– Hello, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to?

(It’s Sunday morning, we’ve just been sampling some of the local greenery…)

FAECES CHRIST: Taking drugs and eating minestrone

WC: Sweet – there’s our first answer!

– First off, could you please make some history of SKULDOM?

FAECES CHRIST: About 13 years ago Femon and I formed Skuldom. No guitars, no mercy.

– What are the band’s main musical influences?

FEMONDOETUS: Don’t we like the pan pipes?

FAECES CHRIST: Whale music. Dead whale music

WC: I prefer the sound of dying African children


– And why «Skuldom»?

FAECES CHRIST: It’s the domain of the skull. So it’s representing the domain of death, but also what’s in your skull – your thoughts/ beliefs/ values etc. Skuldom means life and death and all that’s in between.

FEMONDOETUS: Go back to the library, library bitch!


– Have been 6 years since your previous work, «Orgiastic Blasphemy» DVD until this album debut. Why did it take you that time?

FAECES CHRIST: Taking drugs and eating minestrone!

FEMONDOETUS:We’re notoriously slow at doing everything, so this year’s been pretty amazing

FAECES CHRIST: We’ve been listening to it a lot longer than that, it’s not my problem if others haven’t been able to.

WC: I also joined the band some time after that video

FAECES CHRIST: We made some more videos as well

WC: Played quite a few shows – Immortal etc

FEMONDOETUS: Wrote shit loads of songs and recorded the album

We were breaking in WC! Did we audition many drummers?

FAECES CHRIST: Nah Ricky was the only other one who tried and he had less drums every time he turned up… it wasn’t really working out!


– Anyway, «Kill this Fucking World» was already finished in 2008 but hasn’t been released until this same 2011. What happened?

WC: Drugs


FEMONDOETUS: We should’ve been snorting more speed, not smoking more pot….

FAECES CHRIST: What happened… 9/11!!

WC: I guess if we cared about other people hearing it they would have already

FAECES CHRIST: Despite what you might think listening to our music, we’re not really in a hurry!


– This effort has been self released; not having a record deal make things harder for your or gives you more freedom?

FAECES CHRIST: It gives us total freedom – zero distribution!

FEMONDOETUS: We’ve done pretty well without any promotion –

WC: That’s a good point, there’s been next to no self promotion

FAECES CHRIST: How did you hear about us???

WC: We’ve been in touch with lots of people around the world – Russia, France, Ireland, Germany, US, Australia etc

FEMONDOETUS: We wouldn’t know if it makes it hard, we’ve never had a fucking record deal!


FEMONDOETUS: Give us a record deal and we’ll see what happens!

We’ve got nothing against having a record deal, we might add

WC: We just haven’t really had any offers

FEMONDOETUS: There aren’t really any viable record labels in NZ

FAECES CHRIST: Nah, not ones that are actually gonna do anything…

FEMONDOETUS: And we’re just so notoriously slack and slow that we haven’t done anything…!!!


– For what I’ve seen the album has been collecting really good reviews, and so did the aforementioned DVD; didn’t you get any offers from any record label? And do you expect to release your second record through a record company or this is not a priority for you?

WC: I think he’s realised we’re really slack! We will reply to this question in one years time…..

FEMONDOETUS: If you’re talking about another record, you know that’s like 10 years away!

WC: We’d have to write more music first

FAECES CHRIST: What are you the fuckin release police?? Our next release may take a different form. A massacre set to music maybe?? Or a steaming pile of turd on Santa’s lap?? Who knows!? Fuck humans


– Anyway, how could you say its being the general response toward «Kill this Fucking World»?

FEMONDOETUS: We don’t know!

FAECES CHRIST: The 10 people that own it love it!

FEMONDOETUS: The NZ people seem to like it eh…! I don’t get stopped on the streets but you know…

FAECES CHRIST: It could be better, someone could listen to and then go and kill lots of people – that’s the proper response!

FEMONDOETUS: There haven’t been any mass killings attributed to the album, it’s a rip off if you ask me!

FAECES CHRIST: Yeah! The response is piss poor!

FEMONDOETUS: Very unsatisfactory…

FAECES CHRIST: At least a suicide!!


– And how could you describe the CD?

FAECES CHRIST: How long is it?

WC: About 30 minutes

FAECES CHRIST: The worst half an hour of your life!


– How’s the songwriting in SKULDOM?

FEMONDOETUS: Pretty slow!

FAECES CHRIST: Only riffs that I remember make it into final songs. Then i forget those ones too…

WC: Mistake ridden

FAECES CHRIST: Not musical


– Lyrics deal with anti christianity, etc., so I guess your beliefs affect your music and whole creations in a certain way…

FEMONDOETUS: That’s just a statement, not a question isn’t it?

WC: Thanks.

FAECES CHRIST: What’s Spanish for yes?

WC: Que?

FAECES CHRIST: Christians are pathetic! So are any and all other religions


– One of the band’s trademark is the lack of guitars, which makes


you sound really heavy and distorted; how did you come up with this singular idea? And have you ever considered having guitars?

FAECES CHRIST: Definitely not. A guitarist means solos and solos suck!

FEMONDOETUS: How did we come up with the amazing idea of not having a guitar!??

WC: And how come no one else has thought of this before?!

FEMONDOETUS: It’s the rest of the world that’s retarded, not us!


– We don’t know many bands from New Zealand, nor from Oceania in general. How’s the Metal scene over there?

WC: Few and far between

FEMONDOETUS: Really slow!

FEMONDOETUS: Sore and regular like Faeces’ bowel motions…

WC: I thought that was irregular?

FAECES CHRIST: Ummm no I’m quite the morning shitter now…

FAECES CHRIST: Good bands small scene

WC: There’s a lot of crap as well

FAECES CHRIST: That’s like everywhere!

WC: There are a couple of OK bands, Vassafor are a great band – check them



– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

FEMONDOETUS: We’ll start playing again next year

FAECES CHRIST: There are videos for KTFW and Return to the Abyss that we want to release…. which will come out in four years time!

FEMONDOETUS: I don’t mind being known as the slowest band in history!

WC: That could be the title for our next album

FAECES CHRIST:I guess a couple of videos and then live gigs again…. gigs with gross shit… haha yep, the grosser the better

FEMONDOETUS: Throwing minestrone into the audience

WC: No, we could throw UP minestrone onto the audience!

FEMONDOETUS: I could writhe around in big bowls of minestrone on stage

FAECES CHRIST: You could do! I was thinking more like dead smelly things.


– That’s all, thank you once more for your time. If you want to add some final words; last lines are yours.

FEMONDOETUS: Go on Faeces…

FAECES CHRIST: Kill everyone…

FEMONDOETUS: “I don’t want this job, i just wanna rape kids!”

FEMONDOETUS: Keep spanish ya spanish cunts

FAECES CHRIST: Purple guiitars are gay

FEMONDOETUS: Don’t we like the pan pipes?

FAECES CHRIST: Whale music. Dead whale music

WC: I prefer the sound of dying African children



Sergio Fernández


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