– Hello and, first of all, thanks for taking the time. We had to wait 8 years between «Murder Metal» and «Grim Scary Tales». Why did it take you so long to release a new album?
A: This is a frequently asked question and there is no good answer for it.. We took a step back from writing due to personal reasons but we were still doing tours and festivals throught the years..

– And what have you guys been up to during these years?
A: We’ve all been busy with life working hard and writing new material..

– «Grim Scary Tales» was released past January. How has been its feedback? Both from the fans and press.
A: The press has been giving it really good ratings. There’s been a couple of assholes from the press that bad mouth it but you can’t please everybody. These people obviously don’t know their music and only want to listen to crap that’s already been done a million times..
As for the fans, everyone loves it so far.

– You got a new enginer/producer for this album, Geoof Montgomery. Are you happy with the final result? Will you work with him in future releases?
A: The final result is great! We are very happy with it and we will be using Geoff for all of our recordings from now on..

– What I think standsout of this album is it’s versatility, both musically and vocally, more melody in both aspects. Could we say we this new record is more mature than the previous ones?
A: Our music is always evolving along with our playing ability,the range of vocal styles is just one of the things you’ll hear in future Macabre recordings..

– I think we can clearly find new elements in this album but, what could you say differences it from «Murder Metal»?
A:We tried to mix the styles of music on this album a little more to keep it interesting,if you keep doing the same thing over and over again it’s like beating a dead horse and it gets pretty fucking boring…

– Now that I mentioned that album, you have described your music style as so (Murder Metal), that means you’re music style’s unique and is actually impossible to label it. How positive is this for a Metal band nowadays?
A: It’s very important today to be original and it’s getting harder to do this for a lot of bands now days because everyones mother and brother is in a band and everyones sounding the same… Blast beats and fast guitar riffs get old real fast.. This is one of the reasons we always try to be different and catch you off guard,it keeps it intersting..

– Do you consider you have taken a new musical direction? Or will you be constantly evolving?
A: Our music has evolved naturally over the years and will continue to do so,you can always expect to hear pounding double bass and catchy melodies in all of our recordings to come..

– One of the tracks from the album that caught my attention was «Mary Ann», full of melody and with a strong 70’s vibe (in my humble opinion). Will we find more songs like this in upcoming albums?
A: You can expect the unexpected with Macabre on every recording,past present and future..

– You’re now celebrating your 25th anniversary so, after all these years into the music world, how do you see your evolution since «Grim Reality»?
A: It’s been a long road indeed and we’ve been through many trials and tribulations. The band has evolved tremendously since Grim Reality as you can hear in our playing ability and our music is finally taking a stronghold in the music world as we know it today…

– And, since them, the line-up has always remained the same. Is it easy?
A:It’s hard at times but we always stuck together,we’re like brothers. It’s been the same three guys since 1982 along with a couple of other singers (in the early 80’s)  that eventually got the boot..

– I read it will be a second part for the album; could you anticipate us anything about it? How many stuff do you have ready for it?
A: The second part of the album will be based on more recent killers. All of the lyrics are written and some of the music is too..

– You have always had a concrete lyrical theme. How did you interest for serial killers start?
A: It all started with Corporate Death doing a school report on serial killers in high school and it all unravelled from there..

– And how do you document?
A: Corporate death does a lot of reading on serial killers and transforms it into lyrics..

– After all these years talking about serial killers, do you see yourself ending up as some kind of Bela Lugosi?
A: I think my mind is stable,it’s Corporate Death you have to worry about!

– Past 2010 you toured Europe with IMMOLATION and NAPALM DEATH. How was that tour like?
A: The tour was great! We were treated well and all the shows were kick ass!!

– And you’ll tour Europe once more next April. Will more dates be confirmed? Or is the tour already closed?
I think all the dastes are confirmed..

– And finally, what can we expect from MACABRE in short-term?
You can expect to see us a lot more often as we plan to tour consistantly from this point on..

– That’s all from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add any last thoughts, last lines are yours.
I want to thank all the fans who have stuck with us for all these years! This album is for you!!!

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