– Hello Don and thanks for taking the time. To start this interview, what’s NUNSLAUGHTER currently up to?
We are preparing for a few fest dates here in the USA and we are looking into a few tour dates in Brazil. We also have 4 or 5 releases coming out very soon and we just finished a video for a song called “God”.

– Due to the re-release for «DEMOSlaughter» I would like to get a bit into this compilation. Have you had anything to do with the decision of this re-release?
Yes. I am very involved with every release of NunSlaughter. I helped in the redesign of the booklet as well as the design of the LP book and how the box set should look.

– And how did you work on the selection for those demos?
That was the easy part. We just used my original tapes and went through all the old NS tapes to select what was listenable. I still have many old rehearsals but I don’t think I will release them because they are just not ugly enough.

– The cover artwork and the whole layout and package are new. What can you explain us about it? The artist, etc.
We used the same piece of art from the original pressing but the artist, Matt Putrid, had a friend of his colorize the piece. I happened to be at Matts house and he showed it to me and I thought we should use it for the re-release. He did an excellent job and it will surprise a lot of people that have the original version.

– With all the MP3 thing going on, it seems like people have less interest for the album artworks and the whole packaging but, how important is for NUNSLAUGHTER having a well-cared artwork?
Surprisingly the whole MP3 thing has not seemed to affect NunSlaughter. We always try to have superior pieces of art and I think we have had a chance to work with some amazing artists. They entrust we will give their piece the respect it deserves. I really like having pieces of art like that in my house.

– «DEMOSlaughter» collects 6 demos, the second one is «Rotting Christ», which sounds really rough but curiously the next one («Impale the Souls of Christ on the Inverted Cross») has a pretty clear sound. This was also the first demo where you sang. What can you tell us about this one? Is there any concrete reason for this change in it’s sound?
We were kids and did not know what the hell we were doing when we recorded the demos. The Rotting Christ demo was by mistake and it was not meant to be but there are people that like the sound of the demo. It is grinding.
I had an engineer on the Impale the Soul demo. He has his own 4 track machine and actually knew how to run it. The demos suffers from low quality microphones and our inability to mix and master but it is the first demo where I started singing and started to take control over the band. Both musically and creatively.

– Much songs from the «The Guts of Christ» demo can also be found on the «Goat» album. What suppose this demo to you?
We have managed to re-record all of the old demo songs and put them on to our studio release. This is the same for virtually every band out there we just took longer to get into the studio to record a full length album.

– With «Face of Evil» we noticed an important change, it was the drum work, as this was your first release with drummer Sadist. How do you think the drum sound improved since he entered the band?
Jim Sadists creativity and influence can not be overstated. If it was not for Jim I would not be doing this band. Weather or not that is a good thing is another story but his unique style and talent to write and arrange songs is unparalleled.

– You have also included a demo by DEATH SENTENCE. What are your memories from that period?
What a fucking wreck. That is my biggest memory. The drummer, Jer and I wanted to do a death metal band but the guitarist wanted a thrash band. That is what came of the band. We could not agree on anything and when it cane time to record no one wanted to put money into a proper recording. It was all for fun and not serious at all but it started me down the path.

– And why did you change to NUNSLAUGHTER? I think DEATH SENTENCE were way more Thrash, did this have something to do?
I was more a fan of Death Metal. Thrash was a bit pretentious and I wanted to sing about Satan and hell. Jere and I got together and decided to ditch the guitar player. I started learning how to play bass and our friend, Greg, wanted to sing. It was a match made in HELL.

– With this release into your hands, how do you now see your evolution has been since you released
these demos?

It is the realization that all of those years of making metal music were not wasted. We made some metal that people have connected to and they will not let it go. This is amazing to me and I am humbled but the outpouring of adoration.

– And what do you think can provide to your die hards?
Our undying commitment to make “non-poser” metal music. We did not sell out mike so many of our contemporaries and we continue down our path.

– Since you were formed you have provided an amazing amount of releases (splits, demos, full-length albums…) Have you ever ran out of ideas?
There are a few times here and there that we have run low on ideas but thankfully we did not run out. Having new members helps keep ideas fresh and between me and Jim we will do this for many more years.

– Due to this I guess you are quite committed to the band so, what does NUNSLAUGHTER mean nowadays in your life?
It has moved to the forefront of my life and who I am. I basically have nothing else but music and NunSlaughter in my life so I am focusing everything I can into the band. I want to write and record so many more records. Well over half my life has been in NunSlaughter I cant give up now.

– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Can we expect having a new NUNSLAUGHTER full-length record soon?
Currently we have no plans to record a full length album. Many split records coming out in 2011. We may return to the studio to do some recording of old 7” songs but who knows. I just kinda go with the flow if it interests me then we will record.

– That’s all, thanks once more for your time and feel free to add any last words.

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