– Hello, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with LETHAL STEEL? What’s going on right now into the band’s camp?
Everything is going just fine! At the moment we are rehearsing for our release party gig, that will take place january 29th at a club called Nalen here in central Stockholm. We are also writing on a couple of new songs.


– If I’m not mistaken the band was formed in 2012 and that same year you did your first demo (with a circulacion of 50 copies only). Would you mind to tell us a little bit how were those first steps like?
Actually we formed in 2011, we did a demo that same year which we later on decided to scrap. When we released the 2012 demo, we got a lot of postitive feedback and got a couple of live performance requests. At that point Christoffer wasn’t in the band, our earlier bassist Sebbe was playing then (from 2011 to 2013). I think the greatest thing the demo gave us, was the ability for us to play Muskelrock (2013) and we later that year got an deal from High Roller Records..

– And could you please sum up a little bit how have the years from the emo until your debut album been like for the band?
Both good and bad, we have been pretty slow with the progress of this Album, maybe a little bit lazy, due to the fact that we like to party a lot, and such things. But 2013 espacially was a great year for us, with a lot of shows all over Sweden.

– You are quite young and play a mix of 80’s Heavy from different scenes with subtle nods to Speed Metal. What motivated you to form a band like this?
It came pretty natural for all of us I think. This is the music we all listen to and it’s the music that we want to play. The biggest motivation I think was the fact that there is almost no good classic heavy metal bands these days, you were forced to take matters into your own hands.

– In fact your land has always been really prolific into the style, with classics suh as HEAVY LOAD, ZONE ZERO or GOTHAM CITY among others. How much of an influence has been the music from your country for the LETHAL STEEL’s sound?
It has been a very big influence, not everything but relly a huge part. The old swedish scene is one of the best (if lethal steelnot the greatest) heavy metal scene around, and we just really wanted to have the sound that those bandshad.

– Anyway I also notice influences from the NWOBHM or even certain Speed Metal nuances, as in the track «Nocturnal Seductress». So what have been the most inspirational acts for the sound of LETHAL STEEL?
Yeah, I think the most inspiational bands have been: Jonah Quizz, Gotham City, Sortilege, Grim Reaper and bands like that. I don’t think we have sat down and talked about the influences before we have written our music, we only use riffs we think sound good.


– This debut album is coming out early next year and is entitled «Legion of the Night». What are you feeling about it? Are you pleased with the final outcome?
I am very pleased with it, I really got a positive reaction on the production that Olof (Wikstrand) was able to create, we were working with pretty simple studio tools, so all cred to him. The songs feel very well made and I think we pulled of making a real great record, it’s always something you want to change but overall it’s great.


– Starting to dwell a little bit into it; what does it’s title make reference to?
It makes reference to the first song of the album ”Sirius”. We tought that it sounded like it could represent the sound of the entire album.


– And how could you say it fits your lyrics? What are some of the ideas covered on «Legion of the Night»?
The lyrics are mainly taken from real life, only added to them an evil twist.

– For instance «Night of the Witch» it’s based upon a Swedish lore. Would you mind to shed some light?
Of course Night Of The Witch isn’t taken from real life, Night Of The witch is about an old folklore in Sweden, where the witches travel far away, using brooms and inverted cows to fly to a place called ”Blåkulla” where they feast with the devil and have large orgys with children they have lured with them.

– In fact I think the whole album has a quite dark halo. Was this something you were striving for, maybe in order to portrait your lyrics better?
Not really, i think we have quiet dark minds, so it’s not suprising it ended up like that. I don’t think we are too dark, it’s just the way our music sounds like.

– I read the album was recorded with the help of Olof Wikstrand, but couldn’t find any details on the production, etc. So what was actually his input? And how was the overall recording/production process? You got a really natural sound I think.
He helped us structure the recording process, he obviously has a lot of experience in recording and in producing. He was the perfect choice for us, he has great knowledge in how a heavy metal production should sound and he pushed us to really do our best.


– On the other hand something that caught my attention were the vocals, having a certain lethal steel 3JONAH QUIZZ vibe that perfectly matches those galloping rythmns. Could you say this can be one of the trademarks of the band?
Yeah, acually Jonah Quizz has been a great inspirational source for my singing. I think my vocals may be a trademark for Lethal Steel, ’cause I may sound pretty original, or so i’ve heard at least.

– On the album you mix different elements and influences from different styles in a really cohessive way, blending sounds even on one single song. Is it easy to sound diverse yet traditional and natural?
Yeah, a long as it makes sence in the build-up of the songs or the album. It’s not something I’ve given much thought. We just write songs and if they’re good we use them, we do not often go back to a mediocre song to pick a certain good riff or vocal part to use in the future.


– Songs are well-structured and well-developed, with changes but always keeping a straight forward and simple core. Due to this I would like to know how was the songwriting process like and if you had any idea in mind of how should the album sound beforehand.
Usually it’s me and Leo sitting down together, and if something comes up, we use it. We often finnish the song in one sitting, with that said, we change some parts later on, when we start to rehearse it and really can hear how the song develops. We had a pretty clear view of how we wanted the album to sound, but when veryone gets their input on it, it’s obvious that the outcome isn’t exactly as we imagined. I think the outcome was way better.

– All this about «Legion of the Night» being said; how could you descirbe it in just 3 words?
Swedish Heavy Metal.


–  This album will be released by none less than High Roller Records.  How did you hook up with them?
When we grew tired of playing the demo songs show after show, we decided that we were ready to do a album so we wrote to High Roller Records and they immediately responded well and the rest is history.


–  It’s probably one of the labels around that fits the best a band like you. How is everyting working with them? Does being with such a strong and well stablished label gives you more strength so to speak?
Yeah of course, they are really professional and they are exactly the right forum for us to be involved with.

–  In general the Metal scene is an overcrowded one, but specially in Sweden there are a lot of different bands taking back traditional Heavy Metal, such as STEELWING, BLACK TRIP or AMBUSH among many others. What could you say LETHAL STEEL brings to this scene?
We are the only band playing real classic swedish heavy metal, no other influences. We are not interested in mixing our music with modern sounds or atmospheres.

–  As I said, it seems like there’s lately a huge interest for traditional Heavy Metal. Have you noticed this interest with LETHAL STEEL in any way? Is it something positive that there is this interest or maybe it makes things harder, as competence may be big?
We have received a lot of positive reactions from a lot of people, which makes us believe that the interest is growing for this type of music. And this is really great, it’s excactly what the metal community needs today. I think that as the number of heavy metal bands grow, there is a larger chance that there will be more great metal bands out there.


–  Now before we wrap this interview up, and as the end of the year is drawing nearer, I would like you to tell us what have been your 3 favourite albums of the year as well as the worst one.
I haven’t really listened to this years albums so far. But if i need to chose. Iron Maiden – ”Book Of Souls”, Enforcer – ”From Beyond” and Satan – ”Atom by atom”. I don’t really know which one has been the worst one, but I can imagine there’s a lot of bad albums.


–  And finally, what are now your near-future plans?
Hopefully a strong number of shows both in Sweden and internationally. And that we will be able to start writing new songs and start working on a new album.


lethal steel 2–  That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
We are really happy that we are getting a lot of positive feedback from so many people that listen to us, and we want to take this chance to thank all of you. We need this support and true heavy metal needs this support. Buy the album and we promise you wont be sorry!


Tania Giménez

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