– Hello Talon. First off thanks for your time and to start, I would like to, somehow, introduce REV 16:8 to our readers.
We could say REV 16:8 was born from the ashes of BLOODSHED. What prompted you to form REV 16:8?
Basically we felt like we had done everything in our power and more for the previous band. The whole thing had dug itself into a hole. The drive was there and the means to push it forward but no road. A clean break was necessary.

– Did you try to give the band a different approach? Since, for example the Black/Death sound is not present anymore.
It was definitely a conscious decision to leave the Death work behind. I always fought for more black elements for the first act, and I know that Nefastus is solely devoted to the arts of Black metal.

– And what does the band name mean? How could you say it represents your sound and concepts?
The name is taken from the Book of Revelations. Literally taken out of its context, the passage itself relates directly to our will and serves as a mantra. The aspect of imagination for the actual event forms the picture and our sound to perfectly match it.

– As far as I know, after Themgoroth left the band you haven’t had any other singer but you. Did you ever look for a replacement or did you decide instantly to handle the vocals? And how was this “transition” during that time?
He left at the moment we were about to record vocals to the first album. We had no time to search for anyone really. The decision was done then and there that I was to replace him. At that time it was a move of desperation although I never saw a real issue with it. I’ve done my share of vocal-work in the past so the “filling in” felt natural.

– Though BLOODSHED and REV 16:8 are completely different in many aspects, I guess some people will always compare them both or think Rev 16:8 is a natural progression for BLOODSHED. What are your feelings regarding this?
There was a trial period for everyone before REV 16:8, consisting of different people and different ideas for different purposes. All of that is a part of the past and the past work probably has some significance or influence but it’s not important. As you just stated there will always be someone comparing but it doesn’t concern us. The band’s current direction has nothing to do with any previous project, therefore it stands on its own.

– Soon your new album, “Ashlands”, will be unleashed. Though isn’t out yet, I guess you have already heard/read some feedback. How has it been so far? And what are your expectations?
Some feedback but not much. The only real review I’ve read so far is yours. There are no expectations. We focus on creating and getting our music heard, if a review or two draws more attention to our material then great.

– “Ashlands” will be released via AFM Records and your debut came out through Temple of Darkness. What made you move?
We only had a one album deal with TOD. After the recording of ‘Ashlands’ we were contacted by a group of labels that wanted to release it. AFM drew the longest straw.

– And how did you hook up with AFM? As they don’t have much Black Metal bands in their rooster.
REV 16:8 is not the typical AFM band, I agree. What I can say is that AFM gave the best general impression and in the end we decided to go with that label.

– The album has been, as your previous one, recorded at the Necromorbus Studios, which seem to be perfect ones for your sound. Are you satisfied with the final result? As it sounds really clear, which makes easier appreciate every detail in your music.
We’ve worked together several times in the past. It’s been a practical choice. For every new recording Sverker knows what the previous session sounded like and what to improve on or change. Sound-wise we got what we were looking for.

– I could say you have even improved your balance between brutality and melody in “Ashlands” (though I think both things have always been quite important in your music). Is your music a “conscious” sound? Or just how things flow?
Our music is an honest and untampered outlet of our visions, but sometimes we need to steer it in the right direction to fit in its bigger context.

– And how is the composition process in a band like you? Is it a team work or…
It’s a teamwork to a certain extent. Sometimes we have finished tracks ready so that vocal/lyrical arrangements can begin. When a track is missing material then we occasionally share our thoughts on it and see what improvements it needs and in which direction it’s supposed to face.

– Another element that I could stand out from your music is the obscure, cold and “agonic” atmospheres. What inspires you to compose them or compose in a general view? What’s de driving force behind your music?
The driving influence for REV 16:8 is life, its continually tainting canvas, its frail ground and its glorious insignificance. The goal is for the music and the words to form the perfect expression of utter disgust. The combination is a celebration to the mind and to the tortures of what life is.

– I think your strong compositions make your music quite interesting and impressive while lots of current BM bands playing with melody and different passages or paces tend to fall into monotony. What could you say make you guys different from most of the current Black Metal bands?
I have no definitive answer to that. One explanation could be that many BM bands strive to sound like other bands in the genre. All our efforts go to improving our previous material. That’s all I have to say about that.

– Anyway, you’re usually compared to bands as, for example, SECRETS OF THE MOON. But do you really think can you be compared to any other band?
Comparisons are for others to do if they wish, we never compare our stuff to anything but our own.

– If I’m not wrong, lyrics from “Grand Tidal Rave” dealt with mythological themes, but what are the main ideas/stories in this brand new “Ashlands”? Have most lyrics been written by you once more? And, if so, how do you think is this positive for your vocal performance?
You’re correct about the theme for the first album. This time I’ve written all the lyrics for ‘Ashlands’. The new one deals with life, views of life from different standpoints. From experiences, thoughts to conclusions on to form the complete expression. The music and the lyrics form the symbiosis.

– When I reviewed your new album I wrote that I don’t know actually what will you be doing in future releases since “Ashlands” is quite near from perfection. Do you care about improving with each new release your previous albums? Do you have any goal (musically speaking)?
Much appreciated. Well nothing is ever really complete or perfect. There is always room for improvement and that’s the case here also.

– I also described the record as a journey through your music and lyrics but, what does your music mean to you?
It’s a definition of what we are. The most important part for everyone involved.

– What are your near-future plans? Have you had any tour or gigs offer?
Promoting the new al
bum and slowly starting to channel ideas into new material. The only gig booked is the Summer Breeze festival in Germany.

– And speaking of gigs, do you have any session members for your shows?
When the time comes we will have people joining us on stage.

– That’s all, Talon. Thank you once more for your time and congratulations for your new album.
If you now want to add any final thoughts to the interview, last lines are yours.
Thanks a lot for the interview.

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