talked about doing a tour for a couple of years now and it finally came through. It’s gonna be a lot of fun I think.


– That has been all from my side, thanks once more for asnwering to our questions. If you now want to add any final words; last lines are all yours.

Gracias amiga! Keep your eyes open for our new album next year.


Tania Giménez



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