– First of all many thanks for answering to our interview. How’s the band currently doing?

The band just keeps chugging along. At the moment we’re just kind of laying back and not much playing.

– This year you have released your new album, «Death to the World»; tell us a bit how was the songwriting process for it.

The writing process hasn´t changed much over the years. I write and arrange all the music on my little Boss home studio. Once all the music is written I send everyone cd’s and they work on their parts at home. Usually i’ll write down where I think the vocals will go and let the singer write the lyrics. I’m not a lyric guy! From there we bring it into the studio and go.


– Listening to this new effort I see you have kept, in some way, your old style but, at the same time, there’s a change in the vocal melodies; is this the sound you wanted for this new album?

I dont think ever really try to sound like anything. I just ends up they way it does. Paul Souza is certainly more melodic in his writing than original vocalist Mike Munro is.


– Comment a bit what are MELIAH RAGE talking about on this new record. Is there a general concept or, on the contrary, each sogs expresses a different feeling? And what does its title and cover artwork represent?

The overall theme of this record is about someone being in a dark place metally. Wether is being a soldier coming back from war and having mental issues over the carnage he or she has seen or someone who is just suffering from deep depression.


– It has also caught my attention the Paul Souza’s comeback at vocals; what happened to Mike, whom recorded your previous piece?

Mike Munro the original vocalist came back to the band in 2009 to record the album Masquerade. From the beginning of that project Mike let us know that he was’nt sure if he was in it for the long run as he has a young family and dedicates all his time for that. It was certainly a treat for his fans but when it came time to make Dead To The World he declined so Paul Souza was brought back for the record.


– And another thing I’m curious about is why Mike and Paul have been sharing vocal duties since 2003. Is this something spontaneous or something planned for each release?

Pretty much all of the above.


– You belong to the American «wave» from tghe late 80’s, with that sound between Heavy and Thrash, as other bands as METAL CHURCH, LIEGE LORD, HEATHEN or SANCTUARY. How were your first steps like and how was that period for you?

It was a great time!! We were signed in 1988 by Epic Records it was pretty cool. Right after the release of our first record Kill To Survive we did a 3 month U.S. tour with Metal Church when they were at the peak of their popularity. We also did a small tour with Manowar and Nuclear Assult plus many other very cool shows. Needless to say the Seattle grunge movement killed al that about 3 years later!


– Your first album, «Kill to Survive», is a cult record into the American Power scene; have you noticed this nowadays, thanks to the new technologies and the easy access to bands and albums? Maybe more support from your fans?

There is no doubt that it’s our most known record along with it’s follow up Solitary Solitude. Wether or not technoligy has anything to do with it…not sure??


– Between 1990 and 2003 you didn’t have much activity; did you dissolve the band or those jsut weren’t good times for the band or for that music style in general?

Actually our second record came out in 1990 and we did some shows that year. More like 1992 thru 1995 was the real slow time. Again grunge took a toll on most metal bands. We did some demos with Sully Erna as the drummer in that time period and that was eventually released as the Unfinished Business record.


– Coming back to your present; what are your touring and general live plans?

Probabaly not much at this time. Maybe in the summer of 2012. I do know that 2013 will be the 25th anniverary of the release of Kill To Survive so there might be something up our sleaves!!


– And with a view to the future; how does it look for MELIAH RAGE? Do you have something in mind about what would you like to do you haven’t done yet?

The above!


– That has been all from our side, just wish you good luck and hope to see you someday touring Spain.

Thanks !!!!!!!

Paco Gómez



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