– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How is everything doing right now with the band? What are you currently up to?
Hi, we’re living a very inspiring moment concerning our music, our new single will be released before the summer, together with our new promotional video.


– First off, as I guess some people reading this interview won’t know about you yet; would you mind to make some history of SMALL JACKETS?
The project has started in 2004, the heart of the band were Lu Silver and Danny Savanas, leading vocals and drums respectively. Danny was just coming out of a very exciting experience with Paul Chain’s solo projects. The first album “Play at high level” was released in March 2004. It received rave reviews from widely-known magazines. We toured a lot  in Italy during that period, especially thanks to the cooperation with GoDown Records. “Walking the boogie”, was our second chapter. Nick Royale and Robert, singers and guitarists of The Hellacopters, recorded the solos in the song “Forever night” during the tour we did together. The band’s third album entitled “Cheap Tequila”was released in March 2009. It was produced in Sweden by Chips K (Sator) and Henryk Lipp, the same sound producers/engineers who previously created the sound for – and worked in the studio with – The Hellacopters, The Nomads, Sator, Millencolin. Among the various guests found on the record we found singer Walt Lafty of Silvertide, an American band that needs no big introductions. Our last album, “IV”, presents a line up change. Mark Oak, our bass player, takes Lu Silver’s place in the role of leading singer, while Lu decides to take on his solo career. The Swedish label Transubstans fall in love with this album and decides to produce it and “IV” gets very good reviews on many specialized magazines such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, etc… “IV” has a hardest taste compared to our first albums and it has allowed us to be more open and energetic, also on stage, especially thanks to the two leading guitars.


– You have shared stage with bands such as THE HELLACOPTERS or IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC among many others. In fact you have always been a pretty active live band. What have been some of the highlights? And what acts would you like to someday share stage with?
Playing with bands you admire is always special, above all if there’s also a feeling on the personal level. The tour with Hellacopters and then the one with Imperial have been absolutely fantastic! But there have been other great cooperations, with Quireboys, Hardcore Superstar, and even opening for Spultura at Rock’Im’Ring. It would be great to share the stage with some huge bands like ZZ TOP or Aerosmith for example…someday!

small jackets– In fact next month you will play in Spain again. What can we expect to see from you? And any nice memories of past gigs in our country?
It is the fourth time in Spain for us!! From north to south we always remember  a beautifu country, warm rn’r nights, excellent»comida»and very nice women!!   We really like to race in our van among these wild lands…  we remember a funny story in the tunnel of madrid… We got lost and drove in the tunnel  for more than 1 hour!!!!!

– You play a brand of Rock n’ Roll that mixes elements of bands such as THIN LIZZY or THE BLACK CROWES, you even add certain 60’s and Southern elements too but, what could you say are the main musical influences for SMALL JACKETS?
Impossible to tell you only one band name! Every musician in the band has different musical background, that’s why we mix genres. Is really difficult for us compose music in the same way because we don’t like to repeat ourself! We like doing that because we can create different atmospheres during our live shows!


– And what motivated you to form a band into this style?
The idea was to play the rock music we loved without thinking to much!!!  We just play the music that makes us feel good!! We play the way we are! We couldn’t do it any other way!!!


– You are hailing from Italy, which isn’t really known worlwide for its Rock bands. How is the scene over there? Are there any other bands playing a simialr style to yours worth mentioning?
Italy is well known for food… not for Rock bands!!! In the past we used to have a more stimulating and interesting  underground than now. A lot of clubs are shutting down because of the recession. Fortunately we have good band friend like BROKENDOOLS, OJM, TITUS, LESTER GRENOWSKY, KING MASTINO ecc ecc


– You released your latest album, «IV», in 2013. Now that have been almost 3 years since then, how did this album work?
We’re really proud of «IV»! It is the first album with the new singer, it was a r/evolution for the band!!!  We received a lot of amazing reviews from all the magazines like ROCK HARD, METAL HAMMER… ecc ecc

– And are you already working on new material?
Yes, we have more than 10 songs on the way. We take the time to prepare it at the best! Ready for the new small jackets 3album!!!


– I read you will soon have a new song and video ready. Is there anything you could already tell us about it?
We recorded 2 new songs and we are shooting the video. We will release it before this summer! Prepare yourself, you will see a new side of the band!!!


– For what I have read «IV» got ranging reviews all over. Did you expect such a good feedback? And did this positive reaction both from the fans and press helped open new doors for the band?
The album has been interesting in many ways, this new interest has been a challenge for us, because it was the first album with Transubstans records. It’s been a good thing, many doors have opened for us and we’ve received some contacts that we hope will help us to reach even a wider audience.


– A lot of bands lately are playing a somehow traditional or even «retro» if you will kind of Rock, but most of them are into a more Blues direction. But you just play Rock, mixing different kind of Rock styles from different periods so, what could you say sets SMALL JACKETS apart from other bands into your style?
We come from the blues as well, but we like writing songs that keep the attention of the listener alive. We have no rest in composing. We like playing with genres, we try to push ourselves to discover our limits and challenge them. The new tracks we’re working on surely will come as a surprise to our fans.

– Into this genre the sound is really important, and you have always managed to get a natural, classic sound. How do you use to do the production and recording of your albums?
We always record our albums with a prepruduction in our rehearsing room. This helps us to have all the parts very clear in mind, everyone knows what they should do, and this allows us to be more creative with the sound in the studio. The sound of the drums for example is very important for our genre, if the drums have a good sound, then probably the whole album will and the guitars will just fit in naturally on the right frequencies.

– How could you describe both the music and spirit of SMALL JACKETS in just 3 words?

small jackets 2
– And finally, what are now your near-future plans?
You will see a new video on may/June with the new «HIT»!!! Don’t miss it!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanks to you, and to your passion for music.


Tania Giménez

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