– Hello, thanks for taking your time. How is everything doing right now into the DOOMENTOR’s camp? What’s keeping you guys busy?
Ave and first of all thank you for your interest in Doomentor. At the moment we are in the songwriting and rehearsing process for the first album.


– DOOMENTOR is a new that has just released its first EP so, first off; could you please make some history of the band?
That’s not realy right. Before the EP we released a self titeled  demo tape via Messe Noire Prod. . The tape is sold out but every interested person cqn download it on our bandcamp page. Doomentor was formed in the year 2013 A.S. To show the world the real meaning of Occult and dark Metal.


– You are described as «Black Occult Imperial Doom», a tag that I think goes beyond music, am I wrong? What does this «tag» mean to you and to what extended does it describe DOOMENTOR?
We are not only a classic band. Behind Doomentor stands a bigger concept and an occult coven.

– This first EP is «The Second Ceremony», that last July was reissued on vinyl through Iron Bonehead Productions, which I think is a really good label for underground Metal. How did everything go? Did the EP reach more people being supported by Iron Bonehead?
I.P.B. contacted us for the release of the demo. I heared since then many of this label and of course we know some releases of Patrik.  How the EP sells is out of my knowledge.


– Are you signed to them or did just release «The Second Ceremony»?
We spoke about a possible release of our debut album via I.B.P., but nothing is for shure till now. Of course we will check other offers for a pact, too.


doomentor 2

– The first version of the EP was released by yourselves digitally. How necessary do you think is nowadays the support from record companies?
Well this support is important when you want that your music is availabel on the physicsl way.

– I read you have already started to work on your debut album. Is there anything you could already tell us about it?
Till now 7 songs are done. You can expect a album of pure occult darkness harharhar…

– Digging depper into «The Second Ceremony», it opens  up with a somber, funereal organ, somehow it sets the mood for the rest of the release. Could you consider the EP one of those opuses that rather that a plain listen, feels more like a whole experience?
The EP is one art. Every releases in past and pressent will be complete arts and more than regular albums. Mystic intros and ritual music is also important for the cult of Doomentor.


– In fact atmosphere plays a really important role on both songs, even though they are different musically still keeping the same basis. What do you want to convey the listener with your ambiences?
We want to show the listener a great and gloomy armosphere and when he close his eyes we try to paint pictures od long forgotten cries and rites.


– It feels like everything, from the art to the music and what’s in the middle, fits in a whole concept of the band, like everything has a reason and a meaning. Is it actually like that or is it just my perception?
Every part of a Doomentor release have a reason: The visual art, the music and when it comes one time to live shows of course the live ritual, too.


– «Maligne» shows even though you have a Doom foundation, you also add elements of Black and Death Metal, also Thrash and Speed Metal, or even Heavy Metal, sometimes even epic, ala MANILLA ROAD, with those galloping rythmns. Due to this, if you don’t mind, I would like you to tell us what are some of the main musical influences for DOOMENTOR.
Our musical infulences are very wide from traditiional Hardrock of the 70th over NWOBHM and the first wave of Black Metal, Death Matal, Doom Metal than to traditional musics of the ancient times.

– And how could you describe the sound of the band? With such diversity, do you feel you are part of any specifical scene?
We tried to create a dynamic sound of the traditional Rock and Metal eras. Not this overproduced bullshit. With Balor and his Old Spirit Recordings Studio we found a person that titally fit’s our opinion of sound.

– The sound on the album is really dirty, with a lo-fi aesthetic, sounds super organic and raw. Would you mind to tell us how did you record and produce the album?
As I told before we produced the demo and the EP in the Old Spirit Recordings Studios of Balor (Blizzard/ex Mayhemic Truth/ex Morrigan) and we are totally satisfied with his work.

– All this about «The Second Ceremony» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
doomentor the second ceremony coverDarkness, Evil, Spiritual.


– Now before we wrap this interview up, and as the end of the year is drawing nearer, I would like you to tell us what have been your 3 favourite albums of the year as well as the worst one.
Well an impossible question! The best albums I thinl are the last Venom album and the new Ghost is also good and maybe the latest Slayer output. Sorry, I hear no bad music fot the 2nd part of the question harharhar..:

– And finally, what are now your near-future plans?
To record and release the first Doomentor album of course.

– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thank you again for your interest in our cult!


Tania Giménez

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