– Hello and thanks for taking the time.  Before getting into your upcoming album, I would like to know how and why did you guys come up with the band name and where did it come from.
its actually from a  counting crows song. one night paul and i were looking through layouts trying to find cool words/phrases, and he found between the buried and me. we thought it fit what we were trying to do with the band. i like to think it means what you do during your life… making the best of it.

– Soon before releasing your brand new “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues”, tell us what are your expectations for such album, as “The Great Misdirect” got an overwhelming acceptance…
its hard to have expectations honestly. we just write the best songs we can and hope people like them. so far so good. i’m very proud of the record and i think people will really enjoy it.

– “The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues” is the first part for a two-chapter story so, could you please explain us the main concepts and ideas behind this story?
its about two different men on two different planets. there lives include drastic decisions that affect them and there surrounding(even the world they live in) most of the record is them spending time alone debating their decisions and figuring out what the next move is. they are connected in some way and we’ll find out more in the next record. this album is an intro into their lives. there are some connections with some past songs we’ve written, which was really fun to do.

– And how did the idea of releasing this kind of album arise? Do you already have something planned or ready for the second chapter?
we wanted to try something different. since colors we’ve always wanted to do a full out concept record, and the time felt right to do so. we haven’t started writing for the second half yet. this summer will be spent getting that done.

– What do the two characters in the album have in common with you?
thinking to much. they are alone a lot, which i’ve dealt with the last year or so. the mind can cause a lot of problems and thinking too much by yourself is a direct result of that.

– And how has been working in a conceptual album? Is it easier to focus on just one story or the contrary?
its very different. i think its harder. i’ve never had to stick to a plan/story. normally its just whatever pops into my head. it was nice to step outside of my comfort zone with lyrics and try something new. as far as much went,  it was very natural.

– The record is built upon just 3 tracks, why? Has been easy to collect the story in just 3 songs?
nothing is ever planned with us. 3 songs was the right amount because it felt write. the record felt complete at that point. obviously the full length will be longer and have more songs… we’ll just have to see.

– This has been your first piece with Metal Blade, how did you guys hook up with them? It’s a bigger label than the previos ones you have worked with, have you felt this in any way? I mean in terms of promotion, etc.
its been great so far. its hard to judge everything when you don’t have a record out yet. but they are very supportive in what we do, and its been a very caring relationship so far. we are really excited for the future!

– What are your near-future plans? Any touring plans?
touring lots. two full US/canada tours, europe/uk tour, turkey, isreal, and hopefully some other places in there. also writing the next record. going to be a busy year.

– Last 2010 we could see you for first time (if I’m not wrong) in Spain, is there any chance of seeing you guys here once more? What are your memories of your shows in Spain?
i hope so! those shows were amazing! such  a beautiful country. amazing people as well. we really got to enjoy the sites because we drove from madrid to barcelona. got to see a lot of the country side. thats always my favorite part…. and meeting the amazing fans!

– That has been all, thanks once more for your time. If you now want to add any last words, feel free to do it.
thanks! hope to see you sooner than later!

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