– Hello and thanks for taking the time. What is VREID currently up to?
We have just finished up a Norwegian tour. Now we are enjoying some time off and preparing for a European tour.

– «V» has gotten truly overhwleming reviews. Did you expect such feedback for your new album?
The response has been fantastic. I am extremely satisfied with the album myself, but it is always impossible to know how people will react to it. So I am glad to see all this great feedback.

– I must say, and I think many fans and press share this same opinion, this is your best album so far; do you guys perceive the album this way too?
Yes I do agree. Its a album that has turned out great, and it feels like our finest effort so far.

– Since «Milorg» most of your lyrics are in English, is there any concrete reason for this? Or any commercial reasons?
I enjoy writing in both Norwegian & English. For the last 2 albums we have chosen English, but this might change in the future. I go with the feeling, and we have no rule about which language to do.

– Last year Ese left the band, why did he decide so?
He felt that he could not commit 100% any more, and then stepping out was the right thing to do. He did a great job for 5 years, and is still one of my closest friends.

– He was replaced by your old mate Strom, what has he brought to the band?
Strom is a fantastic guitar player, and he has opened some new doors to our sound. He has a magic chemistry with Sture, and their guitar work on this album is definitive unique.

– VREID wast at first known for having arose from the «ashes of WINDIR», as all of you have played there but Ese. Did you ever thought having Strom in your line-up before the joined you?
No, we had a solid line up for 5 years. But when Ese stepped out, Stroms was our definitive number 1 choice.

– Lyrics for «V» have gotten broader respect «Milorg», which was a concept album. What are the main lyrical ideas behind this brand new record?
I continue with the thought of liberation. But this time I have seen this term through a broader perspective of time. From the ancient Greeks to modern philosophers like Rousseau & Sartre.

– Anyway, your main thems have always been around the WWII’s events. How did your interested for that subject born?
I have a great passion for history. WW2 has always fascinated me, so it was a natural topic to write about. But there is no WW2 link to the lyrics of “V”.

– One of the numerous elements that make your style so unique I think’s the mix of influences from different styles. What musical styles have influences you the most?
Metal J I especially like the 80/90 ies metal of Metallica, Slayer, Death, Carcass, Sepultura, Paradise Lost, etc & ofcourse the Norwegian blackness from the 90ies. But I also listen a lot to 70ties music like Alcie Cooper, Black sabbath, Motorhead, Iggy, Bowie, Pink Floyd etc…

– For example, though the Thrash Metal elements have always been thre, this time I could say are more remarkable (specially some METALLICA vibe). Did you want to make this time your usual variety even more outstanding?
We did some jamming before recording the new album, and then we got that old rehearsal vibe of playing old Metallica, Death & Sepultura classics. We brought this feeling into the recording session, so I guess that was what brought the stronger Thrash feeling this time.

– Overall, «V» is way more varied than «Milorg», and not only in lyrical terms. Do you actually know the reason for this?
Not really. We always have an open mind when creating music, and sometimes it turns out more varied than others.

– You have recorded the album by your own; is this easier and gives you more freedom or the contrary?
It definitive made things better and we got the sound we wanted. I love the recordings/mixing process. A lot of hard work, but also the result becomes a lot more pure when we do all ourselves I think.

– I noticed this album has more a more complex composition. How was this process like? Are all the band members involved?
I write all the music, but the whole band was more involved in the arrangements than ever before. All members has definitive made a strong signature on this album.

– Though you sound remains always recognizable you’re constantly changing, each new album is like a new approach. Is this something intended? Does «V» represent VREID from 2011?
We always try and do new things. We get bored by doing the same things over and over again. So we try to find new approaches for music, lyrics and sound each time.

– Speaking of those new directions with each album but still faithful to the style you have created, I could say «Kraft» and «Pitch Black Brigade» were more focused in mixing Black Metal with Rock meanwhile elements from other music genres were not that outstanding yet. How do you see the evolution since your beginnings has been?
Well we have become better musicians, we have evolved a persons and keep getting new inspirations. Based on this the band evolves as well.

– Last time we saw you in Spain was supporting BELPHEGOR, what are your memories from that tour?
It was cool shows. Especially the the Barcelona show was great. I always enjoy visiting Spain, and has visited it many times on vacation as well. Beautiful Rioja red wine & tasty Serrano Jamon are reason enough alone to visit your beautiful country.

– Will we have the chance of seeing you in Spain again supporting «V» live?
I definitive hope so. It will not be a part of the first European tour, but we will do more European tours to support the album.

– And, finally, what are your near-future plans?
European tour, festivals & North America tour, and I am always working on new material.

– That has been all. Thanks once more for your time and feel free to add any last words.
Thanks for your interest in Vreid. Get your stuff at www.vreidshop.com & keep updated at www.vreid.no

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