– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How is everything doing right now into the KVLTISTs camp? What’s keeping you guys busy?
Ave! Right now we are preparing some T-Shirts which will be made in due time, as well as laying down the first sketches for the second album. Even if it seems to be quiet in our camp, there is always some movement, more or less. And there are a lot of interviews to be done, of course, as the album is freshly released.


– The band was formed in 2013. Considering it is a project with a steady message and concept, what prompted you forming KVLTIST?
In fact, the band was officially formed already in 2012, and the first idea to that came to mind even 10 years before. The spark was already there, it just needed its fuel to become a full-grown flame. When I started to think about KVLTIST, it had to become a very personal project, solely founded on my very own deep religious believes in all aspects of the Devil and His mysteries, without any compromises for me to make in terms of music or lyrics. And another very important aspect was to work only with people who could share my vision of what KVLTIST had to become, under His guidance. This led to Amon Xul becoming main vocalist of KVLTIST, having Ceethava doing the artwork, as well as us being working together with World Terror Committee Productions. All people involved ,in whatever form, share the same vision and are pouring loads of dedication into it. It is a collective of Devil-Worship and Black Metal-Worship in one.


– That same year you started to work on the material that is now your debut album, «Catechesis». How have the songs grown and matured throughout these years?
As you have to behold “Catechesis” as one big opus which should not be reduced to the particular songs it contains, I would say the album in itself has grown over the years, the vision martured and became flesh, more and more with each single song added and lit on His altar. The songs itself were fleshed out during the process and when a song was done, I left it alone as a completed piece of the big canvas, before moving on to the next.

– In fact almost the whole opus was recorded by yourself. How was the process like? Is it easier, as no one like you knows how the album is supposed to sound, or rather the opposite?
It is easier, because I had the complete work in mind and was able to compose and record everything according to my own vision without any compromise or any outer influence. This was and is a very important aspect which I will keep in the future as well. For the vocals, this is also valid, because when the music is finished, Amon Xul also does his voices entirely by his own image without anyone exactly telling him what to do but the ever-murmuring whispers from the very depths. This is how it works best, each of us has his very own vision on his part, to make the whole opus worthy to herald the glory of the Devil.


– Then the album was mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony. Even though kvltistthe quite raw, straight-forward basis on your music, the sound is pretty clear. Was this the vision you had in mind?
The overall sound was a thing I debated over and struggled for quite a long time. I was and am tired of the typical “modern” sound with all its artificial, digital sonics and overdone compression and limiting of which especially Black Metal suffers a lot from. Being infused with Black Metal since the early 90´s, we then decided to combine the rawness of these days with the clarity and impact of a more “modern” production. We wanted to avoid the loudness-war bullshit at all cost to maintain the subtle dynamics in our music and give it an analogous feel. Both people we worked with, Alexander Schiborr for the mix and Patrick W. Engel for the mastering, understood this aim of us at once and shaped the sound according to our vision without being instructed by us that much. They really delivered and we raise our chalices to them and their work.

– Musically your Black Metal is multifaceted, constantly changing. Is this a way to keep things musically interesting or it rather comes from something greater?
It comes from beyond, literally. When I compose I have to be in a certain, solitary state to open myself to His emanations. I just let go and listen to the whispers inside myself which then become flesh in form of music. Aside from an overall concept for a song which I write down when the idea is given, nothing is planned and the music shapes in all its facets while I work on it, without too much thinking, just driven by the emotions and inspirations within me, accompanied by the flame of Lucifer that is enlightening the creative path on which I walk. Sometimes, when I finish a song, I feel quite surprised how the result has turned out, because often I even don´t remember how I wrote this or that part. When I´m fully within His presence, time and environment often loose their meaning. It´s not easy to explain at all, one has to feel it.

– Riffs seem to play a big role on the album and are an example of the aforementioned, being all riffs different to each other…
While each element in our music has its significance, the riffs are the major keys to the portals we wish to open. They are often layered, moving and shifting from front to back likes waves in a lava lake. Sometimes they hit fully in your face, then again they are subtle movements beyond, which you don´t notice at first. It´s all created by the moment. The style, sound and place of a riff in a song is always a portrayal of my own reflection at the time when the riff actually plays.


– The atmosphere also seems to be an important part of the album and it’s really powerful and captivating. What do you want to convey with it?
Density, unease, awe, the feeling of His magnificent presence all around you. If the album is able to arouse such intense feelings, the purpose of “Catechesis” is fulfilled and we have managed to sow a seed of the Devil into the mind of the listener. Nothing more than that.

– You have had some guest vocalists. Would you mind to elaborate a little bit on who are they and what have they brought with their cooperation?
Amon Xul had the idea to incorporate the guest vocalists (Hellchrist Xul/Funeral Winds; Necrosodom/Azarath & Deus Mortem; S. Deathcurse; Hekte Zaren) because of their well-known uttermost dedication to both the Devil and Black Metal in general. And they contributed their parts with uttermost devotion to the subject. In my opinion, the result is overwhelming as their voices add even more malice to the work of diabolic worship which is “Catechesis”, making everything even more complete.

– The album is somehow an ode, or an offering to Lucifer. Nowadays that this seems to be just something fitting an aesthetic, is this also de case of KVLTIST or are lyrics based on your personal beliefs and worshipping?
The whole album and its lyrics are entirely settled upon our very own believes. It is about what has grown within us already since childhood. It is about our faith to the Devil in all his manifestations and mockery / despise of the demiurge. We did not read some occult books and decided that now we are Satanists. You are born this way. You were given the roots and by your acts and by gathering knowledge you grow your tree until it pierces the heavens. You are dealing with dangerous entities which are able to destroy you utterly when you are not prepared, so you must tread His path fully prepared and with caution. Today you have a lot of bands and people only following this path because it is a trend to read occult books, lighten incense, use certain symbols and sigils and behave like some sort of black esoterical neo-hippies. The essence behind all this is very real and, as I´ve said, utterly destructive if confronted this lightheartenedly. Occult literature on specific topics can support you on your path, to understand things better in terms of faith and ritual, to provide answers to your questions. Ritual is used for both contemplation as well as adoration. But it all shall not be the source of your belief, as you will get destroyed if you don´t have a stable base of faith within you and delve into the chasm just for the sake of it.


– In fact the Devil manifests through your songs on His differen incarnations, from Lucifer to the Serpent. Are there any specifical doctrines or traditions that have influenced specially your work on the album?
The Devil wears many masks in many if not all cultures. We have a catholic background as many people born here in Germany, so for us it was clear and natural to concentrate on any aspect of Him found in our own culture. The serpent, encouraging sin and free will against the commandments of god; Lucifer, the morning star, shedding the black light of knowledge into your Self to become exalted, the beastly medieval Devil who is all-tempting and who is striking fear in the hearts of the followers of the trinity…  All those are spiritual and visual manifestations of the one higher, unspeakable principle of the Adversary to whom we are committed.

– So we could somehow consider your album or the band a vessel. Being «Cathechesis» an eucharistic opus, what’s the message you want to spread?
There is no message to spread. As you said, KVLTIST is a vessel, containing the very essence of the Devil. It is Black Metal, the music of and for the Devil. It is extreme liturgical music solely created for His glory. So when you listen to “Catechesis” you get exactly that, be aware to be filled with His spirit as it is the mentioned very essence by which KVLTIST merely exists. It can exalt you as well as pull you down into the deepest abyss. So be careful, or succumb.

– Due to this I would like to know what’s «Catechesis» and the band for you? Is it some sort of ritual? And if so, how was the songwriting process like?
It is indeed a form of a ritual, because it channels energies from far beyond into our music. When we are writing and recording the music or laying down the vocals, we need an inner and an outer setting. The inner setting is to prepare ourselves to expel what has filled us. The outer setting – such as decorating the place where we then work with skulls and candles and the like – helps us to visualise and shape the things which will leave our bodies through hand and mouth at the stage of creation. All has its meaning, the inner and outer setting as described cannot work each on their own, they are both interconnected. Therefor, KVLTIST is all vessel, ritual and revelation to us. This can be projected to “Catechesis” as well as the releases coming in the future.

kvltist catechesis cover
– The entity you worship on the album is firmly represented on the cover artwork, crafted by Ceethava. Could you please tell us more about it? Like what does it represent, how did you work on it, etc.
The figure on the artwork is a visual representation of whom we are as a band. It represents the Cultist who is devoted to worship, who defines himself through sin and who is exalted higher, by the horns of Him. As always it started with a vision I had about the artwork which I scribbled sloppily onto a rugged piece of paper. We then sent that picture to Ceethava who has really outdone herself in giving the aformentioned vision a true face just by Ink, eye and hand. She is an amazing, talented artist with the fitting spiritual background as well. We are more than satisfied with the artwork, because it contains all the elements what KVLTIST stands for and is quite unique, compared to many other album-artworks nowadays.

– All this about «Catechesis» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Monumental Luciferian Worship!

– And finally, what are now your near-future plans? Is playing live something you would consider doing?
We have spoken about some well-chosen live events, but there is nothing definite to be told, as it is really difficult to perform “Catechesis” in all its facets in a fitting live situation. Of course, we will soon begin our journey towards the next album for which a lot of ideas have been gathered, and maybe some Split-release will occur in between. We will see what will happen.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Truly worship the Devil in all his manifestations! And never forget: Black Metal is a cult, a dangerous vessel for the initiated, so treat it with caution or be utterly devoured. Thank you very much for the interview.


Tania Giménez

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